September is for #TowerJam

Tower Jam is an online game jam that runs the month of September. The idea is to create games that are about characters that typically don’t have agency in games–particularly those that play the role of Damsel in Distress, the trope from which the jam takes its name. Read more about the event in the FAQ, check out the first game submitted as an example of the idea, and feel free to use this thread to organize teams, think of ideas, collaborate, or share your games. Have fun!

Welcome to Tower Jam — Tower Jam Tumblr

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Alex posts some of her sewing projects and cosplays on her Tumblr; you can also find her babbling about sewing and games and Parks and Recreation on Twitter.
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2 Responses to September is for #TowerJam

  1. Dejadrew says:

    Huh… you know, I was just talking with a WoW buddy about how much we wish we could do a questline for Princess Theradras instead of for her jerkass dead husband… I wonder if she’d count for this game jam, or if I should hold that thought until the villain jam?

    Alternatively… I’m playing Katawa Shoujo right now for curiosity’s sake. It’s surprisingly well crafted, though there are questionable elements. Still, as a straight female player… I identify way more with any one of the love interests than I do with the supposed blank slate protagonist. (When the vaguely defined self insert is impossible to insert yourself into, what he looks like from the outside is, well, a mopey pile of slack)

    I specifically avoided Hanako’s path because I felt so bad for her being pestered in her safe quiet corner of the library when she CLEARLY just wanted to read The Life of Pi in peace. I hated to inflict my idiot protagonist on her. I wonder if I could write a reverse dating sim where the goal is to help the painfully shy bookworm hide from the annoying doofus who wants to Bring Her Out Of Her Shell and Awaken Her To All Life’s Possibilities, avoiding him long enough to finish her damn book?

    • Alex says:

      I don’t know anything about WoW, but just going by her wiki page, I’d say Theradras totally counts. She’s mother of an entire species and then her husband dies and she just sits in his tomb forever? Seriously? I say go for it! But then, I also love your other idea, too.

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