Beyond Good & Evil HD!

The fantastic news that Beyond Good and Evil will be released in HD (in 2011) hit the internets today.  Kirk Hamilton of Gamer Melodico got a bit of a hands-on at the Ubisoft’s Digital Day press event.  Being the excitable woman I am, I tweeted about my excitement, and my intention to buy.

Jade, the main character of Beyond Good & Evil, confronts a monster that towers above her.

My guess is that Ubi is trying to get the IP out there, and in the public’s mind, before they proceed to throw more resources at Beyond Good & Evil 2 (if you have followed the news on this title, there have been many rumors that it has been cancelled, but Ubi states that it is currently in development by a small team).

The original game had an ill-timed release and was a commercial failure, however it was adored by critics, and this is it’s second chance people!


Up until last year, Beyond Good & Evil was one of those games that I had always meant to play.  It has an awesome leading lady who always makes the “Top Ten Awesome Videogame Women” lists, who is a POC, who has a story that isn’t all about a dude, I had just never taken the time.  Eventually, through IRIS it was decided a bunch of us would play — and I could not believe I had spent so much of my life not having played that game.  It is really wonderful, and,  to be mushy, it is special.

Ubi must be tired of having people ask them about Beyond Good & Evil, and having people tell them that a sequel will make money.  Let’s show them that they have a hit on their hands!


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17 Responses to Beyond Good & Evil HD!

  1. Gunthera1 says:

    I already have this game for the PS2 but I will be buying the HD remake. I want Ubisoft to know that people think this game is wonderful and they NEED to make more similarly strong female protagonists.

  2. Thefremen says:

    I played so little of this game when it first came out, the amount cannot be observed by the naked eye. I’ll be getting this.

  3. 12Sided says:

    There was much squeeeing when I heard this news. I have the PS2 version but I’m going to buy this as well X3

  4. Laurentius says:

    Beyond Good & Evil was awesome game and probably would make into my personal top 5 of all time if not one terrible fault: so spare save points if not this I would have kept this game on my HDD till today.

  5. Brinstar says:

    I have the GameCube version, but I’d get the PS3 version, too.

  6. Shy says:

    I would absolutely buy this again. I’m looking forward to co-gaming this with my boyfriend. Such an amazing game.

  7. Cinnabar says:

    This calls for… A crazy dance of infinite joy!!!! *dances crazily in infinite joy* XD

  8. Maverynthia says:

    Awww, a pity it’s only on the two systems I refuse to buy :(

    Have they confirmed that BGaE2 will have the same protagonist? I get the feeling they might have duded it out.

  9. Twyst says:

    In the trailer for BG&E2, you see Jade and Peij

  10. Twyst says:

    Ancel has said that he planned the game as a trilogy, and given the stuff you find out about Jade in the first game, i assume they are all about her.

  11. Alex says:

    It’s also pretty obviously Jade in the leaked gameplay footage from a while ago:

  12. Maverynthia says:

    @Twyst&Alex Good to know :3 I’ll keep my eye on it and see if I can’t graba copy for the PC or something.

  13. Denis Farr says:

    I have the PC version, but not a fan of the controls (very, very poor port), so would gladly purchase this on the PSN again.

  14. Laurentius says:

    I reinstalled my PC version and it seems that with reasonable modern gaming PC you can put resolution and graphics that can match announced PS3 version, controls are a bit awkward but after all this years game still looks quite pretty. Unfortunately my biggest concern with BG&E remains, save points are I ridiculously spare which require far more time devoted to play in one sitting then usual modern games and more then I’ve got these days…Still I will try to finish it again, collecting all pearls and taking all photos this time :P

  15. Twyst says:

    The point i was making here was that if the PS3 version sells well, that will encourage Ubi to release/continue dev on the BG&E2.

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