Dragon’s Crown — Basically ‘Boobs & Butts: The Game’

Sometimes, you see an artistic interpretation of anatomy that just defies all expectations.  One that makes you wish that everyone else on the internet could experience it along with you.  Today that title is Dragon’s Crown, an upcoming 2D “multiplayer action beat ‘em up” game for Playstation 3 and Playstation Vita. I will try to find words while I write this post.

Let’s start out with the Sorceress character.  According to the game’s website, they are “bewitching women….weak of body” but have great knowledge.

The sorceress character is show.  She has a large witch hat, is wearing a black corset with basically her entire chest showing, has long red hair, and is wearing a long purple skirt with slits in it that show most of her legs.  The image to the right shows her chest and backside in the common Escher Girls pose.

Certainly not “weak of boob”.  A shot of the Sorceress in gameplay shows that she’s clothed just the same while actually being played in game, and watching the video on the website shows quite a bit of jiggle while she’s casting spells.  Umm…yeah.

A shot of the gameplay of Dragon's Crown.  Sorceress is wearing the same outfit from above.

And now, the Amazon.

The Amazon in Dragon's Crown.  She is shown with a large axe, henna tattooed legs, a tiny head, and an enormous body.  Her butt and boobs are giant compared to her waist (which sports chiseled abs).

Where do I even begin here? Those proportions!  I’m not sure how she manages to have such large boobs and a gigantic rear end without her waist being wide at all.  But even more  fascinating is how small her head is.  One of her boobs will quite literally cover her face and then some.  It’s amazing that Atlus attempted to make a strong muscular woman character who still remains completely sexualized with her Escher Girls pose, her complete lack of any armor, and her stereotypically feminine face and hair.

Dragon’s Crown will be out this summer, in case you actually want to give this company money.  I won’t hold it against you, but you better send me some ridiculous screenshots.

(h/t to Nush B on Twitter for the tip)

Edit: We need to add a link to this awesome set of revisions that turns the table around on the male characters of Dragon’s Crown.  Thanks to @gygaxis for the tip.

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7 Responses to Dragon’s Crown — Basically ‘Boobs & Butts: The Game’

  1. marco says:

    I think Dragon’s Crown was mentioned before here? Maybe during one of the E3 coverages or something? I was wondering when it’d pop back up again though.

    Fortunately, Atlus had no hand in developing this (they’re partially in the clear this time). Vanillaware has a track record with female characters as far as I’m concerned though. Plenty of their older/other games do look gorgeous, but they usually have the problem of one or two fanservice-laden characters and it irritates me. It also makes the excuses people try to create for this particular title have less ground (to me, anyway).

    Lots of interesting opinions and stuff floating around though. What still stands out to me is how the guy on Kotaku got crapped on so hard by so many people for calling the designs out for being silly/gross (and especially the response that came with it from the game’s artist+director).

  2. Savoto says:

    I love how any body who criticizes the art of the game has fans jumping on them. Their most common defense is that all the characters are exaggerated but only the female characters are exaggerated sexually. The male wizard character is clothed from head to toe. The dwarf warrior is exaggerated in a way to make him appear so “manly” and covered with muscles. People say the fighter has exaggerated masculinity when he is just a walking hunk of metal. People with armor fetishes aside I don’t see anyone being attracted to him. Their is no sexualized features being exhibited on him. His animation doesn’t involve his breasts going out of control when he attacks.

    Now I do think the amazon warriors exaggeration is not as bad as the sorceress character. I can see the amazon proportions turning people off instead of on. The fact that they have the small anime heads with no emotion just brings down their whole design. I just don’t like that design choice at all. I wished they pushed the design of the heads along with everything else. The Bayonetta syndrome on all the characters also annoys me.

  3. Tia Nadiezja says:

    What’s really disappointing here is that the artist obviously has the ability to do female characters well – take a look at the Elf; she’s awesome.

    Yet every other woman in the game is just… awful.

  4. Alex says:

    I was SO disappointed when I saw the reveal for Dragon’s Crown. I really liked Princess Crown and Odin Sphere, both beautiful games with cool female main characters, so I was looking forward to the next game from Vanillaware. And then… that art. Ugh. I can’t find it now, but Kotaku had posted a gif of one of the Sorceress’s spell casting animations and… ouch.

  5. Clayton says:

    Can we talk about how uncomfortable the packages on those dudes in the linked tumblr look? Because wow. Like having a pair of baseballs between your legs (Penny Arcade also had a similar take on this a little while back).

    • Korva says:

      Certainly. And I’m sure that is very much deliberate, given how uncomfortable, agonizing or outright impossible all those disgusting, back-breaking porno poses and monstrous udders on female characters would be for a real woman. :p

  6. stille says:

    The absence of nipple spooks me out. The way their boobs are drawn and the way the cleavages are built, there should be nipples in full view. Instead, they have shine patches where the nipples should be. The effect is eerily similar to those pictures of bikini-clad women you could find in Eastern European chewing gum in the 90’s – get the picture wet and the bikini would turn transparent.

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