What Are You Playing Wednesday

The character from Jetpack Joyride equipped with a rainbow jetpack and a crown.

The character from Jetpack Joyride equipped with a rainbow jetpack and a crown.

It is Wednesday question time again!

  • What games are you playing this week?
  • Would you recommend those games to other Border House readers?
  • What games have you ranting?
  • Are any of those games listed ones that you want to see covered on the site?


Recently I have played a lot of Jetpack Joyride and I highly recommend it! The game is free on Vita (and is also available on iOS, Android, and Facebook). You can pay to buy more in game coins but it is not necessary to do so to enjoy the game, which makes it very friendly for gamers on a budget. If you have the money to spare and want to support the developer you can do so, but if you just want to play a fun free game then it is there for that as well.

What have you been playing recently?

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36 Responses to What Are You Playing Wednesday

  1. Trin says:

    After 230 hours, I’ve just quit Civilization 5 cold turkey, and I don’t know what to play next. Hell, I don’t know what to DO with my LIFE next. :(
    I’d recommend Civ5 to others but it may just destroy you as it has destroyed me.

  2. Patches says:

    I’ve been MIA because my roommate (@CALMicC) got me off of LoL by getting me addicted to WoW. WURPS.

    Since I’ve been blowing through the content at high-speed to catch up with his heroic-and-raid-completing guild, I’ve barely absorbed any of the content, but I remember that I really like the environments a good deal. Once you get off Hellfire Penninsula, the Outland zones are super-pretty and Northrend looks pretty amazing. True, they haven’t done much to make the character designs more inclusive or the armor any less silly in the six years since I’d played last, but since I’m playing with IRL friends I’m not sure I care. >.>


  3. Lassarina says:

    I finished Final Fantasy Dimensions and I love it. (It’s also finally out for Android!) It reminds me of all the best things about the Super Nintendo FF games, while significantly improving on a lot of the things that made those disappointing. I completely did not anticipate the plot twist at the end, and I loved the ending – I felt like it was perfect and true to the characters without diminishing any of them. A++++, highly recommended if you liked the SNES FF games. (And now that I’m done with it I will PROBABLY stop hyping it up in WAYPW threads!)

    I’m also still chugging faithfully through Chrono Cross, where I have two characters left to recruit (which will give me everybody I can get in a Nikki-based playthrough except Janice, because I’m too lazy to do that before NG+) and a total of eight level 7 techs to get, and it’s time to hunt Shiny things so I can have fancy rainbow armour before I charge onward to the endgame.

    Last night I finally started Chaos Rings, which I bought so long ago that I have the original version and not any of the prettified/HDed-for-iPad versions. The heteronormativity is driving me straight up the wall, but I am sort of pathetically delighted to see the offerings of characters of colour, and at about an hour in I’m enjoying it (playing as Eruca.)

    I had been playing Fishdom 2 Premium, because I love Match 3, but I hit the level 90 bug. Which Playrix has unhelpfully told me I should try to solve by reinstalling the game. (I’ll do it, but I’m extremely, extremely skeptical, given that I can find multiple instances of both Windows and Mac players complaining of this exact same problem, and I’ve had it before on other levels; this is the first level where “try again and expect something different” hasn’t eventually worked.)

    Oh, and the playthrough of Persona 3 FES I’ve been doing for my girlfriend is finally into December. We are enjoying the rapid leveling in Monad as we prepare for endgame and my first-ever attempt at The Answer!

    Aaaaand I think that covers it!

    • Dejadrew says:

      Hmm. I’ve been waffling and debating over whether to buy myself some of the JRPGs I see in the google play store for my android tablet… I’m kind of a JRPG noob. Would FF Dimensions or Chrono Cross be a good starting point?

      • Lassarina says:

        Hmmm. FF Dimensions was pretty amazing to me specifically because it embraced and updated the conventions of Super Nintendo RPGs, which is where I got my start in gaming; that being said, I think it’s a lot easier for someone familiar with those conventions to know where to look for hints and help. For example, I know from experience that you need to talk to every NPC and poke every urn in case of items or quest hints, which meant I needed to look up very little as far as missable items/quests/skills.

        Chrono Cross is not an easy game, or at least has not been easy for me, and I’m playing it 13 years late to the party and with 20 years of RPG experience (specifically with Square) under my belt. It is NOT intuitive, IMO. Of the two, I’d definitely say FF Dimensions, but if you’re new to JRPGs in general….well, I’m biased, but I’d totally suggest FF6 because my love for that game can’t be expressed in mere words (it also requires reaction gifs and giant sparkly hearts), but it was my first.

