What Are You Playing Wednesday

Oliver, a young boy, and Mr. Drippy, a doll now brought to life, standing in a field in Ni No Kuni.

Oliver, a young boy, and Mr. Drippy, a doll now brought to life, standing in a field in Ni No Kuni.

It is Wednesday again so let’s go ahead with our usual questions:

  • What games are you playing this week?
  • Would you recommend those games to other Border House readers?
  • What games have you ranting?
  • Are any of those games listed ones that you want to see covered on the site?

This week I played about a dozen hours of Ni No Kuni. I am really enjoying this game. It is beautiful and the characters and familiars are just charming. I also got my copy of Fire Emblem: Awakening yesterday so I plan on starting that game today. I look forward to creating a female main character, which is something that the demo did not allow.

What have you been playing?

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71 Responses to What Are You Playing Wednesday

  1. Timmy_Mac614 says:

    I beat Borderlands 2 over the weekend. I made some queer friends along the way. I slammed out a chunk of Back to the Future as part of my 4 in February.

    Going from Borderlands 2 to Aliens: Colonial Marines is rather traumatic. I cannot believe they come out of the same developer. I know reviews keep ripping it apart. Besides those issues, I was rather saddened by the lack of diversity in the game. Lots of white people. I replayed the Colony section of Rebellion’s 2010 Aliens Vs. Predator game. That game had diversity. The character you play is black. Not only that, but there is quite a bit of racial and gender diversity in the game. It is sad that did not transfer over to Aliens: Colonial Marines. The only two positives of the new game is visiting iconic worlds and that the story is short (allowing me to move onto something better soon).

    • Llamaentity says:

      Cool that you beat Borderlands 2. I still have only played the first. I had been planning on getting Borderlands 2 when the price goes down some more, but I am not so sure now after preordering and being extremely disappointed with Aliens: Colonial Marines.

      I have similar concerns to what you mentioned. Wish I could play the campaign as a woman, for instance. Also, the gameplay is bland and sometimes buggy, with pretty bad enemy AI, and the co-op doesn’t even try to account for having extra characters in the story (which, as you mentioned, has now been very thoroughly covered in reviews :P) *potential very little spoiler* I also don’t like the implementation of human enemies. They tend to be more of an annoyance to kill than the aliens, which really makes the aliens fail to give any sense of fear (even playing on the hardest difficulty).

      I will finish the game (co-op with my brother), but only because of the co-op, it’s short, and I already paid for it. I don’t really want to miss out on the co-op of Borderlands 2, so I might still get it :x

      • Timmy_Mac614 says:

        Borderlands 2 is hands down the better game. I plan to play some of its DLC once I finish ACM.

        • Merrypetal says:

          Been enjoying following your posts about your Borderlands 2 progress. Not sure how far we are but just about to head to Opportunity. Look forward to hearing your thoughts about the DLC :) Borderlands 2 was the only game I played when I was home sick recently, it made me forget how I miz I felt and cheered me up. (Well that, and a hot toddy!)

  2. Ike says:

    All of these are iOS games.

    Top picks of the week:
    Finding Teddy – point and click adventure game with musical puzzles. (Unfortunately, the puzzles do require hearing to be solved.) The soundtrack and artwork have a vibe similar to Sword and Sworcery. The controls can be frustrating, as the player needs to tap in very specific areas, and taps don’t always register.
    DragonUp – low-commitment time-management game. Raise dragons that puke coins, use coins to buy more puking dragons.
    Piyo Blocks 2 – match 3 puzzle game. Controls are responsive. A good time-waster.
    Jazz – puzzle platformer with a creative storyline. Play as a trumpeter in search of a band. Completionists can focus on collecting all the music notes and hidden photographs in each level. The controls can be unresponsive at times, but the lack of a death penalty makes this a minor frustration.

    Huge disappointment of the week:
    Super Monsters Ate My Condo – match 3 game. The gameplay is solid, requiring the player to match block colors by removing blocks that do not match. It is disappointing that an otherwise well-made game would resort to blatant racist stereotypes in character design, making enjoyment impossible. This was also a problem in the previous game in the series, but I wish I had been notified that there is potentially triggering racism in this game. At least it was free – it would have been far worse to have paid to be attacked.

