What Are You Playing Wednesday

Concept art for Rita from Tales of Vesperia: a girl with short brown hair, goggles, and a red outfit.

Concept art for Rita from Tales of Vesperia: a girl with short brown hair, wearing goggles and a mostly red outfit.

It is Wednesday question time again:

  • Would you recommend those games to other Border House readers?
  • What games have you ranting?
  • Are any of those games listed ones that you want to see covered on the site?

I have been playing a lot of Dragon Age: Origins this past week. I lost my Dragon Age saves when my PS3 hard drive died so I am finally going back and restarting the games. I am actually changing the play through from my original canon.

I also started Broken Age from the Double Fine Kickstarter campaign. So far the art style is wonderful and it has already elicited a few laughs from me.

Finally, I went back to Tales of Vesperia to try to clear out some of my backlog.

So, what have you been playing?

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15 Responses to What Are You Playing Wednesday

  1. lian says:

    Final Fantasy Tactics! Somewhere around chapter two. I appreciate how this game doesn’t fuck around, neither in terms of plot nor gameplay. I’ve never played it before, but I’m sure glad I “practised” with FF Tactics A2 on the DS, because I used to think tactics RPGs were not for me. (Turns out I adore them!) I don’t even mind having to repeat many major battles, because I want a no-casualties playthrough and it forces me to be on point and punished laziness/complacency. Good stuff.

  2. Llamaentity says:

    My games recently:

    Skyrim (PC). Still :P Pretty far in the main storyline but have been messing around with magic, learning new spells and raising my skills c:

    Wario Land 4 (GBA). A bit over halfway through this platformer, and being a completion it’s about collecting everything. I love the puzzles and transformations you use to solve them!

    Borderlands 2 (PC). Almost done with my co-op playthrough! Still having a lot of fun. Mostly using sniper rifles now.

    Tetris Attack (SNES). Yet again one of my go-to games for when I’m watching TV or don’t have much time to play.

    Going to try to finish up Wario Land 4 and Skyrim soon!

  3. Timmy_Mac614 says:

    I finished the story of GTA V. I don’t know if I will go for 100% completion. If you do play it, I would recommend holding off on the Assassination missions until you complete the final heist. You will boost your total money with those stock market manipulations. Also, without giving anything away, I would recommend your choice be selfless. I love the fact that you can own a gay bar. It was one of the 15 properties available.

    I am making progress in Heavenly Sword. I finally passed the sister chapter. Have you ever struggled on a section of game for weeks and then one day finish on the first try? That happened for me with the sixaxis shooting chapter. Thank goodness that is over. I am excited to finish that story.

    On Vita, I got Stealth Inc.: A Clone in the Dark, which is a fun puzzle platformer, as well as Killzone: Mercenary. Also, I am addicted to the acid trip that is Lumines.

    • Llamaentity says:

      Grats on finishing GTA V’s storyline. I still haven’t played any yet, despite having a copy T.T

      And yes, that’s happened to me various times throughout the years, suddenly getting past a difficult part of a game after taking a bit of a break XD

      • Timmy_Mac614 says:

        Thanks! If you like other GTA games, GTA V is much more refined experience. Not as good as Red Dead Redemption, but plenty of fun. The heists are the best part because you get to make choices in how to approach it and with which side characters. GTA Online is a grindfest. I only play that to catch up with my brother.

  4. DejaDrew says:

    After a bout of bronchitis that left me too weak and grumpy to even game, I’m finally feeling human enough to poke around in virtual worlds again. I’m playing WoW, of course. But in the single player world, I’ve finished my replay of The Longest Journey and now I don’t know what game in my massive backlog to play next. There’s Dreamfall, of course, but I don’t know if I’m in the mood for that just yet… Deponia? Botanicula? Chrono Trigger? Gemini Rue? I have so damn many unplayed games… stupid sales… I suppose it’s not the worst problem to have, but I’m doing the donkey-starving-between-multiple-equal-sized-bales-of-hay thing.

    • Llamaentity says:

      Sorry to hear about the illness :C

      Gemini Rue is a fairly short adventure game, has some lovely pixel art and an interesting story. I’d recommend that, but I haven’t played Deponia or Botanicula yet. If you play them, I look forward to seeing what you think. I need to get back to some of the adventure games in my backlog DX

    • WhineAboutGames says:

      The trouble with Deponia is that the main character is a vile person. The more you play, the more you will feel bad about having to be him…

  5. Lassarina says:

    Still playing tons of Final Fantasy XIV. I love my arcanist but I keep getting sidetracked by levelling ALL THE CRAFTS.

    I took a look at February and the far too many games coming out that I really want, so I decided it was time to put some serious dents in my backlog. Accordingly, I’m working on Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening DX on 3DS Virtual Console (I’m in the fourth dungeon and have 17 seashells and the blue tunic). I remain rather bad at Zelda games. What do you mean I haven’t all the time in the world to select my actions from a menu?? But I am persevering, because one of my 2014 gaming goals is “beat at least two games I owned prior to 2000″ (I know DX didn’t come out til 2001, but I had the original non-colour version for my original giant GameBoy.) On the same note, I am trying to work through A Link to the Past, which is really hard. Who loses to the boss of the Desert Palace because her aim is so bad she runs out of arrows? This chick, that’s who. Sigh. (I got them on the second try.)

