Across the Divide – 1/4/09

Happy New Year to everyone, it’s been awhile since I’ve done one of these.  Admittedly, I’ve been slacking on keeping up with the internet over holiday break, so make sure to comment with some things I have missed!

Bayonetta releases this week, and is getting much attention for the boobs and butts of the female characters.

Bayonetta releases this week, and is getting much attention for the boobs and butts of the female characters.

Brenda Laurel discusses making video games for little girls.

China Central Television claims that video games cause teen pregnancy and murder.

Objectifying Women: Record of Agarest War goes full frontal.

A WoW_ladies LJ member experiences sexism at the video game store for the first time.

ChipChick names the top 5 women who impacted tech in 2009.  Includes staff from Sony Online Entertainment and..Lady GaGa? talks about EA Active is now targeting men in addition to women.

According to CBS and EA, more girls are getting into video games.  This is *still* news?

GamerGrrlz aims to be a feminist space for gamers like us!  Good luck to you :)

Our favorite Jezebel, Latoya Peterson talks about girl gamers.

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9 Responses to Across the Divide – 1/4/09

  1. no one important says:

    Gamasutra just posted an analysis of Uncharted 2’s female characters:

  2. Restructure! says:

    “Our favorite Jezebel”?

  3. This is just a gentle request, but would it be all right if articles and link-fests didn’t include sexualized images like the one posted here unless it’s related to the post’s content? I think the images are great when it’s posted as support for a point the article is making, but unless its context is explained and criticized, can we leave these images out?

    Seeing anti-woman or dehumanizing sexualized images makes me cringe inside every time I see it. I’d love to see Borderhouse be a place where readers can feel safe coming here, knowing that they won’t be faced with the same sexualized images we see everywhere else (again, unless it’s in the context of criticism.) I’m sure we’ll be seeing enough Bayonetta ass as it is.

    As a blogger, I also know that posts with pictures get way more reads than posts without. So if there’s a random link post that needs an image, why don’t we go with celebration shots of women characters in gaming that we like and can look up to? I find it empowering and reassuring when I see those rare gems of women characters done right.

    Thanks for hearing me out!

    • Cuppycake says:

      Reasonable request. :) I only included it because we had posted about the Bayonetta asses in another post and it was on my desktop. I will do better about these images.

      Thanks for the honest feedback, I appreciate it!

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