What Are You Playing Wednesday

An armor clad warrior with a shining sword in one hand and a hammer in the other.

An armor clad warrior with a shining sword in one hand and a hammer in the other.

It is mid-week question time again:

  • What games are you playing this week?
  • Would you recommend those games to other Border House readers?
  • What games have you ranting?
  • Are any of those games listed ones that you want to see covered on the site?

In an effort to clear out my backlog of games I played some Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning. I spent several hours doing side quests in the game. I really like the bright colors used in the dungeons and scenery in the game.

What have you been playing?

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45 Responses to What Are You Playing Wednesday

  1. Mats Sypriansen (@MatsVS) says:

    I started playing The Witcher 2 again, after seeing all the Witcher 3 news. I’m attempting Dark Mode, and it’s going well so far. Not as difficult as I thought it’d be. Slightly harder than Dark Souls, I’d say. It’s also half off on Steam, in case anyone else felt suddenly inspired.

  2. Chris Hill says:

    I’ve been replaying the first Ratchet and Clank game, which has mainly been fun but I gave up after trying the final boss battle a few times. It’s one of those where it doesn’t matter how far you get through before dying, you are sent right back to the beginning again – even after another cut scene! Sorry, I’ve played it when it first came out and I feel no need to go through it again. I admit it’s a pet peeve of mine. I’ve given up on more than one game right at the end because I couldn’t get through the final boss battle after multiple attempts. I just don’t have the reaction speed for it! Surely it’s not going to spoil anyone’s enjoyment to have a checkpoint or two in there?

    I’ve also being playing a bit of Guild Wars 2 and enjoying it. I like the way the ‘side missions’ open up organically. Contrast with the first half hour of Trion, which I also played recently, which immediately has you killing x of y. I’ve heard good things about the game, but I can imagine a lot of people getting bored in that first stretch and never getting on to the good stuff. I’m not much of an MMO player, I tend to dip in and have a play around with the systems to see how they hang together!

    Finally, I’ve just started Rune Factory Oceans which has been sitting around for a while. Not sure what I think of it yet – I’ve literally just got to the first ‘save’ opportunity – but I’ve a bad feeling about this one. It manages to shoot itself in the foot early on by introducing a very obviously gay priest – which in theory should be a plus for it – but it’s obvious because he is so stunningly camp, in the 1970s sitcom way, that you strongly suspect that he will be a figure of fun. Given the liking for JRPGs on the site, anyway else played this who can give their thoughts?

    • marco says:

      I wanted to give Oceans a try, but I was put off by the female lead having only three bachelors while the male had nine, and then finding out you can’t actually choose to play as just her until some ways in. It felt too cheap to me, but this I didn’t know and is another point against the game for me.

  3. Llamaentity says:

    This week, I played a nice mix of quite a few PC and iOS games. Some of the highlights:

    – HeXen II: my brother and I finally managed to beat it yesterday (on the Adept/Warlock difficulty… I was a Paladin and my brother was a Necromancer). Was a lot of fun, and quite satisfying to play the whole way through after wanting to for many years.
    – Torchlight II: Ike and I continue to make progress on our Berserker/Outlander duo. We’re both about level 38 and counting!
    – Kairo: really fascinating experience. I love the music, the atmosphere, and just generally walking around, exploring and solving puzzles. Finished the first two main sections and should be able to finish the third next time I play it.
    – Waking Mars: just started this Monday night, on chapter 3 so far. Enjoying the exploration, the graphics/sound, and the gameplay. It’s nice having excellent games where you aren’t just out to kill stuff ^.^
    – 10000000: although I do love match-3/RPG hybrids like this game. At about 2 million points so far, and trying to upgrade my armor and weapons as evenly as possible so I can reliably face any kind of foe I come across.
    – Slydris: a well-crafted falling block puzzle game, and with a nice, deliberate pace so I can relax and strategize every move.
    – Metro 2033: still making a bit of progress here. When I’m not playing Aliens: Colonial Marines with my brother next week, I will be playing this.
    – Incoboto: logo makes it look super cute, but it’s rather depressing once you actually play it. Has some nice puzzles and lots of interesting backstory to uncover.
    – Mutant Mudds: fun, solid platformer with a few objectives to go for in each level and a nice bit of challenge overall.
    – Nihilumbra: loving the storytelling method in this puzzle platformer. So far, it’s dark but optimistic about the future for the mysterious void of a main character.
    – Spell Rift: a rather nice word matching game, with various tile types introduced as you proceed through the game, and three special challenges to go for in each level.
    – Bring Me Sandwiches!!: a silly platformer in which you run around trying to make sandwiches out of random medium-to-large objects for aliens in exchange for them not destroying Earth. Quite fun!