    I’m also playing Blue Dragon, and am in the Devee village. Marumaro needs to stop talking, but I am enjoying the game so far despite it being…very….strange. Enjoyable, but it’s like they turned all the WTF of JRPGs up to 11 and then developed it while severely tripping.

    And I’m nearly done with my Moogle University playthrough of Final Fantasy Tactics. I’m just done with the Beowulf quest and have all of the optional characters except Meliadoul (for story-progress reasons) and consequently EVERYTHING DIES. Balthier is ludicrously overpowered in this game and it delights me no end, because between him, Cid, and Agrias nothing shall stand against me. (Also, Beowulf turning everything into chickens is my favourite thing to do in this game.)

  6. Doug S. says:

    I started playing Demon’s Souls yesterday, which is one of the many games that’s been sitting on my shelf for years. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that the game lets you choose your character’s gender. In general, I like games that aren’t afraid to kill the player, so I’ve been having fun so far.

    I’m still putting in the occasional fight in Marvel Puzzle Quest, although I haven’t been quite as into it as I was a couple of weeks ago. The developers have been pretty attentive to the discussion on their official forums, and have decided to rebalance several characters. Two have been changed already (one weakened, one strengthened), and there’s an in-game announcement that two other overused characters will be weakened in the future.

    The same friend who got me hooked on Marvel Puzzle Quest also introduced me to another free-to-play iOS game, Brave Frontier. This one is apparently an English release of a Japanese game, and it shows up in the occasional typo in the dialogue. The character you play as is a Featureless Protagonist; you give a name at the beginning of the game, but you’re never seen on-screen and I don’t remember ever being referred to by a gendered pronoun, either. You play as a “summoner” who uses summoned spirits to battle monsters created by evil gods; it uses mostly the same collect-and-fuse mechanics as Transformers Legends, except that you get to do a lot more than just watch when it’s time to fight something. I really like the music, and the art style is pleasant, but the game is stingy with Energy so you can’t play it much in one sitting. Another problem is that the game suffers from frequent crashes; I get kicked to the home screen often enough to be annoying, and the game’s servers crash, too. (The game’s description in iTunes recommends a device with at least 1GB of RAM, but the developers’ advice to free up memory by closing other programs and rebooting the device really does improve things.) On the bright side, each time their servers go down, they give out a lot of free stuff to everyone, so I’m not complaining. ;)

  7. Kimiko says:

    This week I finally finished Etrian Odyssey Untold (3DS) in Story mode. It was a decent remake of the original Etrian Odyssey (DS). Many little details have been added, and there’s of course the larger story. A big drawback IMO is that you can’t make your own party for Story mode, and Classic mode doesn’t have the extra dungeon and backstory. I hope Atlus will integrate the two for a remake of EO2.

    I’m not sure what I’ll play next. Maybe something on the Vita again?

  8. marco says:

    - Style Savvy

    - Chibi-Robo: Photo Finder

    - Bravely Default demo

    I’ve kind of stopped playing the demo so much because I’m mad that I missed out on the CE (as far as I know), but I am still excited for the game. I’m also really loving the new Cheebo game, but it could use some improving; but it’s really great. I was pleasantly surprised~. ♥

    And~! Since some of us have also been mentioning what we’re watching lately; we started Inari, Konkon, Iroha | Nobunagun | Hozuki no Reitetsu. We tried a couple of the other ones (one of which I was looking forward to even), but they were effectively crap to us (for varying reasons).

    We’re also continuing Silver Spoon, and I hope to start Noragami and pick up on Hime-chan no Ribbon (Inari would be great companion to it). Pretty good season overall though, and I can’t wait for Sailor Moon (and the new PreCure, but obvs. not the same level of hype by far)!

    • Llamaentity says:

      I’m excited about Bravely Default, too XD

      I haven’t really gotten into the new anime season yet, except for Silver Spoon because I love it. Which new series were you disappointed with?

      Just finally finished From the New World, which I liked quite a bit c:

      • marco says:

        Have you been playing the demo too~? Between the demo and all the Bravely Second news, it’s getting hard to wait just another week or two. >u<

        I usually have a hard time getting into/sticking with the new seasons, but I'm doing better! Nobunaga the Fool is the one I was excited for but extremely disappointed with. I actually went in very cautious because of how Jeanne d'Arc was presented, but it was worse when I watched it (we didn't even bother to finish the ep). On the otherhand, Nobunagun is a lot of fun (kind of weird in how it decides to handle and use fanservice, but I guess there's a consistency to it).

        We never got to finish From the New World, but I was enjoying it a lot (not to say the anime didn't have its problems). The anime and some reviews/reccs make me want hunt down the novels.

  9. Merrypetal says:

    I beat Lost Planet 3 this weekend. I’m still thinking about the game and how satisfying it was to play and the nice touches the developers added. Good pacing, great story and acting, acceptable combat and it never felt repetitive or too long and a good balance of challenge. It had so much … heart. Also, maintaining a happy momentum of a recent Catan addiction. I just started Assassin’s Creed: Liberation HD on XBox Arcade and adore Aveline. Thanks to Gunthera1 for the recommendation! :)

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