Game Industry Women to Know: 2010

Morgan “Rhoulette” Romine, Frag Dolls Team Captain, has compiled a list of 50 games industry women to know. The list is pretty well-rounded and includes women involved in all sorts of professions from game design to community management. The great thing about this list is that each entry gives you a brief synopsis of why folks should keep an eye on these talented women. There are a lot of high profile, famous women on the list, and many lesser known, but no less awesome women.

In the post, Romine described the impetus for writing it:

Since I’ve been wanting to do this kind of piece for a while, I figured there would be no better time to give props to some of the most badass women from around the video game industry. The second factoring motivation was a recent encounter I had with a Top 50 People in the Game Industry list that had ZERO women on it. ZERO!!! And it was a list in a major game industry magazine!!! I am still baffled. In the midst of my initial shock, I could name at least a dozen women off the top of my head who would vie for a spot on any Game Industry Top 50 list, so it’s impossible for me to comprehend how the compilers of that particular list did not manage to think of a single one.

Further on in the post, Romine mentions the games industry’s “Boy’s Club Mentality” and her hopes that, by raising the visibility of these women, it will, in a small way, help move the industry beyond this mentality. She acknowledges that there are way more than 50 women working in the industry or working in games academia, but that every single woman on the list is worth mentioning and knowing. Romine also acknowledges the limitations of this list, as constrained by her own knowledge. As such, the list is constrained mostly to North American women. It’s great to see women being spotlighted for their accomplishments and talents, to give these women the recognition they deserve, and to raise awareness of their achievements.


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One Response to Game Industry Women to Know: 2010

  1. Jayle Enn says:

    Thinking about it, I’d be hard-pressed to name more than a handful of people in the industry or related disciplines. Most of mine are from the ages of the C-64 and early PC gaming, when there often would be only one developer or a very hands-on producer.

    I do recognize most of the companies that Romine mentions at least.

    Jade Raymond I remember mostly because of a misogynistic comic that went around shortly after Assassin’s Creed hit the shelves. Though I’m not a fan of Ubisoft as a company, I think it’s awesome that she’s made her way to head up a studio– and one that’s up here in Canada as well. :)

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