Dragon Age Inquisiton – E3 Coverage

Dragon Age Inquisition concept art featuring a broken bridge.

Dragon Age Inquisition concept art featuring a broken bridge.

The following is a write-up on the Twitch & IGN interviews from E3 2014 regarding Dragon Age Inquisition, by guest author Meli Landry. The demo video and interview can be found here and here.

Author bio: Meli Landry is a writer and game enthusiast. She believes that the art of storytelling, regardless of medium, should be all-inclusive. Her work can be found on her website or on Twitter.


The Demo

  • Qunari FemQuiz in action!
  • Condensed version of what is playing in the booth at E3.
  • Set in the Hinderlands.
  • Totally badass.


  • We’ve been promised LOTS of dragons, which is very appropriate. Personally, I always thought it was odd that Dragon Age only featured a few.
  • Will be reactive to the game environment, as opposed to remaining static. If you’re attacking a dragon on one side and someone is on the other side doing damage, it will acknowledge what’s going on and respond accordingly.
  • Actions will reflect damage taken, so if a leg is wounded, the dragon will be limping. If tail is cut off (or whatever, I’m thinking big here), it will then be a mad dragon who stomps around sans tail.
  • Will certainly kick your butt whenever it can. Because dragons are awesome, you see.
  • Not confirmed if Journey’s “Separate Ways” will start blasting every time a high dragon comes your way. It should, though.

The Inquisitor

  • Seen as a “Joan of Arc” figure, a real inspiration for others. (Concerning, since being Joan of Arc didn’t end well for her.)
  • Goal is to not only build up armies and lead the Inquisition, but to inspire courage and confidence in all.
  • The Inquisition’s reputation pretty much rests on your shoulders.
  • Specifically mentioned that the Inquisitor is special in that (s)he is the only person who has the ability to close the fade rifts. (The video is worth viewing if for nothing more than to see the fade hand in action.)


  • Demons are pouring out of fade rifts, “which represents a fundamental disability in the world.”
  • “Bigger than all of DAO in terms of square footage.”
  • The “massive [amount] of space is the big difference.”
  • Will be able to travel throughout not only Orlais, but Ferelden.
  • Areas of Ferelden that we’ve been to before, such as Redcliffe, have been completely rebuilt for the Frostbite engine. So fresh, so seriously clean.
  • The world, as well as the bad guys within it, changes based on where you’re at in the game. For example, if you’re currently battling mages, you can expect mages to be fighting you despite where you are. If it’s Red Templars, you could expect them to pop up in those same places.


  • Not only will your bad guys apparently seek you out wherever you are, but they won’t necessarily change in strength to match your level. It sounds like it’ll be similar to games like World of Warcraft in that respect. If you’re in a field of level 1 bunnies, they’ll still be level 1 bunnies at the end of the game. And you’re a bastard if you’re still killing them.
  • Battles will be smoother, faster, and more responsive.
  • “No ten minute casting times” was a specific guarantee.  There was a passing mention that spells might have limits of how many times you can use them, though.
  • Can switch characters as needed and easier than before.
  • Zoom in and out of combat as needed — which, by the way, looked so smooth in the demo.
  • The focus ability was specifically mentioned. Teamwork & group combat becomes more tactical and allows for strategic wounding of your foe, such as focusing on the legs of the dragon to disable it. You could always focus on a specific enemy, but the ability to focus on a certain part of said foe is completely new.


  • Not much was said specifically about mounts, but Qunari FemQuiz is riding a massive horse. Was that a Clydesdale?
  • Confirmed that we will be able to “collect a whole selection of mounts and choose as you wish.” Personally, I just want a unicorn. Just one, guys. Come on.

And last, but certainly not least:

  • DHMG IS NO LONGER. That is, unless you’d like to follow us in calling him “Dorian, Handsome Moustache Guy.” You’re so welcome.
  • Dorian was officially called as such and Mike clarified that he is “from the Tevinter Imperium… Member of the Magisterium.” According to Mike, Dorian has joined the Inquisition to change his ways. D’aww. We can go ahead and assume that he’s a companion, since we got to see him in action and know that he was part of an ending scene involving Leliana, FemQuiz, and the Iron Bull. Is he a love interest? Dunno, but with a moustache and voice like that, he better be.

Dragon Age Inquisition is the property of BioWare & EA, not I. Information contained in this write-up was gathered from the IGN/E3 Interview on 06/10/14.


This post was originally seen on Meli’s website.

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    I’m interested in those mounts. Something about that visual reminded me of Skyrim (in the best of ways). It just made me want to explore the world.

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