What tale will you create for your Prince or Princess?

A medieval style castle.

EA recently announced a new title coming to the Sims line-up : The Sims Medieval. Not much has been revealed about the game. We do know that there will be quests and many possible roles to play: kings, queens, blacksmiths, and wizards are among the ones listed so far. Many stories or games involving medieval times focus on the notion of a daring prince going out to rescue a damsel in distress or a beautiful princess. But The Sims has always allowed players to create their own stories in their virtual worlds. Will we see some self rescuing princesses in the new game, similar to the Paper Bag Princess children’s book? Will we be able to have a Princess fall in love with and marry another Princess?

The Sims franchise has a long standing tradition of allowing same-sex relationships in their games. The Sims original game allowed for same sex couples back in 2000. They could fall in love and live together happily (or unhappily depending how you wanted to play the game). The original game did not allow for same-sex marriage, but in 2004 The Sims 2 took a step in the right direction with “Joint Unions” of gay couples in game. In 2009, The Sims 3 was released and gay couples in the game were given the same right as the heterosexual couples and were allowed to marry. So a question remains: Will The Sims Medieval take a step back in time and remove same sex couples or it will it retrofit future rights to the time of castles and blacksmiths and allow love and marriage for same sex couples in the game? It will be very interesting to read more news about this game as it gets closer to release. Personally, I look forward to a marriage between two Princesses.

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6 Responses to What tale will you create for your Prince or Princess?

  1. Erika says:

    Yahoo! I’m pretty hooked into the Sims 3 scene, but this is the first time I’ve heard of Medieval. Thanks!

    I am 100% positive that not only will princesses be able to marry princesses, but that princes will be able to marry princes. And that princesses will be able to rescue helpless trapped princes (or princesses, as they prefer). Because that is why I love this franchise so much; they wouldn’t change it! Otherwise they would risk my wrath. And they wouldn’t want that. No one would.

    My current crusade is to convince EA that clothing should no longer have the gender tag. As it stands, male Sims only have access to the “male” wardrobe and vice versa.

    I was so excited when gay Sims could get properly married, let’s keep that momentum going!

  2. Annie says:

    When I was a little girl, and way into being a princess, I decided I would rather marry another princess, because boys were gross, and I didn’t want to get bumped off the throne by some king just because of being a girl. When I told my mom, she explained that “They were even less cool about that sort of thing back in medieval times. About the best you could do was pull an Elizabeth I”. If The Sims: Medieval does this right, I can live my dream!

  3. lilmiss says:

    i certainly hope so! prince/prince and princess/princess marriages would be cute :)

    cute knight kingdom lets the female pc have a happy ending with the princess but you still can’t actually marry her.. :(

  4. Mantheos says:

    I’d like to see a warrior princess rescue a prince. How often do you see that? The prince doesn’t have to be a wimp either. He can be a pretty strong prince who gets betrayed and/or dogpiled by a swarm of enemies and taken away in chains. Even strong people can get captured. It’d be really cool to break the stereotypes and have the princess do the quest to rescue her love. Thoughts?

  5. Gunthera1 says:

    @Mantheos The brave Princess rescuing the Prince is a very similar idea to the Paperbag Princess book I linked in the post. I definitely like the idea of brave and strong people needing rescue sometimes as well. It is just another way to add diversity to games. And, in the end, isn’t that all we want? We just need more diversity in our stories and games. Stereotypes are not only bad but in our stories they are also BORING.

  6. Thefremen says:

    There is a caveat here: I read a preview in print where it said you have to do missions as lower castes to unlock Knights/Lords/Ladies/Princesses/Queens/etc which doesn’t make it deviate from the Sims formula too much, you usually spend the beginning of the game with very few resources.

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