A guide to gay characters in World of Warcraft

Disclaimer: There are no confirmed cases of gay characters by the World of Warcraft developers.  Most of these are either Belligerent Sexual Tension, wishful thinking, or a little bit of both.  Regardless, it’s fun to imagine that Azeroth isn’t completely heteronormative.

Hearthsinger Forresten

It isn’t just because he’s a bard (though we all know that they tend to be rather fluid along the Kinsey Scale), but this rare level 57 elite mob in Stratholme drops quite the festive gear.  Not only is he decked out in a rather flamboyant outfit, those who kill him can obtain a Rainbow Girdle, Woolies of the Prancing Minstrel, or of course, the Piccolo of the Flaming Fire (which when used, causes all characters nearby to erupt in spontaneous dancing). He might be the most obvious example, mostly because he embodies most gay stereotypes.  Someone even found him obvious enough to create a fake gay MySpace for him.



Sentinel Sweetspring

Sentinel Sweetspring is the stablemaster at Star’s Rest in Dragonblight, and she has a thing for the ladies.  Or at least, one lady in particular.  The following dialog shows her interest in Sentinel Amberline, who doesn’t seem to return the affection.

“Sentinel Sweetspring grins at Sentinel Amberline across the camp, waggling her long eyebrows suggestively.

Sentinel Amberline huffs with annoyance, glaring briefly at Sentinel Sweetspring before turning away with her nose in the air.”

I know I would be turned on by a Night Elf waggling her epic eyebrows at me, but maybe I just have a thing for members of the Sentinel Army.

Kinelory and Quae


These two ladies are the most obvious lesbian couple in World of Warcraft.  While the game never directly comes out and says it, the questline Hints of a New Plaguedoes suggest that these two are more than just friends.  The goal of the quest is to “protect Kinelory until she returns to Quae”.  Check out some dialog:


“So, Phin sent you to check on us? Not surprised–he worries too much. We’ve been watching the farm for days, and Kin claims she saw a courier come out of that small house to the south not long ago. She talks a lot, but I can always trust her senses when we’re in dangerous areas.”

“I hope Kin wasn’t too much of a handful down there. She’s very friendly, but can be just as deadly when you’re her enemy. ”


“I bet Quae’ll think this is important. She’s pretty knowledgeable about these things–no expert, but knowledgeable.”

“We made it! Quae, we made it! ”

Some people have reported that the developers did state at one point that these two were a lesbian couple per canon lore, but this quote cannot be found.  Either way, these two are bonded for life, and they are very uncomfortable when separated.  One of the cutest couples in WoW!

Skyguard Khatie

Skyguard Khatie is an adorable little gnome in Blade’s Edge Mountains who offers up the Wrangle More Aether Rays!daily quest.  She tends to be very fond of whomever is doing the quest, regardless of their gender.  She might be the only bisexual character in WoW.  At one point, she’ll even ask you to take her to dinner, even if your character is female.”I hope you don’t think I’m a stalker or anything like that, [name].

I mean, I know that you’re real famous within the Skyguard now, and well… I’m sure that you wouldn’t want to hang out with a lowly peon like me.

But, if you ever want to get together to just hang out, or even wrangle some more rays, drop by anytime! I’ll be here!

I miss you…”

Or the following:

“You know, <name>, it’s such an honor to work with you! When you’re not out busy wrangling, maybe we could go out some place for dinner?”

It’s hard to not have a crush on Khatie.

Asric and Jadaar

Oh, these two.  If you haven’t heard of this couple then you haven’t been playing enough WoW.  These two partners were originally in the Cantrips & Crows tavern in the Underbelly of Dalaran, before moving to the Argent Tournament Grounds in Icecrown.  They are the very definition of an old married (or domestically partnered, depending on Azeroth’s laws) couple, these two have been bickering for years.  Their affectionate bickering could only be of a gay couple, and don’t you argue with me!”Jadaar says: Remind me again why I tolerate your company, Asric.

Asric smirks wryly.

Asric says: I have decades of practice handling blowhards like yourself, and I’m the only one you know here in this abominably freezing land.”


Jadaar says: Look at us, elf. Look at us. Unemployed, destitute, and drinking swill from an establishment in the sewers named after a carrion bird!

Asric says: Disgusting, I agree.

Jadaar says: And above it all, I somehow find myself saddled with you, the very man who caused me to lose my job in the first place!

Asric says: That was your doing, not mine, windbag. I found myself unemployed due to my unfortunate association with your failure.

Jadaar says: My failure?! MY FAILURE?! It was your incompetence that landed us here, you insufferable prat!

Asric rolls his eyes.