    Probably too many games that nobody cares about, but if you have a platform that can play any of the games I noted (mostly PC/iOS/Android), they are all worth checking out!

    • Timmy_Mac614 says:

      How is Metro 2033? I wanted to get it, but it is not available of PS3.

      • Llamaentity says:

        It’s pretty good so far. On chapter 4, and so far this chapter is fairly difficult. You can stealthily avoid human enemies, or fight them directly, so it’s nice having a few different ways to handle some situations. The protagonist is silent, though he speaks (narrates) between various parts of each chapter. There are quite a few friendly NPCs to encounter, all men so far. Lots of different weapons to try out, which you can either buy from shops or find throughout the game. My favorite part of the game is the atmosphere, including the interface (very minimalistic–for instance, checking your mission objectives involves holding a clipboard (and using a lighter to see it if it’s too dark). Excellent lighting effects, too.

        If you like fps games where you have to generally make every bullet count, it’s worth checking out if you are able to play on a PC or 360 sometime.

        Also, feel free to add me on PSN if you want @ Llamaentity (I don’t do too much multiplayer, just like having friendly people on my list :P)

        • Timmy_Mac614 says:

          I sent you a friend request.

          As for Xbox, I think it is a fine console. I cannot justify buying the system. I have a massive backlog on the PS3. I got that system to game it up with my brother plus I wanted the Resistance games.

          As a side note, I apparently could not construct a correct sentence to save my life yesterday. Such shaem.

          • Timmy_Mac614 says:


          • Llamaentity says:

            Yeah, ever since my 360 died a few years ago, I never really felt like buying a new one. My PS3 has seen much more use than my 360 did before it died, though I play on my PC whenever possible ^.^

  4. Kimiko says:

    This was a week of a little bit of everything, or something. I finished Chrono Trigger> (DS) with the normal ending. I didn’t feel like playing the game all over again, so I didn’t try for other endings.

    I found that I could use my credit card for the Nintendo eShop from my 3DS after all, so I got two DSiWare games, A Fairy Tale and PicDun. The former I finished twice (the so-called ‘Master Quest’ is just the same game again, so that was a bit of a waste), the latter I only played the first three floors of.

    I also tried some demos on the Vita, but none of them really caught my interest. Because it was free I also got Jetpack Joyride, and that has turned out to be super addictive. I’ve completed the regular ‘missions’ four times now, but still haven’t collected all the in-game awards and am also missing the last PSN trophy. My best run was just over 6km 0_0

    And the other day someone on the Tweeter reminded me of Aquaria, so I’ve been replaying some of it on the PC. This game is so pretty and great for exploring ^_^ Shame about the ending, but I’m a looong way from that yet.

  5. Timmy_Mac614 says:

    I am halfway through Borderlands 2. I love and hate co-op. When the team works well together, you can do amazingly. When the team splits up, you can do the only one working towards a mission objective. I think the pros outweigh the cons, but it can be frustrating.

    I got Dead Space 3 yesterday. I don’t know when I will have time to play it. DmC is in the same boat. My video game backlog feels rather epic. I think after this spring. I might tackle games I haven’t even touched yet like Fallout 3.