  3. Llamaentity says:

    I played a lot of different games this week, but was able to finish quite a few as well!

    – Mutant Mudds. Finished everything that there is to do, and loved this platformer. The controls and mechanics are really solid. Was a bit short, even with both sets of secret levels, but totally worth checking out if you enjoy 2D platformers with a bit of challenge.
    – The Room. Played through the rest of this rather short puzzle/adventure gem (had previously only played the first chapter). Wow, super fun puzzles in this game. The atmosphere and sound were awesome. It has an interesting story, and I can’t wait for the sequel to learn more (and for more of those really neat puzzles).
    – Kairo. Played through the final area of this exploration-based first person puzzle game. It did not disappoint. Excellent use of music, and I liked the minimalistic graphics/art style.
    – Momonga Pinball Adventures. A cute pinball game with a story. Has some rather difficult challenges to add replay value to each level, though there aren’t too many levels overall.
    – Sonic CD. Finished my first playthrough of this 2D platformer and the level design is absolutely fantastic. There are three versions of each stage, and many paths in each. Quite nice replay value, especially given the challenge of some of the levels.
    – Metro 2033. Only played a bit this week. Still fun, just got sidetracked by 2D platformers this week.
    – Knights of Pen & Paper. A fun table-top-themed turn-based RPG. The focus is mainly on questing and leveling up your group of five characters, with quite a few classes to use and unlock from questing, and four skills per class to level up.
    – Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward. Finally decided to go back to this visual novel/puzzle game, especially since I’m almost done with it. One room left!

    So that’s six games I’ve finished so far this month for the Four in February self-challenge. Might go for fourteen :P

  4. Dejadrew says:

    Poking timidly at Final Fantasy 7. The learning curve is steeper than I expected; I’ve played one turn based JRPG, for the DS, and I figured I’d be able to pick this up without too much difficulty. I’m being thrown by two things so far, though.

    1. FF7 seems to be turn based with a TIMER, which stresses me out a bit. I didn’t know that was a THING, and it’s making me panic and mash buttons rather than think about what move to make (Cloud can attack or use magic? Is there a difference? What are the advantaAAAAH TIMER BAR MASH MASH MASH EM ALL AND LET GOD SORT IT OOOOOUT….)

    2. I never realized it until I sat down and seriously thought about it, but… I have never, EVER played a game without some form of point-and-click-like interface before! I’ve never owned a console; I didn’t get into handheld gaming until the DS era, and more recently the touchscreen. My gaming platforms have been PC (mouse-clicking), DS (stylus tapping), Android and iOS (finger tap and swiping). But FF7 is a PC port of a PS2 game, all buttons all the time. They just tied the PS2’s button controls directly to equivalent buttons on the keyboard. I have NEVER interacted with a game quite this way.

    Anybody got any tips, hints, encouragement for a FF/Button Mashing noob? Is it possible to turn off the timer or slow it down to Wussy Baby mode? Got ideas for how to get used to the controls? Suggestions for ways to map and keybind that might be easier for me to deal with? Explanation for why anybody thought Cancel+Arrow=Run was a combination that made logical sense? ^_^;

    • Ronixis says:

      You can set ATB to “Wait”, so time will not pass when you are in a menu. I believe the speed is also a setting in the options, but I haven’t used it. The run combination isn’t particularly sensible, but a PlayStation controller didn’t really have many options.

      • Dejadrew says:

        Hm, how do I set the ATB to wait?

        And yes, I guess I realize that when you only have a handful of buttons to work with, you have to make all of them do double or triple duty. STILL, though!

    • Matt says:

      Ugh, that timer! Reminds me of why I gave up on JRPGs long, long ago – they’re the exact opposite of everything I love about games like Baldur’s Gate or roguelikes, all the fun stuff with the emergent complexity, positioning, coordinated strikes, etc. taken out, all the number-crunching and rock-paper-scissors damage left in and expanded to fill the vacuum. Add a short timer just to create a stressor and limit the player and that’s just crossed the line from unfun to positive anti-fun.

      Is it workable to just watch all the cutscenes on Youtube or something?

