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Maelstrom – Unscheduled, Inclusive and now with Sponsorship

There is a new gaming convention coming out soon called Maelstrom, April 4th to April 6th. I want to mention it here because as taken from the website this is something that people here would be really interested in as … Continue reading

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Love is Just a Game: A Review of Your Friends Close

Your Friends Close might be termed a “video game movie,” a dubious taxonomizing term if ever there was one. “Video game movie” is not a genre, it’s a crude descriptor that sloppily groups films together based on the simple presence of … Continue reading

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Bunk Bed #2: Redshirt

Welcome to the Border House Bunk Bed, a feature in which Zoya and I respond to a game’s treatment of gender and sexuality with two short essays. Each half of Bunk Bed is written in isolation; we are forbidden from reading each … Continue reading

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Grand Theft Discourse: Comment Culture and Petty Hatred

“Still harping on the same subject, you will exclaim—How can I avoid it, when most of the struggle of an eventful life has been occasioned by the oppressed state of my sex: we reason deeply, when we forcibly feel.” — … Continue reading

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Finding My Voice in Games: Speaking, Singing, Streaming

First, I snort like a horse a few times. Then I sound out all the vowels in turn, sliding my pitch up and down, up and down. I think of my voice as a river running through me from my … Continue reading

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Casual Fridays – Full Bloom

We’ve done a lot of flash games, but there’s something I’ve been playing for a while that I’ve really been enjoying and want to share with you. It’s Playdom’s Full Bloom game which is available on Facebook. The premise of the … Continue reading

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Briefly: The News

A bunch of interesting things have happened today, so I thought I would throw together a brief post. The Good: New Dreamfall from Ragnar Tornquist’s new studio – more info at Kotaku and an interview at Rock Paper Shotgun. Halo 4 Creators … Continue reading

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Why Lim is an incredible accomplishment

I played Merritt Kopas’s Lim a couple of weeks ago. I was very impressed, but thought it was too obviously brilliant to be worth writing about. But now it’s been featured on Rock, Paper Shotgun and commenters are calling it … Continue reading

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What is the social class of an adventurer?

A while back, Mattie Brice tweeted a very interesting observation about her play style. She said, “For some reason, I really dislike using items. I usually just sell them.” Adam Flynn then responded with a link to this article, asking “I … Continue reading

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Let’s Discuss: Apologies

Originally posted on Vorpal Bunny Ranch. Oh no! Suddenly your social media feeds and inbox are full of irate people peppering you with accusations of being insensitive, a bigot, all because you used a sexist/racist/homophobic/transphobic/etc. word, image, or phrase. What … Continue reading

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