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TotalBiscuit’s twisted barter economies

Youtuber TotalBiscuit doesn’t know what criticism means. He doesn’t know what it is for, and he doesn’t know what it does. Months ago, he took to video to claim that DMCA notices were preventing him from doing his job “informing … Continue reading

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Dragon Age Inquisiton – E3 Coverage

The following is a write-up on the Twitch & IGN interviews from E3 2014 regarding Dragon Age Inquisition, by guest author Meli Landry. The demo video and interview can be found here and here. Author bio: Meli Landry is a … Continue reading

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E3 news coverage

E3 (the Electronic Entertainment Expo) has been going on full swing this week. With it have come a few interesting news stories. The makers of Assassin’s Creed Unity announced that they will not include playable female characters in the upcoming … Continue reading

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Nintendo’s “Tomodachi Life” Decision IS Social Commentary

Nintendo’s recent statement regarding the lack of same sex romance options in their game Tomodachi Life has been making waves. Tomodachi Life is a life simulator game on the 3DS. It allows players to create Miis that interact with other … Continue reading

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Welcome to the Machine: the ambivilent tone of The Last Story

After introducing her topic in an episode of “Tropes vs. Women in Video Games,” Anita Sarkeesian begins with some variation of the following: “It’s both possible—and even necessary—to simultaneously enjoy a piece of media while also being critical of its … Continue reading

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Maelstrom – Unscheduled, Inclusive and now with Sponsorship

There is a new gaming convention coming out soon called Maelstrom, April 4th to April 6th. I want to mention it here because as taken from the website this is something that people here would be really interested in as … Continue reading

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Gone Home review

Gone Home invites you to step into an empty house and uncover its stories. It isn’t a game that focuses on battle systems or outlandish weapons. Gone Home asks to player wander around, remain curious, and discover what they can … Continue reading

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Love is Just a Game: A Review of Your Friends Close

Your Friends Close might be termed a “video game movie,” a dubious taxonomizing term if ever there was one. “Video game movie” is not a genre, it’s a crude descriptor that sloppily groups films together based on the simple presence of … Continue reading

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Please Stop: The Trans Joke at the Spike Video Game Awards

[TW: Discussion of transphobic joke, real-life experiences of transphobia.] Like many graduate students, I was still finishing up last week’s work at 6 PM on a Saturday. I put on Spike TV’s annual Video Game Awards (re-branded this year as … Continue reading

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Bridging the Casual Divide: The P.A.W.S Kickstarter

Since the heyday of Game Boy, handheld games have experienced an explosion in popularity far beyond the realm of proprietary handhelds made by big console manufacturers; to the consternation of some and the joy of many more, gaming’s vista has … Continue reading

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