  6. menunu says:

    I finally played Mass Effect 3 – Leviathan DLC. It was so fantastic to be absorbed into the Mass Effect universe again with fresh content! I highly recommend this DLC. The story is pretty intriguing, and the new locations are even more graphically stunning. It reminded me that ME3 is the best RPG to-date, in my opinion. I also downloaded and have started to play the Omega DLC, though I haven’t completed it yet. So far, it is really fun, as any DLC starring Aria T’loak would be. Also, there is a LADY TURIAN! It looks as if she might have breasts. (I have only seen her for a short moment so far, in the story.) Is that weird? It’s almost as if the art department thought, “Hmmm, how do we indicate that she is a woman?” and someone said “Boobs! Give her boobs!” The voice actor (and the rest of her character design) is great, though, and the story pretty good so far!

  7. Lassarina says:

    I’m continuing to plug patiently through a “perfect” replay of Persona 3 FES (i.e. max all S.Links so I can have that last Persona), with the goal of everyone being level 99 for The Answer, which I’ve never attempted.

    I’ve also had a go at The Old Clockmaker’s Riddle, which is an iOS match-3 RPG sort of thing in which you save this town by turning back its magic clock. I’m enjoying it so far.

    The end is finally in sight in Chrono Cross; I’ve taken down the first boss in the Terra Tower and took some time off to acquire Shiny bits so that I can make ALL the Rainbow items. (Or at least all the ones I have shells for. New Game Plus, you are going to be broken in half and left to whimper in a corner. you’ve been warned.)

    I had to quit Fishdom 2 Premium on Mac because of a persistent crashing bug in level 90; I wrote to their customer service, with the full detailed bug report, and was told to reinstall it, which didn’t work; then they told me to delete my save game and reinstall it. I pointed out that I had no guarantee I wouldn’t, you know, get back to level 90 and have the exact same problem, which is a non-trivial investment of my time, and they basically said “You’re the only person who has contacted us about it so you can either do this or we can’t help you” (in moderately politer terms.) Given that a basic Google search for the game name + crashing turns up multiple results on multiple platforms (including one-star reviews on the Mac App Store), this is my incredibly unimpressed face.

    I’ve also started a replay of Final Fantasy II (PSP edition/20th anniversary) for my Moogle University project, and I’m having fun. Apart from the accidental TPK when I was trying to level up my HP, whoops.

    Speaking of FF, the PSN has a half-off sale going on every game but FF3. Which I would be taking much more advantage of if my Vita would be arsed to connect to the PlayStation store! frustrating. I can’t figure out why; it talks to the Internet just fine, and I can log in to PSN just fine via browser.

    • lian says:


      …some obsessions never die. Probably because the feeling of accomplishment was so great when I got ‘em all ;)

      (well, I tend to obsess over special crafting items — I once even wrote fanfic about an FF12 ingredient that was driving me crazy. *cough*)

      • Lassarina says:

        RAINBOW SHELLS. I made up three sets of Rainbow Mail and managed to actually survive the Dario battle. On NG+ when I’m sporting Rainbow weapons (and like 35 more stars), I’m gonna WRECK it.

        • Kimiko says:

          Didn’t you look up how to defeat Dario? IIRC he’s one of the easiest ‘boss’ battles because he’s completely predictable. Or are you intentionally trying to beat him forcefully?

          • Lassarina says:

            Ha, well, as it turns out I apparently have the copy of the game where he doesn’t do the completely predictable thing – I tried giving Riddel the Black Plate and every defensive item I could find, and he would attack everyone but her, or he’d oneshot her when he did just a straight physical hit before we even got to tech skills she could absorb. (I have friends who had the same issue with this boss fight – apparently he will USUALLY attempt to take out Riddel in a way that you can try to counter with Black Plate, but not always.)

            • Kimiko says:

              No no, I don’t mean the Black Plate strategy. I mean the one where you hit him with physical attacks and end *every* turn with a red element. He responds with Numble which doesn’t matter. If you stick to this pattern exactly he won’t attack for the entire battle. It worked for me on the PSP and on the old PS1 version (emulated). I thought everyone knew this trick..

            • Lassarina says:

              (replying here because it won’t let me reply directly to Kimiko)

              ….I had no idea! The official strategy guide enthusiastically said he would nuke the entire site from orbit if I used anything remotely like an attack element, so I ground it out with only physical attacks.

