Game of the Day: The Little Girl Nobody Liked by Deirdra Kiai

We have featured Deirdra’s games in the past, but I wanted to bring up one of her older games, a little flash story called The Little Girl Nobody Liked. An interactive children’s book, it uses very simple gameplay to explore issues of conformity and peer pressure. There are a number of different ways the story can go, some of them surprisingly dark, and for that reason it has stuck in my mind ever since I first played it years ago.

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One Response to Game of the Day: The Little Girl Nobody Liked by Deirdra Kiai

  1. Matt says:

    Another super major plus for this: It works perfectly with the Gnash Mozilla plugin.

    I remember playing this a while back – got to the “good” ending (apparently, it now seems, the only one with one of the clone-girls smiling) and closed the tab immediately partly out of a desire not to see the other endings and let this be the “real” (final) ending for me, though the music also kinda got tiresome after a few too many repeats.

    Had some mild freaking out this time trying to remember the proper combo to try to get through as many endings as I could and still end on the “true” ending rather than heretical isolation or the false sophia of the darkness-conformed world-order.

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