What Are You Playing Wednesday

Neftin and a hired thug in <i>Ratchet and Clank: Into the Nexus.</i>

Neftin and a hired thug in Ratchet and Clank: Into the Nexus.

Welcome to Wednesday question time –>

  • What games are you playing this week?
  • Would you recommend those games to other Border House readers?
  • What games have you ranting?
  • Are any of these games ones that you would want to see covered on the site?

I started both Ratchet and Clank: Into the Nexus and LEGO: The Lord of the Rings this week. Both of them are a lot of fun.

What have you been playing?

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22 Responses to What Are You Playing Wednesday

  1. Llamaentity says:

    The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (PC). Randomly decided to play this as my next major game to finish. I was already twenty hours into this mage character, so I figured I should resume playing it before I forget all the story details DX

    Henry Hatsworth in the Puzzling Adventure (DS). Still doing a couple levels a week. Still fun, and the upgrades you get periodically keep things fresh XD

    And lots of anime T.T

    • DejaDrew says:

      Awww, why the T.T? Holidays are a perfect time to catch up on anime. (Anything new and good? Been rewatching Princess Tutu lately, but kinda lost track of what’s been coming out lately)

      • marco says:

        Sorry to butt in, but my S.O. and I just started and finished (finally) Princess Tutu for the first time. It was really magnificent; the loving attention to ballet and classical music is wonderful, and it’s a great deconstruction (and reconstruction) of the magical girl genre.

        • Llamaentity says:

          There’s no such thing as butting in around here ^.^

          I enjoyed Princess Tutu quite a bit, as well! Glad to see some other people around here have seen it, too.

          Regarding your comment below, I haven’t checked out Aikatsu! yet, but perhaps I shall c:

          What other shows are you watching?

          • marco says:

            Thanks. >u<
            I felt oddly self-conscious about it, but I'm glad I did now~.

            Yeah, it seems like Tutu is pretty popular, but it's rare to actually be able see another fan.

            Aikatsu! took me by surprise. I tried the first ep and wasn't impressed, but when I was pretty much stuck in bed a while back and had nothing but my Wii, I checked it out on Youtube and kind of fell in love. It's a surprisingly feminist show in a very casual way. (I've felt it has only dropped the ball once, and even that moment I let it slide for a bit.)
            If you do pick it up, it'll be nice to have someone to discuss it with on here. ^u^

            I'm watching Kyousogiga and just barely started Log Horizon. Are you watching anything else~?

            • Llamaentity says:

              Yowapeda!, Space Brothers, and Monster (that last one’s been in my backlog for years :P). I tryyyy to wait until a series has finished airing, or almost finished airing, before I start watching. But I sometimes fail, of course >On<)

      • Llamaentity says:

        The T.T was because it keeps me from gaming sometimes (also, tears of joy because I do enjoy watching anime quite a bit :P)

        I tend to watch a mix of stuff from my backlog alongside a couple more recent titles. I watch stuff from almost any genre, so my backlogs get huge between anime and gaming.

        From my backlog, I just finished Nana (loved it, very good romance josei series) and Silver Spoon (a recent very cute and interesting coming of age shounen series). Going through Rainbow (extremely depressing seinen series with lots of potentially triggering content) and Xam’d: Lost Memories (another seinen series, this time scifi and with a usually positive tone, so far).

        As for newer stuff I’m watching, Ike (my spouse) and I keep up with Hunter x Hunter (action/adventure shounen series), which is just over 100 episodes and counting, and solo I just started both Watamote (shounen school comedy about a girl who is a social outcast, lots of triggering content so far) and Arpeggio of Blue Steel (action scifi seinen). Not sure how I feel about those last two yet.

        Something recent-ish I would recommend, without knowing what you’re into, would be the two Chihayafuru series. It’s a lovely josei series about a group of friends whose lives center mostly around playing competitive karuta.

        Oops, sorry about the wall of non-gaming related text. My close friends mostly don’t care about anime so I don’t end up having anyone to talk to about it T.T

      • jama says:

        These are not the freshest anime anymore, but I can wholeheartedly recommend Aria The Animation http://anidb.net/a2659 and Spice & Wolf http://anidb.net/a5406

  2. marco says:

    Right now I’m still playing Style Savvy, but I’m considering returning to the backlog.

    We’re also trying to get through quite a bit of anime right now. Of the new stuff, Aikatsu! is my one true love, but we’re also trying to finish the first Sailor Moon anime, partly for the reboot and because my S.O. never watched it. W were worried about not finishing before the new anime, but that’s looking easier and easier. (At least news on the new PreCure is coming out~.)

  3. Timmy_Mac614 says:

    Finally finished Guacamelee! on Vita. It is a great Metroidvania type game. I would highly recommend it.

    I have started Assassin’s Creed 3: Liberation on Vita. I look forward to slaughtering dudes dressed to nines.

