Muse introduces her musings!

Muse Carmona, my Second Life avatar: a pink neko with leopard skin, dressed in a ripped punk hot pink shirt and tutu, black bodysuit, and oversized light pink legwarmers, with oversized wings, seated on the ground, looking pensive

Muse Carmona, my Second Life avatar

Hi! I’m Katherine  / Muse. I’m a 27 year old disabled, white, cis female gender/queer high femme who feels ambivalent about using all these labels.  For most of my life I’ve been a Northern migrant doing online and offline community work in the gorgeously special dirty South (for the last four years in the unique culture of Atlanta), which deeply inflects how I think about things.

My current “day job” is developing web-based educational materials at the Center for Assistive Technology & Environmental Access to teach university faculty how to make their courses more accessible to people with disabilities.  In my copious spare time, I am community liaison for GimpGirl, an online community for women with disabilities, I work with the virtual world development firm The Vesuvius Group, and I go to grad school at Georgia Tech’s Digital Media Program.  I’m also really passionate about my work with the community arts & activism organization Alternate Roots. Within Second Life, I’m active with the activism organization for nonprofits Nonprofit Commons. My research is about disability & accessibility in virtual worlds.  And I twitter.

I currently spend most of my playing time in Second Life and have avatars in a wide range of other virtual worlds (, Metaplace, Open Sim).  Guild Wars is my favorite MMO ever!  I also enjoy single player adventure games/RPGs (like the Spiderweb Software games and Diablo), though I don’t have much time for them these days. I expect to be posting short news about issues in virtual worlds and social media, especially disability issues.  I’m also very interested in social activism in virtual worlds & social media more generally and plan to post about that too.  I’m really excited to participate in this project and feel honored to be in the company of so many awesome feminist gamers!

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