      • Dejadrew says:

        Pfft, now see, I -LIKE- simplified combat. I don’t have great hand-eye coordination and I have trouble keeping track of a lot of stuff going on at once, so all that complexity you talk about just overwhelms and stresses me out, generally.

        Turn-based stuff that’s basically elaborate rock paper scissors is actually right up my alley. Makes it more like a logic puzzle, which is the kind of gameplay I enjoy. At least, when I’m NOT forced to work under the pressure of a deadline. ^^;

    • Kimiko says:

      Timer? Oh, you mean the ATB system. Yeah, it always bothered me a little that the ‘Wait’ setting doesn’t actually stop time completely. It isn’t too bad though. Just relax and don’t let the timing scare you. You have enough time to select anything you need.

      As for button mapping, I suppose the directional buttons are best mapped to either the cursor keys or the WASD that’s popular nowadays. The action buttons can be whatever you want that’s easy to reach and remember. The shoulder buttons are rarely needed in FF games, so just map those to whatever.
      I dunno, just map the buttons to whatever you like and try to focus on the screen and not the keyboard, just like with any other game.

      As for using magic or physical attacks, in RPGs magic use is usually limited by needing MP or something like it, so it’s best to use physical attacks. Only use magic when needed. That’s my strategy at least, and I’ve finished all FFs from 1 to 9. Don’t be too afraid to use items either. Most people (me included :þ ) save items until really really necessary and end the game with heaps of healing items left.

    • Laurentius says:

      As Ronixis said in options under Config you can set up these things. As to key mapping, it’s a bit tricky but for the most part it directional buttons, [ok] and [cancel] button and [menu] that are used, rest come in mini games.

    • Lassarina says:

      The cancel-button-to-run made more sense on consoles, honestly. I think you can swap it so running is the default in the Options/Customize menu? At least you could on PSX. (Same place you’d turn on Wait.)

      My major tip is breathe. In most fights, you won’t take nearly enough damage to make the extra time you take to read the menus harmful to you (and by the time that’s a serious issue, you’ll be much more experienced with the menus.) Almost every non-boss fight–and most of the bosses–can be accomplished by stabbing anything that dares move and slinging Cure magic when your HP gets low.

    • Doug S. says:

      On the PS1, you could press the Start button during battle to pause.

  5. Nefa says:

    Playing Last Remnant on PC. This time I’m using a walk-through so I’m covering more quests which I missed on my first play-through. I really enjoy the characters/battle system. The game would be very tedious if it had more micro-management.

    Considering the possibility of returning to playing Final Fantasy XI. Maybe it’s caving to an old addiction, but I’ve never found a game that filled the hole FFXI left after I quit. Since they raised the level cap after I ceased playing, I suppose I’ll have a lot to do!

  6. Shawn says:

    I’ve been playing Dark Souls pretty obsessively. It’s one of the most frustrating yet oddly rewarding games I’ve ever played.

  7. Trisha says:

    I’ve been (re)playing Skies of Arcadia: Legends for Gamecube. Man, that game is still great even today.

    Also, Little Big Planet 2, when I just want some platforming fun.

    • Negative Kat says:

      Skies of Arcadia is one of those games that just plain makes you feel happy when you play it. So awesome.

  8. Kimiko says:

    The demo for Etrian Odyssey IV came out last week. That’s the game I bought a 3DS for, so of course I downloaded it as soon as I got home. It’s going to be another great installment in the series. The demo lasted me only one and a half day, now I’m impatiently waiting for the full game.

    I also continued re-playing Aquaria, but stopped when I reached the final dungeon. Before that I defeated all the bosses and optional bosses though, so I didn’t do too badly. Mostly though I replayed it because the environments are pretty and the swimming is fun.

    The other day I started the demo of Christine Love’s VN Analogue: A Hate Story. It proved to be really intriguing, so I immediately bought the full game when I reached the end of the demo so I could continue. The first time I got one of the better endings, then immediately afterward the not-quite-good ending. I’ve found the ‘harem’ ending with what’s probably not really cheating, but it still fit a little awkwardly with the earlier dialogue. Now I have two endings left, one of which is a little puzzling, and about 15% of the archives left to read. I wonder if I have to do more ‘cheating’ to get them.

