Game Covers Women Want to See

Back in ye olde days of the feminist gamer blogosphere, there emerged a meme. A meme which asked women gamers to give examples of game box art that makes them think, “I want to play that”. This question was originally posed at Yudhishthira’s Dice (blog now seems to be defunct), and tekanji maintained a list of blogs participating in this meme. Since tekanji has somewhat retired her own blog and probably hasn’t the time to maintain a list, I’ve decided to resurrect this meme here on The Border House. If you come across particularly cool videogame box art that makes you want to play the game, please participate in this series of posts! If you don’t have a blog, you can write a guest post at The Border House. For instructions on how to submit a guest post, check the contribution page.

First, a couple administrative details:

  • I will link to all particpating blogs in this post, which you are currently reading.
  • Any submitted link that goes against the spirit of the meme will not be posted.
  • Please read the meme rules carefully.

Now, here’s how it goes…

Game Covers Women Want to See

Ladies, what RPG covers (or interiors) have you seen that involve a woman in the art that make you say, “I want to play that” or, just as good “I want to play her.” Or that make you feel like it is a game you could like, or be included in by a group of guys you’d never met and whose maturity you didn’t necessarily know?
Rules of the meme, by tekanji:
  1. Copy the text of the original challenge from Yudhishthira’s Dice and give a proper link attribution.
  2. Copy these rules exactly (including any links).
  3. Find images of game covers (interiors are okay, too) that make you want to play the game. Any kind of game — video game, card game, tabletop RPG, etc — is fine. Post them and include a short (or long) explanation on why the image makes/made you want to play the game.
  4. The original challenge is about finding out what women think about how game art is marketed and therefore it is targeted at women. I’d like to keep it that way, please.
  5. You can tag as many or as few people as you want. You do not need to be tagged to participate in the meme.
  6. When you make your post, please post the link on this thread so we can all see what others have said.
Particpating Posts

17 thoughts on “Game Covers Women Want to See”

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  2. Nice post, I wish there were more great ones like these here. Melissa Benson’s art would sit well with me, her depiction of women and fantasy are strong and balanced.

    1. Talk about disappointed… Who the heck would want to play a Sakura Wars game with a protagonist other than Sakura??!

  3. I participated in this meme at my blog here

    I notice that under “participating posts” you have the new ones (those linked in this discussion). I am wondering whether it is possible to also include the ones tekanji linked originally? I realize it is only one-click away, but as a comprehensive resource, it might be nice to build on the old posts. I don’t know, perhaps this would be a big bother and require asking permission of the original posters? But if it is not too much trouble, it could be nice.

    Thanks for the idea! It was fun!

    1. Wow, Bakka! You really made a comprehensive list! :) Good stuff! I’ve added your post to the list above.

      I like your suggestion. I’m out of town right now, but when I get back home, I’ll get started on that.

      1. It’s not really MY blog or anything Pirate Joe is a friend and former roommate who live in St. Louis now and has a radio show through the college. He has the blog to go with it and asked me recently to write some stuff for it. I thought that it would be a good opportunity to get out word about the meme, the Border House name, and be all opinionated all at once. What’s not to love?!
        If I post anything that I think would go well on Border House I’ll talk to you guys about cross posting it if you want.

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