What Are You Playing Wednesday

The city in Solstice.

The city in Solstice.

It is mid-week question time once again –>

  • What games are you playing this week?
  • Would you recommend those games to other Border House readers?
  • What games have you ranting?
  • Are any of these games ones that you would want to see covered on the site?

I spent a bit of time playing a preview build of Solstice, the latest interactive novel by MoaCube. The art style is phenomenal but I don’t want to say anything about the game itself until I finish it.

Otherwise, I finished Skylanders: Spryo’s Adventure and Skylanders: Giants so that I could start Skylanders: SWAP Force. Yes, I have completely bought into these games. They are so much fun. They are a money sink, because of the figures, but I really enjoy them.

Finally, I restarted Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation. I had a problem with a previous save. I had unlocked all of the dressing rooms early on in the game and the save left it with only a few unlocked and the rest would freeze up the game if I tried to use them. So, I am restarting because I really want to know more about Aveline’s story.

So, what have you all been playing?

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9 Responses to What Are You Playing Wednesday

  1. Llamaentity says:

    I haven’t played much this past week, unfortunately. I did, however, start playing Ni no Kuni. Awesome animation :O

    Hoping to get back to playing Henry Hatsworth, Soul Sacrifice, and Lunar over the next week. Might also try Starbound, which was gifted to me XD

  2. Timmy_Mac614 says:

    I finally beat Dead Space 3. I would recommend it to anyone who is a fan of the franchise. I picked up where I left off in Heavenly Sword and GTA V.

    I am close to beating Guacamelee! on Vita. I just need to get better at dodging.

  3. DejaDrew says:

    Just finished my first playthrough of Gone Home, gonna noodle around a bit to catch some of the documents and journals I missed, but it does feel complete and whole. (Rot13 for spoilers: Nf zhpu nf svaqvat Fnz’f svany zrffntr, V, re, sryg yvxr chggvat Puevfgznf Qhpx onpx va gurve arfg znqr gur tnzr bssvpvnyyl pbzcyrgr. Whfg, Xngvr jnf ybfg naq bhg bs cynpr naq Puevfgznf Qhpx jnf ybfg naq bhg bs cynpr naq gurl jrer obgu bhgfvqr va gur fgbez naq Puevfgznf Qhpx jnfa’g whfg gur svefg hfrnoyr chmmyr vgrz va gur tnzr vg jnf gur svefg snzvyvne vgrz fur erpbtavmrq naq naq ng yrnfg Xngvr pna uryc PUEVFGZNF QHPX tb ubzr rira vs znlor fur arire ernyyl jvyy naq FLZOBYVFZ naq V unir srryvatf nobhg gung qhpx…)

    Got a ridonkulous backlog that I went and made bigger during the Steam autumn sale because I am an idiot, but gosh darn it I am determined to whittle away at it. I need to stop flitting around from game to game and just pick one and play it through and finish it. Gone Home wrapped up nicely, next up is finally finishing my replay of the Longest Journey. My goal is to finish TLJ again and Dreamfall for the first time before Dreamfall Chapters comes out next year.

  4. Doug S. says:

    Still hooked on Marvel Puzzle Quest. I did reach Case 5 in Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Dual Destines, though.

  5. Merrypetal says:

    I just beat Remember Me and have such mixed feelings about the game. I struggled to identify with the protagonist and though there are some brilliant moments in this platformer, the cramped linear path and camera angle control took away much of my enjoyment. Combat was challenging as timing hits are critical to creating chained combos, but building the actual combos in the menu (health, damage, multiply effect and speed up time to the next special ability) were fun to play with and adjust according to enemies. The graphics and music were beautiful and the story ambiguously entertaining. If you’re looking for a gorgeous game set in Paris and willing to forgive the frustrations, it’s still worthwhile. Remixing memories was interesting and powerful and very well done but wow, it felt dark. Best menu I’ve seen in while, innovative and gorgeous unlockable art and 3D models plus historical background. I tried to play in French with subtitles and maintain the atmosphere of Paris, but it was too distracting. I’m mulling over what to start next. As I lost my entire Skyrim save, I might restart and this time the bow will be my weapon of choice. I’ve also got some Borderlands 2 DLC to play through, a guaranteed good time.

  6. Lassarina says:

    I’m still completely hooked on Picross e3. I dove back into FF14 finally and gosh I wish I could just focus on one class, but there are so many shiny toys to play with and I must have them all! I also picked up Guild Wars 2 again and continue to love my Norn warrior.

    Still faithfully playing Animal Crossing; the town changes just enough to keep me interested, though the daily factor is quite wearing.

  7. Korva says:

    I tried The Old Republic again, with a friend referral and a special offer to returning subscribers giving me 37 free days of playtime. Between that and GW2, which I’m burning out on, I want to bite my keyboard in frustration because both have strong points but could be SO much better, and I wish I could just somehow squash the best of both together into one game that would scratch my MMO itch much more than each individual game. Pah.

    After hearing a lot of praise for the Imperial Agent story even back in the day, I decided to make one despite my dislike for playing the “bad guys” — partly because I heard that the Agent can actually be played in a more nuanced way. While that is true, it’s been a weird and challenging experience because you ARE still part of a ruthless secret police in a decidedly evil Empire, and I had to force myself to make some pretty nasty decisions because just going for the “nicest” option each time would not do the character justice. Despite or because of that, I’m really not sure which, it’s also been immensely gripping so far Having finished the prologue for all four Republic classes plus the Agent, I’d have to rank it as my personal favourite. The overall quality of the writing, the characters and the feeling of really being what you are supposed to be all come together very well. (Unlike, say, the Jedi Knight story which so far does not even attempt to explain what a Jedi actually is or does, does not involve THE #1 Jedi thing at all — the Force and all its mysticism — and just makes me feel like a generic fighter with a magic glowstick. I love the Jedi but remain perpetually disappointed with games not even trying to give me the “mystic” experience.)

    Not sure how long I’ll stick with TOR this time, but I do want to see a little more of my Trooper’s, two Jedi’s and the new Agent’s story.

  8. marco says:

    Right now, just back to Pokemon and Style Savvy, but mainly Style Savvy for me. I try to rotate through my backlog a bit here and there, but it really just isn’t happening at the moment.

    I do want to start and finish Ace Attorney really quick though so I can get to Dual Destinties. I hear really wonderful things about it.

  9. Kimiko says:

    Sorry I’m late. I’ve been playing Ys: Celceta all week.
    As I said last week, it really is a great game (okay, if you like this genre, but I think it’s one of the best 3D action RPGs). The plot is pretty good too, but there were some details that didn’t really make sense in retrospect. The villains’ motivation stands out in particular. I finished the game without looking up any hints, which resulted in missing about half the trophies :o
    Fortunately there’s a New Game + feature. I’ve now collected all but one trophy (and the platinum one, but that’s automatic once you have all the others), which is the one for completing the game on Nightmare difficulty. Which means I’ll have to go through it a third time. I’m now grinding money to upgrade everyone’s ultimate equipment in preparation. It is a good game, but that’s wearing a little thin now. I guess I’m a completionist after all.

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