  4. Allie Cat says:

    Been playing League of Legends and the come-with-the-game mods on Civ 4. I believe you guys organise radical peoples’es LoL sessions btw? I’m currently level 9 so I’m prolly not realistically able to play with veterans yet but would quite like to have a few games when I reach level 30 :)

  5. Amanda Lange says:

    Couple things for me – I started playing Infamous yesterday, since it looked like fun when my husband was playing it…

    And yesterday I checked out I Get This Call Every Day, an indie game about having a miserable job. The creator has had some fallout from making a game about hating his job; it’s really too bad because it’s an interesting slice of life piece.

  6. Timmy_Mac614 says:

    Borderlands 2 is a beauty compared to its predecessor. As part of the Four in February initiative, my goal is to finish Borderlands 2, Aliens: Colonial Marines, Heavenly Sword, and Back to the Future. We will see if that works out.

    • Llamaentity says:

      Had to google the Four in February thing, but sounds fun. I’ll commit to that! My games will be… Zero Escape (almost done with it but just really haven’t felt like playing it), Mark of the Ninja (shouldn’t take too long), The Witcher (about 17 hours in), and… Metro 2033, I guess. Will probably finish HeXen II co-op and Torchlight II co-op, but not going to commit to finishing them in case the other people aren’t able to play enough.

  7. menunu says:

    Since I quit WoW, I’ve been playing some SWTOR and Guild Wars 2 casually. I also started playing Morrowind in breathless anticipation for The Elder Scrolls Online, and I’ve been live-streaming it all on Twitch. Borderhousers should stop in and join the fun! http://www.twitch.tv/glinny

    I played the Path of Exile beta last weekend, which is a Diablo-type dungeon crawler action game. It is definitely very complex and fun, though I don’t think it’s my kind of game.

    • Korva says:

      As another ex-WoW-player (good riddance to that game due to the way Blizzard treats the lore and the female characters, I say), I’m curious whether you prefer SWTOR or GW2, and why?

      • menunu says:

        I don’t know if I do prefer one over the other, mostly because even though they are both MMOs, they feel like two entirely different games.

        I just tried the World v World (PVP) part of GW2 last night for the first time, and I had so much fun. First off, they give you a little training session in PvP, which is short and helpful. When I got into the World v World, I didn’t really what I was doing, and I just ran around, following the crowd. People were very nice. I asked questions, and they gave me thorough answers. I think that the community of Guild Wars 2 is pretty great. I think that the game mechanics are really interesting, though I think the PvE can get a little tedious unless there is an event happening close by. I think the crafting in GW2 is also really neat.

        As for SWTOR, I love the storyline, the voice acting, and the universe. I like the fact that every quest is a story, and I feel like the PvE is pretty well fleshed out, though sometimes there is a weird ability delay. I think I predominantly play SWTOR as if it were a single player RPG. Ever since the game went free to play, I definitely think there has been a communal downfall. I turn off general chat and go solo a LOT. I like having my own ship, and I like sending my crew off to do my crafting for me. The stories are really captivating and good, and even though the game has some issues, I still really enjoy it for the casual/RPG aspect. I’m not a huge fan of the PVP, and I think that the end game is boring.

        So, I think that the games are really different, and it kind of depends on what type of game you prefer to play. Guild Wars 2 is a beautiful game, and the community is nice, though the story and lore is boring. SWTOR, in my opinion, is better to solo, and the stories are very compelling (for the most part)

        • Korva says:

          Interesting, thanks. I have tried both, and sadly tired of both rather quickly as well. GW2 interests me more in terms of setting and story, but the execution of the “personal story” is terrible IMO. TOR does better at storytelling, but the only thing I really like about Star Wars are the Jedi, and I loathe how they took “our” character Revan and turned “him” into a generic straight white dude canon character (and Bastila into a vapid stay-at-home-and-make-babies-don’t-trouble-your-pretty-little-head-about-anything-else trophy wife, apparently, if a review of the Revan novel is anything to go by — which is the sort of atrocious sexist BS I wanted to get away from by quitting WoW).

          I think what I really want is a MMO that has strong sandbox and story elements and none of the hamsterwheel grinding that is all too typical for the genre (even in GW2). Unfortunately, I don’t think I’ll see anything like that anytime soon.

          • Laurentius says:

            Which is prime example of how stagnant industry is, you’d think that after Minecraft succes, big studious will be all over idea of MMO based on idea on people grouping together in fantsy worlds and building great structurs like ie. intercontinental bridges etc but no, it’s all the same kill x to levl up and get better gear…meh.

