What Are You Playing Wednesday

Hunting a Lagombi. It looks like a giant monster bunny living in a winter climate.

Hunting a Lagombi. It looks like a giant monster bunny living in a cold climate.

It is late on a Wednesday and time for What Are You Playing:

  • What games are you playing this week?
  • Would you recommend those games to other Border House readers?
  • What games have you ranting?
  • Are any of those games listed ones that you want to see covered on the site?

Sadly, I have not playing much this week. I did, however, play a slight amount of LEGO City Undercover and Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate. I’ve been working on getting the G-rank rathalos armor.

What have you been playing?

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12 Responses to What Are You Playing Wednesday

  1. Llamaentity says:

    Guild Wars 2 again for me. Mostly World vs. World, and a few dungeons. Focused a lot on my Guardian and now leveling my Elementalist. I like all the classes! >.< Each one just has too many neat skills :P

    Hoping to get a bit more back into anime and some Vita gaming. Or maybe PSP. XD

  2. Cade DeBois (@cadedebois) says:

    I’ve been playing Minecraft on Xbox and (to a lesser extant) PC, and I’ve been playing Banished on Stream. I finally got off my 2 year run with Skyrim (I did played Oblivion there for a few months to ease the withdrawal). I love and hate Minecraft. I love that it’s a sandbox game, but hatehatehatehate the gender issues surrounding it and its largely cis-ish male community. I hate having to to go to such lengths to find a female skin I like while there’s tons of variety for male-as-the-default skins. I hate that MC server hosts will take a stance against racism and homophobia in their chats yet stop dead short of objecting to sexism and transphobia (learn to take a joke, you skank bitch c*** whore!). I hate the recent conversations about MC as an education which completely ignores the gender issues in the MC community and with gaming in general. But on the flipside, building things in MC is really good therapy for alleviating my depression and when I do get to play MC on PC I got myself a growing stable of prudy horseys. *hearts*

    I only learned about Banished about a week ago and I had to get. I loved the old Settlers game and this reminded me so much of that. I really like, have been playing it like crazy, but I find it challenging in ways I wasn’t expecting. I just got a town close to 900 citizens only to have the food production collapse and I wasn’t able to save my popuation becuase ofhow the gae is designed and doesný let you tell your citizens to ove closer to their work if you change their job. So I was having my dwindling population starving to death just from walking from one end of my spawling town to the other just to get to work and then back home. I do loath the “males wear pants and females wear skirts” nonsense but it’s a lesser annoyance. It does get pretty repetitive as sim games like this do, but if you like sim game you know how to cope wiith that.

    I do miss Skyrim but I haven’t found a RPG that I want to play in its place. I haven’t heard many good things about the Elder Scrolls Online. A lot of what I’ve heard sound like gamers who didn’t like that they couldn’t resume the same style of gameplay they had come to expct from TES singleplayer player games and I suspect I’d have a very similar reaction.

  3. jaqbuncad says:

    Child of Light! It’s fantastic; I’ve played a little nearly every day since it came available and haven’t stopped enjoying myself. Love how many ladies are in it – at least half, if not better – and how beautiful it is.

    • Dejadrew says:

      Oooooh, er, how strenuous is the combat and platforming? I have the hand eye coordination of a drunken slug, sadly, so platformers and the twitchier RPGs are usually off the table for me. But but but… this one is so PRETTYYYYYYY….

  4. Doug S. says:

    Recently I have done little but lose at Magic Online and grind in Brave Frontier and Marvel Puzzle Quest. (Spider-Man is ridiculously overpowered.)

  5. Kimiko says:

    I’m still playing Sorcery Saga (Vita). Nothing new happened really, except passing the 100 dungeon trips mark. There are quests for each dungeon tasking you to complete it 15 times. That takes a while for a 13-floor dungeon, but 23+ floors.. :/

    • marco says:

      How diverse are the dungeons in this game? I don’t own a Vita, but I really want to play this game and Gravity Rush/Daze, but I’m not sure what I’d be getting into. >u<;

  6. Dejadrew says:

    Just finished playing The Blackwell Epiphany. BAWWWWWWWWWWW WHYYYYYYYYYYYYY *sob sob sob*. Ahem. It was good, but I’m kinda conflicted by the ending. It did give me feels, but I’m not sure I approve of how.