  8. lian says:

    I accidentally finished Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift — stumbling into a final battle and not even grokking it until it’s over is a first for me. *facepalm*

  9. Doug S. says:

    Still plugging away at Persona 4 Golden.

  10. At the moment, I am mostly playing mechwarrior online on PC. It’s really awesome when you are on mumble with friends!

  11. Laurentius says:

    I’m replaying Mirror’s Edge (for a third time) and GTA IV: Ballad of The Gay Tony. ME is weird stuff, I so love so many elements of this game and yet hate many immensely too. It really feels better the more you are skilled with it. GTA IV scope of taking on commentary of contemporary USA is nothing seen in any other game, sure with its range it’s quite often hit and miss but still I find it enjoyable plus Liberty City is a video game masterpiece.

    • lian says:

      Since you mention Mirror’s Edge, you may enjoy this kickass fan vid? I’ve never played the game, but that vid alllmost makes me want to….

      • Laurentius says:

        Nice video indeed, that’s how game looks like when everything clicks, there is one BUT though, you hvae to be either very skilled with the game or some kind of pro-gamer. It’s just that average gamer won’t have enough skill in their first playthrough making it rather a sloggingthrough especially when being swarmed by SWATS. Getting two stars on time trials finally made you skilled enough to fly parkour style through most levels.

        • Alex says:

          You’re right. I loved Mirror’s Edge, and I’d like to play it again some time, but I’ve lost all the skill I’d gained doing time trials, so…

        • lian says:

          I see — and that would also be why I haven’t played it, I’m not skilled that way (plus a weird personal antipathy: a rep at a gaming con’s ME booth was a sexist asshole to my sis. How ironic.)

  12. Samster says:

    I caved to the PSN FF Anniversary sale and now I’m replaying FFVII. The graphics look pretty terrible on a big, HD widescreen TV, but the game hasn’t lost an ounce of its charm. I’m going to retreat back into my nostalgia bubble while playing it where FFVII never had any spin off movies or games and everything is fabulous and awesome.

    One main conclusion so far, RE: the series’ current direction: I miss when Final Fantasy had a sense of humour!

    • Dejadrew says:

      !!! I had no idea Final Fantasy 7 was rereleased! I’ve never played it, and I always kinda felt left out in University Anime Club because all the other fangirls were all EEE Cloud SQUEE Sephiroth and I’m all like who? So I’ve always wanted to play it just to be in the loop.

      EEE! It’s available for the PC! And on sale for half price! I can FINALLY know why everyone was shrieking so much during that showing of Advent Children!

      • Laurentius says:

        I don’t know about Steam version, i still own old PC version of FFVII on 4 CDs and it works great with mod that enables modern resolutions.

    • Alex says:

      omg, the FF sale. I bought VIII and IX, neither of which I’ve played before, and Dissidia duodecim. Downloaded everything to my Vita. So much Final Fantasy!

      • Samster says:

        VIII’s my favourite! IX is also pretty awesome; Zidane was probably my favourite FF protagonist. You’re in for good times! :D

    • Doug S. says:

      I’m not playing that horrible excuse for a Final Fantasy game again until they release a version that fixes the script. “This guy are sick” my ass!

      • Samster says:

        Okaaay, so the localisation and proof-reading wasn’t the most fantastic! But they don’t, for me, diminish the overall game experience beyond the occasional niggle of annoyance.

  13. Nefa says:

    Still trying to work on backlog – started The Last Remnant (PC) over again. I feel like that game didn’t get enough attention, I quite enjoy it… but its lack of any sort of log system makes it hard to start at my old save.

    I’m continuing work on SoulSilver on my DS. Almost through all the gym leaders now!

    Was gifted Sonic All Star Racing Transformed for PC, so I was trying it out… unfortunately I didn’t manually go check the keyboard keys before starting so when the splash screens came up with controller buttons… it didn’t help. I did some keyboard bashing to figure out the controls. (I had to completely exit the game to check the controls after) The game itself is fun, but plays significantly harder than Super Mario Kart was!

