What Are You Playing Wednesday

Mario Kart 8 with Princess Peach on a dirt bike.

Mario Kart 8 with Princess Peach on a dirt bike.

Happy Wednesday everyone!

  • What games are you playing this week?
  • Would you recommend those games to other Border House readers?
  • What games have you ranting?
  • Are any of those games listed ones that you want to see covered on the site?

I have not been playing anything recently. Work has been really busy and I just haven’t had a lot of free time. But, Mario Kart 8 arrived today so I am looking forward to trying that out with some friends.

What have you been playing?

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6 Responses to What Are You Playing Wednesday

  1. Ian says:

    I’ve been obsessed with unreal world recently. I literally can’t put it down which is a problem I haven’t had in years.

  2. Llamaentity says:

    Mario vs. Donkey Kong (GBA), Guild Wars 2 (PC), and Wildstar (PC).

    Doing festival stuff in GW2, almost have enough achievements to get my infinite dolyak potion!

    Wildstar is a pretty typical MMO so far, minus several features I’ve come to appreciate in other modern MMOs (such as megaservers, shared options between characters, not needing to hit several different keys for various extremely similar “interact” actions, and more~), but I haven’t played a ton yet. The queues are still pretty bad for some servers, so I made characters on random servers. Also, most of the character designs are obnoxious :P Have several friends playing, though (albeit all on separate servers, ugh), so I’ll give it more time and see if I start growing fond of it!

  3. Chris Hill says:

    Being – as I am frequently – behind the times on my games, I’m currently playing through Skyrim for the first time. I’d struggled to get into Obsidian, but I’m enjoying this one so far – though it’s very easy to end up wandering out of areas suitable to your level. I’m trying to work my way through the ‘Companion’ quests at the moment and – as seems to be pretty normal from what I’ve read – I’ve not done much of the ‘main’ quest yet (I’ve one dragon ‘shout’ that I keep forgetting to use!)

    Is it childish of me that one of the most entertaining things about it are the graphical glitches (opening prison doors and watching the body of the prisoner fly out, walking into the common room of the Companions house and seeing every physics object ping around the room)?

  4. Kimiko says:

    Sorcery Saga (Vita) is becoming a bit of a slogfest.

    In order to complete the item list, you have to rank up each weapon or shield four times. Which takes about 40 floors on average. There are 30 swords and 30 staffs (also 30 shields, but you can do those concurrently with the others), which means 60×40=2400 floors. I’m through just over half of that. Finishing the bonus dungeon (256 floors) will be a breeze compared to this.

    I’m still determined to reach platinum though, so expect me to have this same response to WAYPW for several more weeks..

    Anyway, last week I learned of an RPG Maker game called Windswept Destiny (Windows), which stars Michiru and Haruka from Sailor Moon. Time to dust off the old Wine installation, methinks :)

    And Laquidara is playing .hack//Infection (PS2) this week, watching which has me back in .hack// fangirl mode now. It’s like playing a part in the anime ^_^ I’ll definitely look into PS2 emulation when I have the time.

    • marco says:

      I never heard of that game before. Seeing it makes me disappointed that there aren’t more Sailor Moon fangames (and hope that with Crystal, they’ll start a new generation of games).

  5. Merrypetal says:

    Beat Child of Light and loved it. The world was beautiful, and wonderfully immersive. The turn based timed combat was fun and always balanced in its mix of challenges, interesting gemstone crafting for upgrades, a fairly large group of allies to assist you through battles and the cutest companion in the form of a little light orb – who plays his part during battle and dark caves, or hard to reach loot. I just started Max: The Curse of Brotherhood, but I am missing Aurora and her stoic determination and winged traversal of her ethereal world. Playing Max is fun and the puzzles are good, but I’m a terrible jumper in side scrolling platformers so have had some frustrating moments in timed challenges. When I get grumpy with Max … there is always Peggle 2 and rainbows!

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