    And then I picked up Jetpack Joyride again this week. I now have collected all the stuff except for two jetpacks. At that point I think I’ll tick it off as Completed.

    • Dejadrew says:

      I really enjoyed the backstory aspects of Analogue: A Hate Story, digging up each new letter and finding out about the history and the people on the ship. But personally… I don’t know, how did YOU feel about the romance aspects? Personally, to me, they felt… kinda awkward and uncomfortable. At one point in the gameplay I recall griping to a Skype buddy: “This would be a great game if the UI would QUIT HITTING ON ME.”

      • Kimiko says:

        Yes, I thought that too. I mean, I can understand *Hyun-ae feeling relieved to meet someone after so many years, but it felt strange to have her hit on me like that. Friendship okay, but love? Nah.

        • Dejadrew says:

          Not only is she disturbingly young-looking and acting, but, just, it’s part of the story that the audio and text input interface is BROKEN. You can only communicate with her via the multiple choice buttons she provides. She knows literally NOTHING about you save that you are capable of pushing one of two buttons. And yet she’s flinging herself at you.

          Just… it gave me this bizarre dissonance. I mean, the storyline you’re uncovering is all world-building and exploration of the horrors of misogyny and explicit feminist critique… and then on top of it you’ve got this… dating sim with two cute AI girls going Moé and Tsundere at you.


          Overall, I don’t regret playing the thing, and I DID play through all the endings, but… Just, yeah, it sorta felt like I was playing two COMPLETELY different games, simultaneously, that either had nothing to do with each other or were totally at odds.

          • Matt says:

            Good to know I wasn’t the only one weirded out or put off by that!

          • Kimiko says:

            Well, the looking young part was accurate at least in this case.

          • Alex says:

            Have you played Christine Love’s other games, like don’t take it personally babe it just ain’t your story? The romances in her games aren’t necessarily supposed to be positive or healthy.

            • Dejadrew says:

              I have, and in DTIPBIJAYS, the screwed up relationships were pretty clearly depicted as screwed up, and critiqued within the text. The protagonist is quite clearly a messed up individual, and his internal monologue acknowledges that what he’s doing has ethical pitfalls and dilemmas. There, when I felt uncomfortable, I knew that I was supposed to.

              NOTHING within Analogue gave me the sense that ending up with one of the AIs was supposed to be considered anything but a happy ending. Nowhere WITHIN THE GAME ITSELF does anything hint that “okay, yeah, a teenaged-presenting AI dressing up in a maid outfit for your amusement is kinda creepy.” It’s easy to SAY the romance isn’t supposed to be healthy. But nothing in the text analyzes the relationship, criticizes it, or even acknowledges that it could be problematic. If it’s supposed to say something about unhealthy relationships, it fails where the earlier game succeeded.

            • Kimiko says:

              I played a little bit of Don’t Take It Personally.., but didn’t like all the teen drama.

              Digital: A Love Story may have a story in it, but the interface turned me off. The ’90s BBS interface may be novel to today’s youth, but I experienced it first-hand so don’t feel like wading through that again.

              So Analogue: A Hate Story is the first of Christine Love’s games that I’ve actually finished. Unhealthy or non-positive considerations aside, the romance part of the game just feels forced to me. Like “oh, this is a Visual Novel, so it should have romance options” forced.
              That said, I can forgive some aspects of the romance because *Hyun-ae is after still a teenager messed-up by her past. It could have been integrated into the story/interaction better though. Especially the *Hyun-ae & *Mute ending, where *Mute’s attitude flips instantly, and *Hyun-ae is supposedly ‘in love’ with the player even if you switched to *Mute at the very first opportunity.

    • marco says:

      The Etrian Odyssey demo was so addictive. I’ve always wanted to play a title in the series and never got to (though since the first three are being re-printed, I’m going to try and grab them eventually) and I really look forward to picking up IV.

      • Kimiko says:

        Oh, you really should get all the games in the series. They’re great. I’ve been a fan since the first game (which I played shortly before the second came out). The first games will probably seem awkward at times because the interface has gotten more streamlined over the series, but I think it’s worth it. A lot of people are getting into the series now with the reprints of the first three games.

