Game of the Day: Electro Primitive Girl by Sloane

Electro Primitive Girl is an excellent Twine short story about being a mecha girl. It uses some custom macros on the text to create effective moods. Thanks to Kimiko for submitting this one.

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7 Responses to Game of the Day: Electro Primitive Girl by Sloane

  1. eloquate says:

    I was a little dubious of the ‘chat-speak’ on the first two pages but I really enjoyed this by the end.

    Thanks for the recommendation!

    ** Spoilers **

    Does this have an additional ending? I squished my pilot and left the city behind which felt surprisingly good! I am tempted to read through again and see whether that is the only option.

    • Kimiko says:

      I only played it once before recommending it to Alex for GotD. I played it again just now and got a completely different ending. And a different one again. And I haven’t even seen the one you described yet..

      So, yes, there are at least four different endings it seems.

      • eloquate says:

        Wow, I’ll definitely have to have another couple of goes. Did you notice any other changes in the story leading up to your alternative endings?

      • Kimiko says:

        Update: Oh, I found the same ending you got.

        Sometimes there are two words you can click. At other times, a clickable word is replaced with another after a few moments. Either can lead to a different result, or just more detail.

        The effects used in this IF fit the story very well. I’m not too familiar with what’s possible with Twine/IF, but this is the first time I’ve seen such effects. My only objection would be that you have to read/react quickly sometimes, which is unexpected in a text game.

        • prezzey says:

          yes, I was surprised by that, made me wonder about the accessibility aspects (though they personally didn’t cause me trouble, but I could see the potential).

      • Matt says:

        This is the first time I’ve ever seen a QTE in a Twine game. x_x

        Took me quite a few tries to get the “good” squish ending – it’s a delicate balance between being just inefficient at killing enough for the dysfunctional relationship to bubble up, and yet just good enough not to be destroyed.

        I like how the easiest ending to get is not failure but status quo.

  2. Nezumi says:

    Wow. Nice game. Honestly, it kind of reminds me of some of the aspects of Scarlet Blade I find most interesting, as far as plot and what it explores. (Bwargh, that game’s on my mind lately. It’s fun and interesting and weird and problematic — although unlike some things, at least it’s not pretending not to be borderline porn — and sometimes oddly brilliant in a way I’m not sure is even intentional, given how it’s squeezed right up against sexual-harassment-by-tiny-pet-robots-played-for-laughs and double-entendre-spouting shop NPCs.)

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