Game of the Day: A Eulogy for Kuranes by Bill Coberly

Today’s game gets a little meta: A Eulogy for Kuranes is a review of previous GOTD howling dogs, written in Twine. But don’t let the word “review” put you off. It’s a fascinating, close look at the game; if you played howling dogs and felt like you didn’t quite understand it, this review offers one possible interpretation that may get you thinking.

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5 thoughts on “Game of the Day: A Eulogy for Kuranes by Bill Coberly”

  1. Now I really want to play howling dogs.

    Is it hosted on a mirror somewhere? Can someone contact Porpentine and get her to re-upload it?

      1. Even after reading the review which spoilers pretty much the entire plot, I gotta say this game was a heck of a ride.

        (also the big textwall puzzle is a lot easier if you’re a) expecting something vital to be in there and b) reading closely rather than trying to click on every single thing)

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