    I’ve started my Pokemon Journey in Pokemon Pearl. It’s my first ever Pokemon game, so I’m a little confused about how some things work. Is there any reason to catch extra pokemon of a species once you’ve already caught one? I keep getting attacked by Bidoofs and Starlies in the long grass and I don’t know if I should keep any of them once I already have one of each.

    Squinting at my collection and trying to decide what to play next. I’m in a visual novel mood, I think… I just bought The Royal Trap, and I’m also waffling over buying a route in the iOS game In Your Arms Tonight. Plus there’s still a bunch of routes unexplored in Katawa Shoujo and Cinders… gahhh. CURSE MY GAME HOARDING TENDENCIES.

    • Alex says:

      Yay, welcome to Pokemon!

      Generally, there’s no real reason to catch more than one of each kind, but there are a couple situations where you might want to. If it’s a pokemon you really want for your team, you can catch a few of them and then choose the one with the best stats to raise (but this isn’t usually necessary, only bother if you really care about having the best stats). Also, some pokemon can evolve different ways (such as Eevee), so in that case you would want to get multiples so that you can get each evolution for your Pokedex (but there aren’t many of these out there).

  7. Lassarina says:

    Still working my way through Bravely Default; I’m in chapter 8 and working on the very last sidequest which is kicking me all up one side and down the other, but I am still completely in love with this game, as the 100+ hour game clock attests.

    I’ve fallen down a crafting/gathering hole in FF14 and have completely failed to progress my battle class past 32, because I am far too busy MAKING THINGS.

    I tried out Aralon: Sword and Shadow HD on the iPad this afternoon and was generally unimpressed; it wants to be a Generic Open-World Western-Style Action RPG and did nothing to make itself look cool and different in the first twenty minutes, and my tolerance for that is pretty low these days. (Also, not my subgenre of choice.)

    I also picked up FF6 for iOS, which I’ve played at least fifteen times on various other systems, and am busy being really confused by the battle controls in this version. They are very different. We’ll see if I get used to them.

    • marco says:

      We are relentless in our playing of Bravely Default. I played a strong majority of the game up through chapter 4, but my hubby started playing more recently (at first to help with a couple of bosses, but now he’s addicted too). We are having a blast with just mastering jobs and buying the extra outfits right now. Also, theories. Just throwing around theories for basically everything.


      At the moment, we’re in chapter five and about to release/awaken the earth crystal again and finished all of the bosses, but we’re wondering how this will go a few more times. We knew the repeat/boss rush was coming and our friend got to it in his game just before we did and made it sound so horrible, but I’m actually enjoying this! I am wondering if more begins to change between the worlds though? Or is this something that can be altered by how one plays?

      Glad so see someone else sticking with it though~!

      It’s just such a wonderful game. As of now, there are a couple of things I wish it had done on a story/commentary level a bit differently, but otherwise, I love it.

  8. marco says:

    Lets see. . . we’re pretty much only playing Bravely Default. I still didn’t get to pick up Kirby sadly, but now I kind of want Disney Magical World as well.

    We’re in chapter 5 of BD, have mastered a few classes between different characters and are just money and job grinding for fun right now. Also progressing through the story pretty well, but at a leisurely pace compared to before. We’re playing in hard move, but I feel like the difficulty curve took a break; which is a huge relief to me, because the game was really taking it out of me for a moment though (I love a long, strategic battle, but not to be tormented by them).

    As for anime. . . we really aren’t watching much this season. We’re following Jojo (very mixed about it right now, especially since my manga knowledge on it is low), we will get to Mushishi because that’s a given and we’re still sticking with Aikatsu!. I am eagerly awaiting Summer though, for Sailor Moon, Free! and Barakamon. ♥

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