            • Korva says:

              Good point about Minecraft, yes. I think the MMO genre is so “stagnant” partly because of how obscenely expensive it is to make these games. Even so, it’s disappointing. By now I’m firmly of the opinion that grinding is a sign that a company can’t be arsed (or isn’t able or maybe allowed?) to make content that is actually fun and engaging on its own merit, without the hamsterwheel addiction element.

  8. SuperTwee says:

    I just got a super great bundle deal, so I’ll be playing Mark of the Ninja and Deadlight this week! :]

    I just played Dear Esther last night; that game was certainly.. odd.

    I’m still recovering from Mass Effect withdraws though. Guh.

  9. Dejadrew says:

    On my way through The Cave on my second playthrough. ALL THE CHARACTERS. ALL OF THEM. And I’m finally starting to haul my awkward anxious group-hating self through LFR and heroics. I WILL get the shiny tokens Wrathion is bugging me about. I WILL finally see ALL of an expansion’s stories instead of having to read about it on WoWpedia and watching cutscenes on YouTube. I never killed the Lich King, I wasn’t there when Deathwing fell, but by GOD I am going to be there when… when whatever the heck the big bad is for Pandaland shows up.

    Getting an itch to install or play something new/old… but I should finish the stuff already installed… but I don’t FEEL like playing most of my currently installed stuff…. Guuuuh….

  10. Korva says:

    One of my friends and I played L4D2 again: Swamp Fever on Advanced, which was tense since we were both quite rusty due to not having played in a while. We got lucky since only one tank spawned in the second wave of the finale (learning that you get get two tanks there was a painful surprise!), but even so both of the bots died and we just barely managed to haul ass to the boat. That game is always a huge rush, and awesome fun in good company.

    That aside, I’ve been sucked into FTL in a big way. I won the very first game I played when I got it as a Christmas gift, in no small part due to sheer beginner’s luck I’m sure. A few days ago I started playing it again, died more or less horribly half a dozen times, then got my act together and just now proudly rocked my sixth victory in a row. First was a second Kestrel win, then one with the Engi ship, then the Federation Cruiser, Zoltan ship, Federation Cruiser again, and lastly with the just-unlocked Mantis ship. All layout A (I only have the B-layout for the Engi ship so far) and on Easy — maybe it’s time to graduate to Normal soon. I’d like to get that last “secret” ship unlocked first, as well as some more B-layouts, and maybe some experience with the ships I haven’t used yet.

    So far, my favourite is probably the trusty standard if slightly boring Kestrel, followed by the Torus (Engi A) and the Osprey (Federation A). They all have a good starting loadout, making them less luck-dependent than say the Mantis ship with its horrible weapons. Good boarding team or no, there’s no way I could have beaten the boss with that ship if not for a long-overdue Breach bomb in a sector 7 store. My two lasers weren’t even able to take down the shield on their own.

    FTL is really fun little gem of a game.

    • Laurentius says:

      I think Engi ship ( The Torus ) is the best when changing from easy to normal, it’s pretty easy to keep stable runs and even beat game on normal. It’s least prone to luck due to its ion blast mk2 which help immensly due to it’s abilty to quickly trounce enemy systems.

      FTL is awsome game.

      • Korva says:

        I was thinking Torus or Kestrel, yes. However, having just died three times in a row to the final boss (twice with the Slug A and once with the Red Tail), I’m suddenly much less inclined to move on to Normal. That’s a roguelike-style game for ya, if you start feeling like you’re actually good, it’ll kick your ass nine ways to Sunday. :p All three times, I failed abjectly at decimating the crew in phase 1, and I didn’t have a way past the full shield plus drone control in phase 2, so my boarding team faced the full enemy crew and their intact medbay and just couldn’t do anything. Gah!

  11. Llamaentity says:

    Mostly PC gaming for me this week, although also a bit of iOS and PS3.

    On the PC, I finished Portal 2’s campaign. Really cute and fun, overall. Continued to play some Torchlight II and Terraria with Ike (we have built two cute little houses so far), and more HeXen II with my brother. Just finished Egypt yesterday! Other games I played include: Dungeons of Dredmor, Mark of the Ninja, Offspring Fling!, Resonance, and Aquaria.

    On iOS, mostly Dungelot, Qvoid, and Swordigo. All are fun, and Dungelot can be quite difficult to put down. Farthest I’ve gotten is to floor 30 so far.

    On PS3, my brother somehow convinced me to try out Dust 514 with him. It’s okay, but can be kind of crappy with a team of random people. I mostly just run around trying to repair (heal) people as much as possible.