        And the music of the first games is better than that of the new game. I don’t know what Yūzō Koshiro was thinking switching to orchestra for this one. He’s famous for his FM-style music for good reason.

  9. sarandosil says:

    There is no game but minecraft.

    That castle isn’t gonna finish itself, y’know?

  10. marco says:

    My boyfriend and I have also been playing Ni no Kuni. It is such a pleasant experience and a real blast. When I’m just listening to/watching him play, I can’t help but swoon over the music. And we’re always so giddy and awed with the programming (Oliver’s walking on the steps, the jump, etc).

    Where we’re at, I’ve only encountered one problematic thing so far, and I can’t remember how part of it went to judge how it was handled either. But I’m also really surprised at how well the game is handling everything. Even though I know L-5 is capable of doing cool female characters and can be pretty equal, I haven’t known them to focus on female leads, so I was wondering how a certain character in the party would be treated and all. I’m also wondering how much Ghibli influence there is in the writing and story? I feel like the quality is upped 1000% by their influence (and it’s really obvious in some places), so I’m curious about that part.

    I’m also looking forward to picking up FE:A though. While the SRPG part is great to me, I am really looking forward to all the pairing aspects, and I have no shame about it~.

    • Gunthera1 says:

      There was definitely a problematic section in Ni No Kuni involving Esther and a painting. Is that what you are talking about?

      • Cuppycake says:

        You should write about that here on TBH!

      • marco says:

        That was indeed it. While what she exactly said could make it slightly less problematic, it wasn’t good either way.

        Interestingly enough, most of the follow-up after that (actually meeting the Cowlipha) seems much different (people love her, sincerely see her as lovely/gorgeous and she is a respected ruler because she deserves it, apparently). It’s a bit of a weird dissonance to me.

        Potential Spoiler alert —
        I also found it kind of weird and interesting (not in a good or bad way) that Leila was losing weight not because she felt uncomfortable about her size or because of what someone said, but because she wanted to enjoy more cheese. I don’t at all know what to make of that, but it wasn’t as immediately off-putting as the painting part (which was glaring to both my boyfriend and myself). (And I think the heart carries over from one world to the other, right? So next time we go back, will she be different?)

        But after that, the game returned to being its usual self. I hope it stays this way and not many (hopefully not any) more problematic parts come up.

  11. Sunatic says:

    Finished Breath Of Fire 2. Deathevan sure is one pathetic final boss – the battle wasn’t hard at all (well, I was pretty well leveled), it wasn’t threathening, it wasn’t fun, it wasn’t awesome, the music was meh, he had a pitiful collection of attacks. And while all the bad and evil in the game was technically his doing, he stayed in the background until the very end. So there just wasn’t that much personal drive to kill him. I shall always fangirl the penultimate boss Barubary instead, he’s awesome in all ways.

    Wondering what to play next. I have those two Kirby games, but not really in the mood for platformers right now. Maybe I’ll finally try Terraria, it’s just hard to remember its existence when it’s under the humongous pile of stuff also known as our living room table.

  12. armaina says:

    Been playing back and forth between Guild Wars 2 and Skyrim. Getting the hearthfire DLC has made me dead set on making my house awesome and adopting children. For at least one of my characters, anyway.

    I’ve also dusted off the old Chrono Trigger cartridge to pick that back up and work on my goal of getting the cast to lvl 99 and seeing more endings. Also get to play through it for a friend of mine who’s never seen the game before.

  13. Samantha says:

    Can’t stop playing Dead Space 3. Or should I say D3ad Spac3? Ugh.

  14. Doug S. says:

    Still haven’t finished Persona 4 yet.

    Been playing Crimson Shroud for the 3DS, though. I like the writing, but there’s a few user-unfriendly bits… at a couple of points, to advance the plot, you have to get a rare drop from the right monster, and there’s no clue which monster is the right one.

    • Doug S. says:

      I finished Crimson Shroud today. Having to play through twice to see the good ending is kind of annoying.

      • marco says:

        My friend really loved FF:Tactics (and is mostly enjoying Tactics Ogre now), so I told him about Crimson Shroud and we decided to get it. The story is fairly interesting, but some of the mechanics in the game and user-unfriendly parts can get a bit obnoxious.

