Damsel In Distress: Part 2 is Online

The second installment of Anita Sarkeesian’s Tropes vs Women in Video Games series is now online–again, after being briefly removed from YouTube thanks to some jerks flagging it. It’s the second video about the Damsel in Distress trope. Please be warned that the video contains some graphic depictions of violence against women, used as examples. Watch the video above or read the full transcript at the Feminist Frequency site.

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9 Responses to Damsel In Distress: Part 2 is Online

  1. marco says:

    Even though some of the content made me uncomfortable and disappointed (for obvious reasons), I did thoroughly enjoy the video. She had a lot of information that was expressed perfectly and she covered a lot of issues, as well as linked them back to things quite well.

    Unfortunately, a lot of people are still whining/stuck on the fact that she made money (and that it isn’t being “handled like a proper account”) and somehow, even with how straightforward and obvious a lot of that was, some people still miss the larger picture. I’m kind of surprised, kind of not.

    I’m really glad to see the video though, and it came sooner than I’d have imagined. I hope we won’t have to wait too long until three~.

    • BourneApprox says:

      The amount of derailing in response to these videos is pretty remarkable. Folks are so busy complaining about the fact that she’s a con artist, or that she’s blocked youtube comments, that they never actually get around to discussing the content. It’s like they don’t even *want* to have a conversation! (cough) Likewise, so much terrible reading comprehension. “But this doesn’t happen in EVERY game!” “I SPECIFICALLY ALREADY SAID THAT.”

      I like this one a lot more than the first, mostly for the sheer force and volume of examples on display. Though that same feature can make the viewing uncomfortable. Some of those examples were seriously icky.

      Yes, third video soon plz!

      • marco says:

        Yes. The derail is incredible. I’ve even had someone debate me on her closing the comments and such that hadn’t watched the videos (or know who she was or everything that went on). It’s pretty incredible, in many a way.

        Haha, some people are really obvious about not wanting to have the conversation. One thing I notice too are a lot of people assuming/pretending to be (genuine) allies and then having a very wrong/warped sense of reality (I’ve seen someone say that people like Anita that present the facts are useless; and instead she should devote her time to getting more women into the sciences, no joke).

        Same here. It’s why I enjoy it more yet had a harder time watching it. My SO and I shared many an uncomfortable or ironic grimace. I have this bittersweet anticipation over the third video. >u<

  2. Dave says:

    … wife is killed and you must rescue your daughter.
    Your wife is killed and you must rescue your daughter.
    Your wife is killed and you must rescue your daughter.
    Your wife is killed and you must rescue your daughter.
    Your wife is killed and you must rescue your daughter.
    Your wife…

    Wow. I haven’t played enough AAA shooters to realize how much this stupid trope comes up. It’s like they were trying to phone it in.

    • Dejadrew says:

      I really liked the way she hammered that home simply by stating it exactly the same way, over and over. We don’t think about how repetitive some of these plots actually are, even in good games.

    • Cameron says:

      Modern shooters aren’t really known for engaging story telling. It either comes down to the aforementioned Wife is dead daughter is kidnapped or the war on terror.

  3. She really does a fantastic job of documenting the sheer prevalence of some of these tropes.

    Spoilers for Deadly Premonitions.

    I was rather annoyed by the ending to that game having a euthanized damsel. I saw it coming for most of the game and there’s a mild twist on it, but it was the part I liked least about that game.

    • Matt says:

      Your spoiler warning just got me thinking, let’s not worry about spoiling these plots for people. It’s a horrid and shitty and silly trope in the not good sense of each of those words and I think we can do the world a favour by denying them the dignity of being treated as interesting stories that we should be careful about spoiling (while at the same time warning people off who might want to stay away from such dreck).

      • Kala says:

        Thank you, Matt, thank you

        Spoiler frenzy on it’s own gets on my nerves, but it really makes me mad that people use it to derail the conversation.

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