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News Roundup: Black Friday Weekend

Today in BEST NEWS: Rumor has it Mirror’s Edge 2 is in production at DICE, the EA subsidiary that developed the first game. ngMoco‘s Ben Cousins tweeted as much this week, and he is a former executive producer at DICE, … Continue reading

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News Roundup: Thanksgiving Eve

Big release this week was Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. All right then…Oh, and a certain CIA Director turned real-life soap opera star has a rather prominent cameo (WSJ) …And struggling MMORPG Star Wars: The Old Republic went free-to-play … Continue reading

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Briefly: The News

A bunch of interesting things have happened today, so I thought I would throw together a brief post. The Good: New Dreamfall from Ragnar Tornquist’s new studio – more info at Kotaku and an interview at Rock Paper Shotgun. Halo 4 Creators … Continue reading

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To say that I have pinned all my hopes and dreams on OVERSTRIKE from Insomniac Games is probably an understatement. Overall, I wasn’t really WOW’d by anything new at this year’s E3. I am excited for Uncharted 3 and Mass Effect … Continue reading

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Beyond Good & Evil HD!

The fantastic news that Beyond Good and Evil will be released in HD (in 2011) hit the internets today.  Kirk Hamilton of Gamer Melodico got a bit of a hands-on at the Ubisoft’s Digital Day press event.  Being the excitable … Continue reading

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Miranda: Femme Fatale?

As a space adventurer, and saviour of the galaxy with a new game spinning in the drive, I was happy. More Mass Effect! Getting back to being Ophelia Shepard! I HAVE WAITED SO LONG!! A few hours into the game, … Continue reading

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A Matter of Resources

Twyst, Gunthera1, elenielstorm, and Brinstar look at playable men in games: The latest fad seems to be asking why there are no playable male characters in video games. We reached out to a few developers to get their thoughts on … Continue reading

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Ada Lovelace Day: Jane Pinckard

After I graduated from York University with an Honours double major in Psychology and Communications, I didn’t have a job lined up. I ended up working at IBM in their IBM4YOU department, which meant that i took the calls that … Continue reading

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What a Twyst.

I have been very neglectful of writing an intro.  Mostly because I am not a huge blogger and because I am very overwhelmed by the awesome that fills this site. So many wonderful people, all in the same place! I … Continue reading

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