    On PS3, I have been chipping away at GTA V and Heavenly Sword. I am enjoying that two of the games I am playing as a bad*** female lead. It is refreshing.

    • Llamaentity says:

      Grats! I definitely want to get Guacamelee! I need to make it one of my next purchases… I keep getting stuff on Steam instead DX

      If it keeps track of your playtime, what was it by the time you finished?

      • Timmy_Mac614 says:

        The game is about 5.5 hours long. I try to find all the treasures and trinkets plus I tend to get stuck in games, so my game play was closer to 9-10 hours. I typically play the game on my subway ride home. I have not completed all the side quests or journeyed into the mines.

  4. Kimiko says:

    I’m done with Ys Celceta now that I have the platinum trophy, so I think I’ll go play some backlogged games next.

    First is Magical Diary (Steam:Linux). I’ve seen it recommended and played quite a lot lately around Twitter. My first attempt at the game was a string of failures though, ending with expulsion from the school. It seems the game/devs expect you to save-scum, because no information about upcoming events and trials is given whatsoever, but failure is instantaneous, and punished harshly to boot. Rather disappointing, but I’m willing to give it a second try. This time I’ll be saving every in-game week and reloading after every mistake.

    • Lassarina says:

      Oooh, Magical Diary! I really enjoyed that, and sort of staggered through mostly unharmed on my first effort. (The green magic path has a neat class about respecting gender identities.)

      Congrats on the platinum!

    • Llamaentity says:

      Grats on the platinum. How many do you have now, and what’s your next Vita game? XD

      • Kimiko says:

        This was my third platinum trophy. The others are for Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward and Let’s Fish! Hooked On. I’ve also completed Jetpack Joyride, Sunflowers and Flower, but they don’t have platinum trophies. My PSN name is Kimiko_0 if you want to check out my games.
        I don’t know yet what my next Vita game will be. I tried a bunch of demos earlier this week, but none caught my interest. I still play Spelunky, but I’ll never complete that.

        • Timmy_Mac614 says:

          That is awesome. What is your thoughts on Zero Escape? I have it. I just haven’t played it yet.

          • Kimiko says:

            Have you played Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors (aka 999) for DS yet?
            If you haven’t, definitely play that first because there are some references to it in this game’s main story, and the bigger backstory won’t make sense otherwise.
            If you did, Zero Escape is quite similar, but larger, and with much more backstory. There are a couple of instances of misogyny/male chauvinism/other questionable stuff, but they don’t detract from the game too much. The puzzles are just as good, and the game’s built-in overview of alternative timelines makes finding everything much easier.
            Overall, if you liked 999, you should definitely play Zero Escape too. The only aspect of 999 that Zero Escape doesn’t do better is the haunted atmosphere in the early part of the game, but even there it’s not bad.

            • Timmy_Mac614 says:

              I do not own a DS. Please don’t think that I am opposed to it. I am just very integrated into the PlayStation family of products and services. I am glad it is a great game. I will recommend it to my friend who has one.

  5. Lassarina says:

    I beat Picross e3 on the 3DS, including all puzzles. Some of the mega picross ones were just annoying, but overall I enjoyed the non-mega picross.

    I’m still playing Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions for Moogle University and continuing to be punched in the feelings all the time. I love this game but it hurts to play.

    Still levelling my arcanist on FF14; it would really help if I would stop getting distracted by every new class that’s made available to me. (Gain ALL the levels!)

    Paladin finished Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag this week, and I enjoyed watching it – but no main character will ever be Ezio again, and that perpetually makes me sad. (As does the lack of Claudia and Sofia, but at least Mary Read and Anne Bonney are GREAT.)

    Still trudging faithfully along in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. I kind of wish I could quit it at this point and use my 3DS for something else, but…I can’t abandon my town!

    I picked up Infinity Blade II again. It took me about fifteen tries to remember how to play the game without failboat capsizing, but I eventually beat the first sentinel. now I’ve got two more sentinels to go!

    • Llamaentity says:

      I still haven’t played Infinity Blade III, though I did enjoy I and II a lot. Are you planning on moving onto III next?

      Also, I looooved Picross DS, and liked Picross 3D for the DS. How would you say Picross e3 compares to them in terms of puzzle count and aesthetic and stuff?

      • Lassarina says:

        Honestly I am bad enough at Infinity Blade that I’m sort of considering not getting III, just because I could keep beating my head against this wall or I could play RPGs already on my backlog….I am enjoying it, but I’m also pretty frustrated (The reason it took me 15 battles to remember how to play is because the last time I ragequit, and it wasn’t even a boss, just a random dude on the way to the boss who was just stupidly hard for me.)

        I haven’t played Picross DS, but it’s less…hmmm…cute? than Picross 3D. If you’ve played Pixelogic HD on iOS, it’s extremely similar to that in aesthetic and style.

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