Asric says: Come off it, Jadaar. That’s all I’ve heard out of you for months. No matter what happened, the point is that we’re free agents now! No longer tied to politics or duties, able to roam where we will!

Jadaar says: Penniless and away from what we know in the middle of the frozen, undead-infested northland.

Asric says: Perhaps, but with the opportunity to make names for ourselves! Think of the reception you’d have in Shattrath as the savior of Azeroth, slayer of the Scourge!

Jadaar says: Eh.. perhaps, after another drink.

Read more of their conversations if you’re not convinced.  Hopefully these two will stick around in Cataclysm.

Honorable Mentions: Koltira and Thassarian (link NSFW)

So commenters, what say you?  Who are we missing on this list?


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7 Responses to A guide to gay characters in World of Warcraft

  1. thefremen says:

    I really had no idea about any of these.

  2. Gunthera1 says:

    If only these characters where specifically written as LGBTQ instead of us just hoping that is part of their story then I would be much happier. Being straight is absolutely fine when used to describe a character, so lets hope Blizzard one day sees gay or bisexual as similarly acceptable.

  3. Tilt says:

    Asric & Jadaar actually first appeared in TBC, investigating Griftah—with each patch, their dialogue changed and the “story” advanced. Their WOTLK events take place after the embarrassing failure of the investigation.

  4. Jayle Enn says:

    Kinelory and Quae are so obviously a couple! I always get a happy feeling when I help them out, especially now that there’s never Horde hiding nearby in the hopes of griefing and ganking me. They’re awesome.

    I never knew about Sentinel Sweetspring, but I have to feel sorry for Sentinel Amberline. While I’d be flattered to receive that sort of suggestively fluttering attention from a tall, strong Sentinel, for her it must be like enduring the same wolf-whistle from the same construction worker over the tens of thousands of times that script has fired. Sweetspring should feel fortunate that Elven Resources hasn’t called yet.

    Asric and Jadaar struck me as more ‘buddy cop’ in theme… at first. After a long while spent fishing in the sewers (no giant rats for me, alas), I found their tone becoming clearer. Every time I drop by, I have to listen until they get distracted while trading playful insults.

    For my own observation, I submit Rina Moonspring, located in the southern Blade’s Edge Mountains. After performing some quests for her, she admits to your character (regardless of expressed gender) that: “With all that you’ve done for us already, I must say that I’m beginning to grow very fond of your company. Take care, {Character Name}.”

  5. Maverynthia says:

    Honestly I don’t like these kinds of things. Pushing characters into a homosexual couple when there are only bare threads to connect them.

    Why I don’t like this is the fact that it’s hard enough to have a man or woman admit certain emotions towards someone, just because they are friends with them, without being tagged as “gay”.
    So here we have the pointing out of certain traits and going “They are SO GAY for each other!!11″ Which is a warning flag to people NOT to act this way or you’ll be labeled. Thus, the manly macho violent male is born, because if he even takes a hinting interest in the welfare of his best friend he’ll be labeled gay.

    It basically others the behavior towards people and makes it ABnormal, which simply then cries that this behavior is abnormal and thus being gay/lesbian is abnormal. If people point this out as a good friendship, then this behavior becomes normal and thus isn’t abnormal when people are doing it, which would help to alleviate this kind of behavior as being seen as wrong and thus gay and thus gay equaling abnormal.

    I hope my thoughts are coming across clear. It just bothers me when two women or men hug each other or express feelings of concern past “are you breathing” and them being shouted at as the pinnacle of what gay/lesbian should be as it’s basically saying “Your not normal doing that stuff.”

  6. Cuppycake says:


    I understand where you are coming from, but I honestly think it comes down to this – heteronormativity. When you’re a straight person, you identify with virtually every character (because they’re all straight until proven otherwise). Queer people want to have characters to identify with too! Therefore, we all search for identifiable characteristics that might lead to a character being queer.

    In a perfect world, a guide to gay characters would have NPCs that are guaranteed, 100%, confirmed queer by the developers. Unfortunately, we don’t have this luxury…so we can only hope to pick up on hints in order to find some evidence that there are queer characters in the game.

  7. ellen says:

    I’m amused / embarrassed that my main reaction to this article is “Oh no! It’s been months since I’ve been up to say hi to Khatie—I miss you too, sweetie.” (Yes, I am a huge Wow nerd.)

    I always liked to think that Helene Peltskinner and Adele Fielder (Skinning & Leatherworking trainers sharing a house in Elwynn forest) were a couple. On the other hand, maybe that just says something about the relative scarcity of female NPCs in WoW that two women together is notable :-/

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