June is Worldwide Game Development Month

This June marks the second-annual Worldwide Game Development Month event. Much like the month-long novel-writing marathon NaNoWriMo, WoGaDeMo is an event that gives you a goal (make a game), a deadline (in 30 days), and a community to help you get there. If you’re looking for a game jam-like event that gives you a bit more time to explore ideas and revise, this event is for you. You can also check out the games from last year (including mine!) on the website.

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Alex posts some of her sewing projects and cosplays on her Tumblr; you can also find her babbling about sewing and games and Parks and Recreation on Twitter.
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3 Responses to June is Worldwide Game Development Month

  1. FairyGodfeather says:

    Wow! Thanks for posting this.

    I’d actually planned to spend June forcing myself to quickly write a game in choicescript. (Well I say game, I’ll probably just get the first episode done.) I won’t be able to upload there though since the initial plan was to have something I can sell at the end of it. But that sounds great. How was it participating last year? The forums look a bit empty.

    • Alex says:

      I didn’t post in the forums, but I did read them a bit. Some folks kept dev logs there, and many posted their games for feedback toward the end of the month. Posting was a bit slow–it was only the first year so there weren’t tons of people–but what I saw was very encouraging and positive.

  2. Doug S. says:

    You know what would be kind of interesting? It’s not that uncommon a plot that it turns out that the Player Character had been working for the bad guys at the beginning of the game, realizes this roughly halfway through, and switches sides, defeats his former employers, and saves the day. Suppose the game didn’t force this on the player – that, by default, the player character wouldn’t notice this, and unless the player goes somehow goes out of his way to change this, the PC would instead go and fight for the side of Evil until the bitter end? In other words, a Secret Test of Character pulled on the player, not the PC. (For bonus points, at the end of the game, show the player all the times he had the chance to the right thing… and didn’t.)

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