“Isolated Incidents” Timeline And How You Can Help

gtz, cofounder of Fat, Ugly or Slutty, has started creating a timeline of sexism in games incidents. Sardonically titled “Just a few ‘Isolated Incidents’–Gender & Gaming,” the purpose of the timeline is to show that these are not in fact isolated incidents but a repeating pattern that exposes systemic sexism.

The timeline is already stuffed with incidents, many that have me nodding and thinking, “Oh yeah, THAT happened.” And that is just up until April! gtz has asked for help in finishing out the rest of the timeline of 2012. If you are interesting in helping out with this project, tweet @_gtz_ or email gtz@fatuglyorslutty.com. For guidelines and more information, be sure to check out gtz’s explanation on Reddit.

Just a few ‘Isolated Incidents’–Gender & Gaming” — gtz, gbitk.net

3 thoughts on ““Isolated Incidents” Timeline And How You Can Help”

  1. Nice eye candy for this historical data! A simple list is easier to keep updated and more practical in many cases but this interactive view is definitely more cool and nicer to share to people new to the content. :)

    1. According to her post, gtz is using Timeline JS, which creates the timeline from spreadsheet data. So it shouldn’t be too hard to maintain. But what I like about the timeline view is you can clearly see the very regular clusters of bullshit spread out over the entire year.

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