DRAGON AGE™: INQUISITION Gameplay Series — E3 Demo & Transcription, Part One

Below is the accompanying transcript for Mike Laidlaw’s commentary.
Ambient dialogue is present, but is not included.

“Hey everybody. Thank you so much for checking out our post E3 video. My name is Mike Laidlaw. I’m the Creative Director for Dragon Age: Inquisition. And today we’re going to show you how our mix of exploration, real-time and tactical combat, and BioWare’s award-winning storytelling are going to come together into one unforgettable experience.

While we showcased any number of combinations at E3, for this demo we wanted to go with the fan favorite and play the female Qunari mage.

Inquisition is the biggest Dragon Age game. In fact this area that you see here, and you can go virtually anywhere that you can see in this landscape, is larger than any playspace in Dragon Age: Origins. And it’s not the only one. Inquisition is built of a series of multiple regions, allowing you to travel from blistering deserts to demon-infested swamps over the course of your adventures.

[Inquisitor encounter with apostate]
This location, as you just heard, is struggling as the mages and Templars are vying for control. And every location that you visit is part of the larger story and is a space you can impact with your actions. Rather than just tell you that the mage and Templar conflict is a threat, we wanted to make sure that you were a part of it.

[Inquisitor battle with massive bear, party appears]
With Inquisition, we wanted to go beyond random encounters and instead, we built the World Master System – one that ensures the nearest population is directly influenced by you and how you choose to play. Hunt all the bears in a region for their hide, perhaps for a new suit of armor, and their numbers will dwindle. Similarly, spread your Inquisition to a region and you’ll see your troops patrolling the roads and signs of their presence. Inquisition is one of the most dynamic RPGs you will ever play.

[Inquisitor pauses, view from a cliff of the land below – Redcliffe]
Our goal today is to bring the war between the mages and Templars to an end and our first step on that journey is to reach the village of Redcliffe. As you saw from the encounters happening below, where the mages and Templars are actively fighting, in order to reach that location we’re going to have to get our hands dirty.

Now, Dragon Age always puts you in the role of a leader. And at all times, you’re in a command of a team that you’ve assembled and outfitted yourself. The enemies you encounter in the world are also working as a team, using their abilities and environment in intelligent ways to pose challenges. Up here you’ll see a simple example as the mages throw down glyphs to deny us areas, forcing us to attack from different directions.

[Inquisitor & team face fight mages]
Combat in Inquisition pits your abilities against your foes and so we can take a closer look at what’s happening here using our tactical view. The Templar defender has a massive tower shield, preventing us from attacking the front. And you’ll notice that our characters respond to how the battle is playing out – a ranged character staying at the back – and at any time we can switch to any memer of our party to take direct control.

[Inquisitor battles presumably Red Templars]
Here you can see why we want to bring this conflict to an end. The battles between the group sare tearing this area apart. In Inquisition, you must be the leader of leaders. Iron Bull, who you see in our party, is a commander of his own mercenary company. Vivienne was the First Enchanter of the Circle of Magi, and every member of your party shares this kind of influence and expertise. Inquisition also includes our largest cast of characters to date, including returning characters from previous Dragon Age titles. All of them have come together to join our cause, the Inquisition.

[Inquisitor enters Redcliffe village and summons her mount]
Throughout the game you’ll be spreading your influence across the world, setting up new camps to point troops and fortifying strongholds. And as we make our way onto one now, you’ll see that to travel these massive spaces, Inquisition has introduced mounts for the first time in a Dragon Age game.
In addition to the Ferelden Bay we have here, there are numerous exotic mounts also available for you to acquire, collect, and ride across the land.

[Inquisitor rides into the village, can hear ambient dialogue from mount]
In Inquisition, your party members have their own goals, aspirations, and will often pause while exploring to share them with you or with each other.
Redcliffe is acting as a staging ground for my forces, with the mage and Templar war spiraling we’ve realized that to bring it to an end, we need to infiltrate here: Redcliffe Castle, a mage stronghold.

[Opens area map]
Exploration zones such as this one are filled with opportunities to grow and influence the power of the Inquisition. We’ll travel to a previously explored camp to pursue one of those now. Of course, we know there’s a sincere threat ahead, so it’s a chance for us to nerd out a bit as we dig into the inventory and look at the weapons and armor of our party.

[Inventory screen opened]
Here we’ll switch down with the Iron Bull and grab that battlemaster mail we looted earlier while we were exploring. This changes his appearance and of course, if you don’t want to use just looted armour, you do have extensive crafting materials to choose from.

[Ability screen opened]
In Inquisition, every character fills a unique role. As you build your unique strategy, you’ll have over 200 abilities, spells, and upgrades to choose from in order to give every character in your party their own unique role and style of fighting.

[Inquisitor and party fight dragons]
While the little ones go down easily enough, the High Dragon is the apex predator of the Dragon Age world. In Inquisition, the dragons are so large that we’ve changed the way you target them – individually attacking their limbs and their tails in order to bring them down. If you can inflict enough damage, you’ll be able to change the flow of the fight.

[Inquisitor and party fight high dragon]
Rather than mana or stamina, a spell like Haste uses Focus, a resource built up only through teamwork. Focus abilities are incredibly powerful, allowing us to wound this dragon’s leg and bring it down. But in order to use them, you have to build them up over time, making them very strategic in how you deploy them in each fight.

[Continuation of dragon fight, ending with the repair of a bridge leading back into Redcliffe Village]
Inquisition is the biggest Dragon Age game we’ve created and represents the next generation of BioWare RPGs. With a massive world dynamically and re-actively populated based on your decisions, massive cast of legends, an Inquisition for you to lead, and a variety of tools in which to destroy your foes, including tactical and real-time combat. This is the Dragon Age game we’ve always wanted to make.

Thank you so much for checking it out.”

Dragon Age: Inquisition is property of BioWare. DAI will be released October 7th, 2014.

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