Sexism in Video Games Panel at ETSUcon

From left to right: Jenn, Samantha and Kat at the Sexism in Video Games panel.

From left to right: Jenn, Samantha and Kat at the Sexism in Video Games panel.

During the last weekend of April, I had the privilege of traveling to East Tennessee State University in Johnson City, TN to be on the “Sexism in Video Games” panel at their inaugural ETSUcon. The panel consisted of Kat Haché, Jennifer Culp of Gamervescent, TBH contributor Samantha Allen (that’s me!) and Cameron Kunzelman. The topic of our panel was the continued and pervasive sexism of video gaming culture.

[You can listen to the entire panel on YouTube.]

A trigger warning: from 34:42 – 36:27, we discuss David Gaider’s blog post about a female Dragon Age writer who pointed out that a male writer on the team had written a rape scene without realizing it. The discussion is not explicit but I don’t want the introduction of the topic to surprise anyone.

Kat, Jenn, Cameron and I fielded questions on a variety of topics ranging from the infamous Dead Island: Riptide statue to the representation of women in video games to the inclusion of women in video game development studios. We were fortunate to have a lively, participatory audience that filled up the whole room.

The turnout for ETSUcon itself (around 900 attendees) also far exceeded the organizers’ expectations. Thanks to Kat for working so hard to put our panel together, to Justin Mitchell for moderating, to Haein Lee for the photos (the rest of which are posted here), to Chad Barrett for the audio recording and to Frederic Poag for chairing the Con itself.

Feel free to discuss the panel in our comments section. We had a limited amount of time for our panel and we’d love to hear how The Border House readers might have answered some of the questions we received.

About Samantha Allen

Samantha Allen writes about gender, sexuality, and technology. She is currently a staff writer for The Daily Beast and holds a Ph.D. in Women's, Gender, And Sexuality Studies from Emory University. You can find her on the web or on Twitter.
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  1. Kat Haché says:

    It was an incredible panel – Jenn, Cameron, and Samantha were fantastic, and just so you know there will “definitely” be another ETSUCon next year. We have more funding now, and more time to plan (this con was thrown together admirably in roughly 4 months’ time) so we should get some incredible guests and panelists next year. All TBH readers are welcome, and I’m already planning at least one panel.

    Come on down to Johnson City, we’ll make sure you have a good time.

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