  14. Samantha says:

    Three words and one of them is three: Dead Space Three.

    • Timmy_Mac614 says:

      Sweet! I look forward to seeing how Visceral has evolved the series with this entry. Their approach to co-op seems solid.

  15. marco says:

    My addiction to Xenoblade has been put on hold for Ni no Kuni. I am loving the game so much, and I finally got my first (human) companion! (Which is great, because I’m cosplaying her this year and I hoped to get a sense of her personality before the con.)

    It is such a beautiful game, in every sense. I enjoy the writing a lot, and the graphics and music are just gorgeous. The character designs are surprisingly diverse and fantastic too. I knew I’d enjoy it, but they blew every hope and expectation I had of it out of the water. I think the Ghibli influence helped, but this has also helped me in my already comfy security of Level-5 and what they’re capable of. I also lucked out in getting my copy of the Wizard’s Edition, and I hope in the future, Bamco is smarter about stuff like that, or L-5 can avoid that kind of disaster and publish themselves.

    I have a couple of kickstarter games I’m interested in though as well, and I hope that after Sealark is released, I’ll be able to pick up a copy (digital would be fine, but I’d love a physical copy).

  16. Alex says:

    I started Ni No Kuni, but I died on the first enemy of the first dungeon even on Easy difficulty and got mad, haha. And anyway, I need to be working on #4inFeb!

    Is anyone else doing 4 in Feb? Basically finishing 4 games from your backlog in February. I’m going to try and finish FFXIII (I’m on chapter 11!), Pokemon White 2, and then try and find two more games that I’m almost finished with anyway and knock them out. Like Elebits DS or Dragon Quest IX.

    • Doug S. says:

      I started Ni No Kuni, but I died on the first enemy of the first dungeon even on Easy difficulty and got mad, haha.

      Heh, I remember another game in which I died on the game’s very first random encounter, thanks to a bit of very bad luck. (It was Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga.) Things went much more smoothly on my second try.

    • Llamaentity says:

      Yes, I am working on this 4 in February challenge as well :P I like the idea, and might try to do it every month (I have such a huge backlog from so many wonderful sales throughout the years, on various platforms). It is extremely satisfying for me every time I manage to finish a game, whether it’s a long one or a short one. I figure since I buy and play so many games, I won’t be too strict with myself on which four games to finish, as long as I finish at least four.

      One down (HeXen II), three to go!

    • Timmy_Mac614 says:

      I am also doing the 4 in February challenge. I hope to finish Borderlands 2 this weekend, so I can take one off my list.

  17. Brinstar says:

    Since last week’s game update, I’ve been playing more Guild Wars 2, particularly dungeons, which I haven’t done before (except Fractals of the Mists). I ran Twilight Arbor, Ascalonian Catacombs, and Caudecus’s Manor (all in Story Mode) earlier this week and that was a lot of fun, particularly Twilight Arbor (I admit I’m partial to the story in Twilight Arbor because it’s all about Caithe and Faolin). Ascalonian Catacombs is reputed to be a challenging dungeon, even in Story Mode, but with three guardians (of which I was one), it was a very smooth and relatively fast run.

  18. Amoral Heart says:

    I replayed “Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning”, not long ago, I also love the bright colours,bI love the monsters, basically the overall look of the game. It’s a shame there won’t be a sequel. I had a better experience this time around, as at first I didn’t know about the “Area-Level Cap” for enemies in the game, if you don’t know about it yet, you can see the full explanation here (being careful and not entering areas too early will make the enemies harder to kill and the loot better): http://amalur.wikia.com/wiki/Kingdoms_of_Amalur:_Reckoning_Walkthrough

    Being on the PS3, I decided to play the first Mass Effect (finally!!), I already played ME2 and 3, but I’m tempted to go all the way through the trilogy with my new Shepard, as it is the first time I can (no interactive comic book of decisions this time!).

  19. M. Fewko says:

    Since it was Akira Yamaoka’s birthday recently, I’m planning on putting in Silent Hill 2. Gonna play the original Ps2 version though (even though I tried the HD release and my PS3 had no issues with it).

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