        It would be fantastic to see more games that use a similar style though. (I also wonder what kind of story Matsuno will work on next, especially given this one was not technically all ages like he said he would do.)

  15. Cuppycake says:

    I’m a terrible gamer lately.

    I still haven’t beaten Persona 4 Golden. I’m still only about 24 hours in. I still haven’t beaten Ni No Kuni, I played about 6 hours worth of it. I went back to Mass Effect 2 and played that for a few hours over the weekend. I also installed a billion Skyrim mods and bought the latest DLC, Dragonborn. I’ve been playing a ton of Candy Crush Saga on iOS, along with Pixel People.

    I keep starting new games before I finish the last one I was playing. I wish I could kick that habit!

    • marco says:

      Even though I am loving the world out of Ni no Kuni, Etrian Odyssey 4 and especially Fire Emblem: Awakening are out now, and I don’t know if I’ll be able to down the latter if I pick it up. But I am very much so invested in Ni no Kuni. I’ve been watching my boyfriend play for the most part lately, but when we play games with our group of friends, he gets addicted to MineCraft and I like to grind and do some sidequests then.

  16. Matt says:

    Haven’t had time for anything lately more than some very cursory looks at ZDoom mods, though I did install xbomb and freak out at how sadomasochistically difficult triangle mode was (hint: each cell has 12 neighbours).

  17. Sara says:

    I’ve been playing Fire Emblem: Awakening pretty consistently for the past few days, and I’ve loved it. Disappointed at the lack of same sex S ranked partnerships, but there’s enough gayness in (some) of the other support conversations that I’m okay with it.

    • marco says:

      My friend and I were very disappointed at the lack of gay marriage in the game (which was kind of surprising for him, because I didn’t think he would use it, even though he would be disappointed for others). But it is very nice to hear that, and I really look forward to enjoying the game myself as well.

  18. Lassarina says:

    I beat Chrono Cross (with the good ending, i.e. the titular-item one) last weekend. Threw myself into a panic when the boss started performing an action in the middle of my series of planned attacks, but by sheer blind luck it performed exactly the right one and I was saved!

    I started Magical Diary finally – I’ve only had it for 8 months – and I love it. It’s super adorable and quick, and I’m looking forward to finishing it.

    Still working on my FF2 replay for my “play all the FF games” project.

    I played about an hour of the Etrian Odyssey IV demo and determined for sure that yeah, that genre of games is not for me. (It’s too bad several of them are already on my shelves unplayed.) I also gave The Old Clockmaker’s Riddle on iOS a try, up until I hit the “pay us for more content” and didn’t feel like paying. It’s a decent Match3 with puzzles, which I am enjoying, but I’m trying to be a little more careful with money until I take out some of my (gulp) 100+ unbeaten games.

    I also played the first level of Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes and found it not to my taste, so at least that’s one more thing I can check off the list of “games I’ll spend the time to beat someday.”

    Oh, and I started Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning on the 360. So far I am thoroughly delighted by the fae and everything to do with them, and have done 7 hours of sidequests without advancing the plot beyond the introductory scenes. Oops.

    • Kimiko says:

      How are the Etrian Odyssey games not for you?

      • Lassarina says:

        I find I don’t have much patience for games that are, as near as I can tell, literally nothing but grinding for drops. I don’t mind a lot of grinding (heck, I play SMT games until I’ve found everything), but the main draw for me in a game is the story, which doesn’t seem to be a strong feature in EO or Class of Heroes, which is the other variant I tried.

        Also when the FOEs showed up I panicked and freaked out and spent the entire rest of the dungeon having anxiety about getting jumped by something huge that was going to crush me and waste all the time I’d been playing. I don’t really want to put myself through that. :/

        • Doug S. says:

          The Etrian Odyssey series is really about the exploration; the “grinding for item drops” takes care of itself as you map out each floor of the dungeon. You’re right that the story isn’t a particularly big draw of the series, though; there are events that happen, but the plot, such as it is, is fairly minimalist.

          As for the FOEs, well, you usually get plenty of warning before one of them hits you. And once you get yourself out of the early floors, you’ll usually be able to win a fight against a FOE if you’re willing to treat it as a boss fight and freely use your MP and consumable items. You’ll have to use an Ariadne Thread to warp out of the dungeon afterward, but getting ambushed by a FOE and then actually dying is pretty rare.

