Deirdra’s Obligatory Welcome Post

Me, circa June 2009.

Me, circa June 2009.

Devastatingly witty greetings to you, dear readers of the newly minted Border House! My name is Deirdra and I design and develop video games. I will also be one of your friendly neighbourhood contributors to this here blog, which I look forward to, seeing as it’s run by extremely awesome people. Maybe if I stick around long enough, the collective awesomeness of everyone here will rub off on me a little bit. We can only hope…

Anyway, apparently, I’m supposed to tell you a little bit about myself. I’m a mid-twenties female-bodied human being of mixed race, born in the Canadian prairies and currently residing in Vancouver, BC. Several of my childhood experiences, as documented in this short Flash game, taught me that I was a failure at belonging to the dominant culture in which I was raised, which eventually led me to adopt an identity as an outsider; bearing that in mind, my interest in feminism, anti-racism, and other anti-oppression work is very much a personal one. The fact that people are allowed to be marginalised and silenced in our society for what to me are extremely trivial reasons completely boggles my mind… and yet it happens all the time, all around us, to the extent that many of us are conditioned to not even notice it exists.

Me, as I appear in my faux-pretentious indie game, "Des Rêves Élastiques Avec Mille Insectes Nommés Georges"

Me, as I appear in my faux-pretentious indie game, "Des Rêves Élastiques Avec Mille Insectes Nommés Georges"

As for my gamer cred… since I am, of course, a member of the generation that was born around the same time as the NES, I’ve been playing video games for as long as I’ve been able to push buttons. (Much to the detriment of my older cousins, whom I have vague memories of annoying by yanking away the controller and mashing to my heart’s content whilst causing the on-screen avatar to die a horrible death.) Most of my gaming was done on the PC, because my parents wouldn’t let me have a console, so I cut my teeth on shareware games such as Commander Keen and Wacky Wheels, and edutainment titles of the likes of  Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?

Of course, it was when I discovered LucasArts adventure games — particularly Full Throttle, Day of the Tentacle, Grim Fandango, and the Monkey Island series — that I had an uncontrollable urge to someday grow up to write games that were every bit as creative, imaginative, and witty as they were. Several years of schooling and tinkering around with tool sets later, I’ve gotten to the point that I can make a living doing so. Of course, in those intervening years, the game industry, shall we say… changed a little bit, to the point that the kinds of games that made me want to get into this business in the first place ceased to be thought of as commercially viable by the industry, and that bland, ultra-violent testosterone fests were where all the money was at. As such, I put much of my hope and energy into the “indie” side of the industry, both in terms of my day job and the personal projects I undertake in my spare time — and this, as you may have guessed, is where I will be focussing the bulk of my posts to this site.

Hopefully this is enough of an infodump to give you a sense of who I am and what I do; if you’d like to know more, there’s a website for that. Until then, I bid you all adieu, and look forward to what becomes of this interesting new space!

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4 Responses to Deirdra’s Obligatory Welcome Post

  1. Cuppycake says:

    Welcome Deirdra! I’m super excited to read your posts – you’re a fantastic addition.

    Also, your mention of Commander Keen was a gigantic blast from the past. That was one of my FAVORITE series’ when I was younger. So great!

  2. Brinstar says:

    Woo! It’s Deirdra! We’re happy you could join us on the blog!

  3. Alex says:

    Deirdra! Welcome, welcome, thanks for joining~!

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