What Are You Playing Thursday

An enemy from the 4 kings battle in Dark Souls.

An enemy from the 4 kings battle in Dark Souls.

I am glad to say that Border House is back! Let’s celebrate with a What Are You Playing:

  • What games are you playing this week?
  • Would you recommend those games to other Border House readers?
  • What games have you ranting?
  • Are any of those games listed ones that you want to see covered on the site?

In the last few weeks I have mostly played World of Warcraft. But, I did spend some time with LEGO Marvel Super Heroes and Dark Souls. I cannot seem to defeat the 4 Kings in Dark Souls right now. Finally, I started Moebius Empire Rising.

Hopefully I will be getting more gaming time in soon.

What have you all been playing?

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14 Responses to What Are You Playing Thursday

  1. Llamaentity says:

    It’s been a while! Glad to see TBH with some activity again. c:

    I’ve played various games since the last post, but mostly these two:

    Guild Wars 2. I got this when it was new but only played a bit for a few weeks. I randomly decided to start playing again and have gotten pretty into it. Mostly playing my Necromancer, Mesmer, Engineer,and now Guardian. Exploration, world bosses, dungeons, arenas, world vs. world… lots of fun stuff.

    Harvest Moon: A New Beginning (3DS). One month into this, and it’s pretty cute and fun so far. I have one cow and one chicken!

    I haven’t really felt like playing much else lately, but for now that’s okay because I’m enjoying Guild Wars 2 quite a bit.

    • gunthera1 says:

      I need to get back to GW2. I felt like I was playing it “wrong” because I died far too often. I also never had much money so I was basically just getting gear from quests. I need to try it again. The world is so gorgeous, it is a shame that I stopped playing the game.

      • Llamaentity says:

        It’s definitely gorgeous. One of my favorite things in the game is just exploring everything and finding all of the “Vista” point cutscenes. ^.^

        • Meredith says:

          I like all the little secret passages, caves, and non-Vista “vistas” that the developers put into the maps. Many of which don’t have any map completion or achievement elements to them, but just there as bonuses for explorers.

          There is also quite a bit of lore, along with references to other media, from just talking to the NPC’s and inspecting objects (like tombstones). I just haven’t gotten into transcribing “New Krytan” text yet.

          Even after two years of play, I still occasionally find something hidden I didn’t know was there.

          PS. Next time you do Ascalonian Catacombs, path 1, check out the hidden turkey room.

    • Meredith says:

      GW2 is still my primary game. I love guardians.

      I also picked up the free Portal 2 mod ‘Thinking with Time Machine’ on Steam, and have been enjoying it. A bit tough to get used to the controls, but quite satisfying when you see it work.

      Also have a bit of a nostalgia kick, and feel like digging out an old version of Tetris.

      • Llamaentity says:

        Cool, yeah I am definitely liking the versatility and buffs of guardians. Also, the general aesthetic of their abilities :P

        I saw that Portal 2 mod, looked interesting. Might have to try it out!

        And I also pick up Tetris every now and then still, just never gets “old” XD

  2. Kimiko says:

    Yay, TBH is back! \o/

    I’ve been playing Sorcery Saga: Curse Of The Great Curry God (Vita) for a while now. It’s a true rogue-like, which means you can only upgrade your gear long-term, not your character’s stats, which get reset any time you leave a dungeon, and there are all sorts of nasty traps and monsters. It took a little to get used to it, but I’m having a lot of fun now. At the moment I’m collecting gear and leveling it to fill out the item catalog.

    • gunthera1 says:

      That title is great! I like the idea of food related gods.

    • marco says:

      That game looks like a lot of fun. I kind of wanted to get the limited/premium edition; because I do eat a lot of curry and I thought it’d be cute.

      Did you ever play Chocobo’s Mystery Dungeon? That’s the closest I played to a rogue-like, and I wonder how it compares in difficulty and stuff? (Some of the designs also are a bit questionable but I love the art style, and I’m curious if the game is at all cringeworthy in that respect.)

      It’s also interesting to me that this is technically part of a longer series of RPGs that Puyo Puyo kind of took over, and I wonder how the JRPG aspects/tropes are.

  3. Doug S. says:

    I played through the main story of Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc recently. It was okay, but it felt like a not-quite-as-good imitation of a Phoenix Wright game and I ended up feeling somewhat disappointed. (And the story also had quite a bit in common with And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie, incidentally.)

    • gunthera1 says:

      I hadn’t heard about that game previously, but a murder mystery visual novel sounds interesting.

  4. Tzuofthesun says:

    So much dying. I’ve been bingeing on Rogue Shooter and Dark Souls 2, with some online Dungeons and Dragons 4.0 thrown in to spice things up (wherein all of my players die for I am a cruel DM).

  5. Dejadrew says:


    I was playing Science Girls from Hanako games, but I got lost trying to find the second shield generator on the alien world and I can’t find any maps online anywhere. Dang tiny indie games…

    Anyway, not too big a deal, because I got stuck JUST in time for The Blackwell Epiphany to come out. I freaking LOVE the Blackwell series. There aren’t nearly enough crabby introverted ladies with paralyzing social anxiety as game protagonists. I’ve barely started, but I’m loving it so far.

    I also, after lo these many years, bought my very first Pokemon game, a used copy of Pokemon Pearl. I’ve been enjoying battle pets in WoW a lot, I figured it was time (plus I ran out of wild battle pets in WoW, I literally HAVE caught them all there).

    In between, I’ve actually started trying otome games (female audience targeted visual novels) on my phone. I enjoy the format, but it’s been hard finding romance options that actually appeal to me. I am apparently VERY picky about virtual boys. And so many virtual boys are UTTER ASSHOLES. The jerky alpha male seems to be a pretty big archetype in Japanese romance. Bleh. I really liked Gaia’s route in A Knight’s Devotion, though.

  6. marco says:

    I’m so glad that TBH is back! I was eagerly checking it quite often. x’D;

    Lately, we’ve been sticking to Bravely Default. We’re in chapter 5, and I’m enjoying the game a lot more than ever before. The battle system and jobs are still fabulous, and I kind of like the writing more. Knowing that Beverly Hills 90210 inspired it really opens my eyes to how they meant to handle it, and it makes me grin when I see how carefree they were in invoking certain tropes and jokes.

    I’m going to pick up Kirby Triple Deluxe tomorrow though and start that, so I hope I’ll be able to balance my time between the two~.

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