BioWare Adds Women’s Sizes to Online Store

Many women gamers are in a pickle when it comes to wearing branded apparel of their favourite games. The majority of times, licensed clothing is not available in women’s sizes, and whilst men’s t-shirts can fit many women, a lot of women prefer the cut of clothing that is specifically targeted to women. I would like to purchase more gamer clothing, but men’s sizes simply don’t work for me, for the most part.

Female models (neck down to waist) wearing shirts from BioWare games.

Female models (neck down to waist) wearing shirts from BioWare games.

Dragon Age and Mass Effect fans looking for women’s sizes can rejoice, as BioWare have announced that, due to popular demand, they will soon be stocking shirts sized for women in their online store. A closer look at the BioWare store indicates that only a few designs will be available in women’s sizes, which is unfortunate as I’d totally rock the Olive Dragon Age Griffon Tee if it were actually available in my size. Another thing I noticed is that women’s sized t-shirts are the same price as men’s sized t-shirts, which is nice. I’m used to having to pay more for a woman’s version of a t-shirt design offered in men’s sizes. Having said that, the price of their t-shirts are a little high, in my opinion. Sizes for women range from Small to Extra Extra Large. It’s notable that they provide women’s sizes in Extra Large and Extra Extra Large, because more often than not, when a gamer shirt does come in women’s sizes, they don’t offer a full range of sizes beyond Large.

You can pre-order your shirt at the BioWare store and they’ll start shipping on March 2.


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11 Responses to BioWare Adds Women’s Sizes to Online Store

  1. Twyst says:

    I bought an N7 one in black, yes i did.

  2. Lake Desire says:

    I used to get geeky shirts in men’s sizes when I was younger, especially at Hot Topic, but I got tired of looking like I was going to the gym whenever I wore them. Fitted tees let me wear a t-shirt to school or work without feeling like a scrub. Unfortunately I think all my geek tees are still in mens sizing so I never wear them. (I’ve had better luck getting political shirts in women’s sizes, although ironically all my feminist t-shirts only came in men’s sizes!!)

    I’m glad they carry XL and XXL. I guess the assumption usually is that if you’re a big woman, you must want men’s shirts, but obviously that isn’t true.

  3. tossca says:

    Funny that you posted this because I was just looking at gaming T-shirts yesterday. I was just browsing and became frustrated when a lot of sites had a huge variety of men’s shirts with different slogans and funny comments and then the women’s shirts were basically “my boyfriend plays videogames.”

    I eventually gave up.

  4. Brinstar says:

    I have too many geeky shirts in men’s sizes that I rarely wear because I just don’t like how they look on me anymore. I used to just buy them in men’s sizes because otherwise I’d never be able to wear any geeky apparel. But these days I’d rather just go without them altogether if they don’t carry women’s sizes.

    • Alex says:

      Me too. I have reconned a few men’s shirts, but often I never get around to it and end up just wearing them to sleep in.

      I don’t really get why they’re called “Juniors”? ><; Are they for teenagers? Though it’s much better than calling them “babydoll” tees…

  5. Denis Farr says:

    Of note to some will be how the marketing (via Facebook) has advertised the Cerberus shirts:

    “Hate aliens? Know that humans are THE dominant race in the galaxy? Then you need to wear Cerberus gear. All new Cerberus T-shirts and hats are available in the BioWare store… Humanity First.”

    Not a shirt I could wear in good conscience.

    • thefremen says:

      Yeah it actually sounds more like they’re selling WH40k Merch. “willing to die for The Emperor of Man? Ready to kill all xenos and heretics?…”.

  6. TheUrdnotWrex says:

    I shall buy a dragonage shirt. I relate with Sten very much

  7. Gunthera1 says:

    I am very happy to see them offering women’s sizes! Good job Bioware.

    The one thing I would like to still see is more than just the juniors fitted tees style for women. Not every tee shirt for a female must be ultra snug/fitted.

  8. thefremen says:

    I don’t usually get creeped out by the flying torso technique of modeling t-shirts, but it’s really weird how the neck us cut off and there’s a bit of white space above the neck. Srsly it freaked me out.

  9. Jayle Enn says:

    I’m just stunned that they’re offering them in such a range of sizes.

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