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Michelle Ealey is a freelance writer and part-time science teacher. She enjoys science fiction and fantasy books, movies, and television, and she’s been playing all sorts of games since she was a kid. Her work has appeared on various places on the internet, including her own site ( You can follow her on Twitter (@michelleealey) at your own risk.

Review of Date Warp: Silver Edition

  A girl, Janet, and a boy, Bradley, are on a first date. The car breaks down in an isolated area. There is a mysterious home they walk to, in the rain, so they can get help. Sound familiar? Well, … Continue reading

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What I Saw at PAX East 2013: Female Protagonists!

At PAX East 2012, the only game I played with a female character was Borderlands 2. I did play a couple of games with a first-person POV with no emphasis on gender, but I encountered a serious lack of female … Continue reading

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A Conversation with Shawn Trautman, Creator of Cherry Creek

Note: This article contains details of Cherry Creek; the game is short, and you can play it here. Over the past year, some game designers have created games with the focus on personal stories (dys4ia and Lim) and on ordinary … Continue reading

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Kickstart This – Delver’s Drop

At PAX Prime 2012, I played a short demo of Delver’s Drop. At that time, the demo was a few rooms of a dungeon, but I was impressed with the fluid movement and physics-based interactions between the character and the … Continue reading

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Long Live the Queen – Review (PC)

When I was younger, many of the stories I was told were about princesses. According to those stories, princesses needed rescuing, attended lavish balls wearing elegant dresses, and had to get the guy in order to live happily ever after. … Continue reading

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After the horrific events in Newtown, Connecticut, politicians, the NRA, and others started pointing fingers at the violence in entertainment, especially video games. We have to accept that we do live in a violent culture, and we can’t deny that … Continue reading

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