    Going to work on finishing up Metro 2033, The Witcher, Mark of the Ninja, and Zero Escape (as noted in a reply I wrote, above). Will hopefully finish at least one this week!

  12. Kimiko says:

    Last week I downloaded Corpse Party again, to replay it before starting Corpse Party: Book Of Shadows. I made it through chapter 1 and extra 1 before I got distracted.

    Then I started Chrono Trigger (DS) on my 3DS. The additions to the DS update aren’t terribly exciting, but the original game was great already, so it doesn’t really matter.

    This week I haven’t had much time to play however because I took an out of town introductory course on PHP. I have learned some basic PHP stuff, looked up some HTML and CSS and SQL, and got no 3DS StreetPasses at all in three days of travelling on crowded trains and subways. This system isn’t working as well as Nintendo envisioned I’m afraid.

  13. Samantha says:

    I’m diving back into Skyrim which I haven’t touched in some time. The combat never drew me in and the narrative elements are a mixed bag but there’s something about moving through that space that can be so soothing. Whether it’s finding a cave behind a waterfall or climbing to the top of a mountain, it’s just a nice way to relax.

  14. Alex says:

    This week I’ve mostly been playing “get ready to welcome a foster bunny into the home” which is more exhausting than you might think! But other than that I really want to get back into GW2 and check out some of the new content, but I also really want to knock a few games out of my backlog (which right now means playing FFXIII). Decisions!

  15. Sunatic says:

    Nothing but Breath Of Fire 2 for GBA this week. I’m almost at the endgame and grinding a lot, because being ridiculously overpowered is fun. Having never had the character Bow in the group for the endgame, I decided to include him this time. Story-wise, he’s quite an important character, so always shunning him in favor of the bonus character god-mode sorceress finally started nagging on me. He’s proven to be surprisingly good, being the best healer, fast mover and a decent hitter as well. Having a fulltime healer in the group will probably change my strategy for the endgame a lot.

    • Sunatic says:

      Hmm, I was going to mention something about the story as well, but forgot it for a moment.

      This game has such a heartwrenching plot. The forces of evil ruin lives left and right, and hit several playable characters personally. Also, quite unusually for a SNES-era JRPG, just about all characters have names, from plot-important ones to random bums squatting in inns. After a certain point in game it’s possible to speak to one’s party members, and they always have some opinion about the current happenings. Priests in churces will also share their insights about things if asked. All in all, the world doesn’t feel static at all, but full of real people and happenings. It’s easy to symphatize with all the suffering caused by the enemy, and makes the tragic losses really hurt. At the end, both the characters and I agree that the forces of evil are so Going Down.

  16. Doug S. says:

    Still playing Persona 4 Golden… and Magic Online. I finally came up with a deck for the Modern format that seemed to work. Then Wizards decides to shake things up with some bannings. None of the cards in my decks were hit, but now I have to prepare to face somewhat different opposition…

  17. Jesse says:

    well I finished The Walking Dead over a few days and all i have to say is WOW. Some of the best writing and plot i’ve ever seen in a game, it was so brutal to play emotionally. It also had some of the most diverse and positive characters I’ve ever seen in a game. I also beat Home in one sitting, which was definitely worth it for the small price. It’s an hour and a half of scary fiction fun.

    I also started playing Tomb Raider: Anniversary. I know lara croft is…the worst, but the first Tomb Raider was freaking amazing when it came out, I played the hell out of that game, and the anniversary edition is lots of fun so far. I’ve also been playing Wizorb (a fun Arkanoid-type game with RPG elements) and Half-minute Hero which has been…hilarious and lots of fun. You save the world every 30 seconds!

  18. marco says:

    Since my copy of Ni no Kuni actually came in and was not cancelled, my boyfriend and I started a file together and have been enjoying it a lot (we’re not as far as I was on our friend’s copy though). I’m very curious about the world and characters, and I really feel like Ghibli was involved with the scenario more than I would have thought/given credit for (but that could all be Hino!).

    I saw the news today about Brownie Brown changing their name though, and that made me want to pick up Magical Starsign again (as well as hunt down Magical Vacation) and maybe start Sword of Mana if I can find it.

    I’ve also had the urge to return to some older titles. there’s a number of 3DS titles I’m looking forward to as well, so it’s hard to say what I’m going to stick with. ;u;

    While not something I can start, I’ve been eying Killer is Dead, and after Shadows of the Damned and Lollipop Chainsaw, I’m a bit worried to touch anything that Suda is doing (I felt he handled female characters well in NMH1+2, but those two games just ripped that apart).

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