          Incidentally, I really wouldn’t recommend Class of Heroes 1 to anyone.

          • Lassarina says:

            Yyyyyeah, I put myself through six hours of Class of Heroes – twice, because the first time I did…something horribly wrong, I don’t remember, and lost a metric butt-ton of progress – and then I realized I was not having fun and I put it away. (Which is something I am getting a lot better at, which is good, because I needed to.)

            I found playing the EO4 demo decently fun, but not as much as, say, I found exploring in Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey to be. I’m a little disappointed that I had already purchased multiple things in the genre (due to my “buy all the shinies!” habit) when I found out it’s not quite to my taste, but that doesn’t mean it’s bad. My fiancé can’t stand the grinding in JRPGs at all and holds Western-style RPGs as the pinnacle of the genre, while I prefer JRPGs to WRPGs in many cases. It’s all a matter of taste. ^_^

    • Gunthera1 says:

      I am the same way in Amalur. I have spent so many hours doing side quests, and I completely ignore the main quest line. BUT IT IS SO BRIGHT AND FUN!

      • Lassarina says:

        The game is so gorgeous! I was just sort of marveling at my character (dokkalfar devoted to–um–whichever deity is +10% mana and +10% mana regen?), who is a lovely redheaded lady with a lip piercing and some fantastic tattoos, and I keep being distracted by the brightness and vividness of the world.

  19. wererogue says:

    I’m finally playing Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation, on a borrowed Vita. I’m loving it so far – it’s a lot like any other AC game, with a few minor gameplay corners cut, some dodgy touchpad controls (canoeing and pickpocketing both work very poorly for me)… but I’m super happy to play as a black lady as the sole protagonist in a major game – it’s definitely a first for me.

    There’s a voodoo plotline going on that I’m not certain about yet, and I don’t think I know enough about the material to make an informed comment on whether it’s accurate or believable, or cheap and offensive.

    • Timmy_Mac614 says:

      That game sold very well, so there may be a sequel on the horizon. I am glad gamers went against the trend that male protagonists only sell well. And she is a woman of color too boot. If I had a Vita, I would pick the game up.

      • Kimiko says:

        I’ve heard several people now go on about how great the game and its protagonist are, but I’m worried that all the platforming will be really hard. I wish there were a demo so I could try it before buying.

  20. Ms. Sunlight says:

    World event on SWTOR this week! I’m grinding reputation and tokens with my guildies.

    • Doug S. says:

      I let my SWTOR subscription lapse and haven’t played in a while. I can’t do Operations as a Free-To-Play person…

      • Ms. Sunlight says:

        Doug I have no idea what server you’re on but if you’re on The Red Eclipse let me know if you fancy doing some fun things that a free-to-player can do. I’m an altaholic so always happy to do levelling content / low-level flashpoints! Just running a chiss sage through Nar Shaddaa at the moment.

        The Return of the Gree world event is a hell of a lot of fun. Say what you will about SWTOR the world events have all been great.

        • Doug S. says:

          I basically play a heal-spec Operative (Imperial Agent) almost exclusively. Maybe I’ll try going through the class quests for some other classes. That way I can get the legacy perk that gives me more buffs. And getting HK-47 requires characters on both factions…

        • Doug S. says:

          I’m on Corellian Run, I think…

          • Ms. Sunlight says:

            The Imperial Agent storyline is great! My “main” is a Sniper and I absolutely loved the class story.

            Seriously in terms of levelling content F2P isn’t bad at all. Jedi Knight is a lot of fun, story-wise, as is Smuggler…

  21. Laurentius says:

    I’m on Red Eclipse server but i can ‘t say i much into Sw:ToR since it went F2P but log in from time to time and move my alts a bit since story is nice and how often can you play as a Sith Assassin ?

    • Ms. Sunlight says:

      I’m in The Older Gamers guild (so that’s The Onyx Guard / The Orbital Guard on imp / rep side respectively). It’s for gamers 25+

      Feel free to give me a shout if I’m on when you are. Imp side I’m usually on Elonie, Undallil or Dras’yra; rep side Carilie or Dastelen.

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