What Are You Playing Wednesday

Rock Pikmin. They look like black stones.

Rock Pikmin. They look like black stones.

It is mid-week already!

  • What games are you playing this week?
  • Would you recommend those games to other Border House readers?
  • What games have you ranting?
  • Are any of those games listed ones that you want to see covered on the site?

The only game I played this week is Pikmin 3. It is just a delight to play. The graphics are wonderful and the game play itself is always enjoyable.

What have you been playing?

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5 Responses to What Are You Playing Wednesday

  1. Doug S. says:

    I found a copy of Flower, Sun, and Rain at my local GameStop for three dollars, so I bought it. It’s every bit as infuriating as I’ve heard it’s supposed to be, which makes it a nice change from games that are too easy. (The infamous Water Temple was the only part of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time that I particularly liked…)

  2. Chris Hill says:

    Still Skyrim and will be for some time yet I suspect!

  3. Kimiko says:

    Yep, still playing Sorcery Saga (Vita). Although I haven’t made much progress this week.

  4. Been playing a lot of Dawngate, Waystone’s beta MOBA being published by EA and really enjoying it. Fair amount of ARAM’s in LOL and the odd browser game on Kongregate.

  5. Roz Clarke says:

    I’m still persisting with The Elder Scrolls: Online despite a certain quest-weariness creeping in. I’m countering that with the beta of Spacebase DF-9 (http://www.spacebasedf9.com/); still buggy, but lots of fun.

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