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Zoya is a freelance writer and historian. Their particular interest is in video games: design, history, and how virtual worlds are inseparable from real-world social and economic networks. Zoya has written a book about the Dreamcast, is Editor of Memory Insufficient games history e-zine, and Deputy Editor at Gamesbrief.

Gamer shame

This is an extract from Delay: paying attention to energy mechanics, which is currently available in a bundle alongside a book by Anna Anthropy and a collection of Five Out of Ten issues, and other things besides. You can pay … Continue reading

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TotalBiscuit’s twisted barter economies

Youtuber TotalBiscuit doesn’t know what criticism means. He doesn’t know what it is for, and he doesn’t know what it does. Months ago, he took to video to claim that DMCA notices were preventing him from doing his job “informing … Continue reading

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GaymerX: an event is born

“Queer culture, especially gay male culture, discourages geekiness. It puts emphasis on physicality and mainstream pop culture. You almost have to be closeted twice.” This is the experience of Seattle queer geek community organiser Charles Logan, as expressed in a … Continue reading

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Game jam for female protagonists hits Vancouver

Here at the Borderhouse, the portrayal of women in games has been a major topic of discussion. A couple of months ago, Borderhouse contributor Samantha Allen argued that more games need to be made with female protagonists. On July 12th-14th, … Continue reading

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Women in Games History collection

Last month I asked for submissions for a collection of essays on women’s history in games. That collection is now ready! Check it out. It includes a follow-up essay by Samantha Allen after her great Border House post about female characters … Continue reading

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Call for submissions on women’s history in games

This year’s Women’s History Month theme is “Women inspiring innovation through imagination.” It aims to shed light on women’s contributions to science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Women have often been shut out of histories of science and technology, and this carries through into … Continue reading

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Why do you think you know that Taric is gay?

This week, there has been discussion about whether League of Legends character Taric should come out of the closet as a gay man (by Todd Harper, Patricia Hernandez, and Kristin Bezio). It is argued that having a character be openly gay, rather … Continue reading

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UN competition to celebrate cross-cultural understanding in videogames

The power of video games to help us construct ideas about international relations and foreign cultures is being recognized by the UN in a competition for game designers, which reaches its application deadline tomorrow. Video games have a bad record … Continue reading

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I’m bored of hearing about your wife

@shayhowe “when I think of cleaning up my code, I think of my wife doing the dishes…” #html5devconf — Chris Smith (@startsequence) October 15, 2012 Almost every time I go to a tech- or gaming-related conference, I hear middle-aged white … Continue reading

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Why Lim is an incredible accomplishment

I played Merritt Kopas’s Lim a couple of weeks ago. I was very impressed, but thought it was too obviously brilliant to be worth writing about. But now it’s been featured on Rock, Paper Shotgun and commenters are calling it … Continue reading

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