IGN’s 2010 Gamer Girl Gift Guide recommends gifts to please men

I should have known that it wasn’t worth clicking and reading this article, because any headline with the phrase “Gamer Girl” tends to be problematic to some extent.  Today’s IGN 2010 Gamer Girl Gift Guide recommends a list of holiday gift ideas that they think every girl gamer would want.  At one point in the list they even say that one of the gifts is “a little for her and a lot for you”.  That’s some good advice right there guys, make sure to buy the gamer girl in your life a present that actually benefits you instead of her.  She’ll love that.

The list is all stereotypical items that we’ve all seen before.  It’s everything from pink XBox 360 contollers, plushies, babydoll t-shirts, and pink DSi’s.  All women love pink, they all love bearing their midriffs and fawning over ‘cute’ stuffed animals.  Don’t you know that?

Even more annoying than the list of items, is how they chose to spice up the article with pictures.  Each item recommendation is accompanied by a picture of a half named female model, posing with the suggested gift.

A brunette model poses in a black bra, frilly skirt, and Minnie Mouse ears, holding a Wiimote and connecting paintbrush chuk for the Wii.

Enter: the first ever Gamer Girl Gift Guide, where we make suggestions that are sure to please the geeky gamer on your list… or win over (through sheer force of cuteness and awesomeness) any lady who is teetering on the edge of fandom.

We know it’s hard picking gifts and can even be boring when all you’re doing is looking at product shots… so we decided to spice it up by inviting our favorite Babeology models to help showcase them. Goodwill toward men is what we’re all about.

They’re not even disguising the fact that this guide isn’t meant to serve as a legitimate gift guide to make a man’s girlfriend happy.  It’s a guide with gifts that should help him motivate your girlfriend to stay playing games (because having a gamer girlfriend makes a guy SO LUCKY), get him laid, show his girlfriend’s body off, and they’ve illustrated it with scantily clad women.  There isn’t even a single GAME on the list.  It’s all cutesy accessories and t-shirts, none of which would actually satiate the gamer in me.

My personal Christmas list would be a lot less sexist.  It would contain Kinect, a DSi in any color other than pink, a new computer chair, a second monitor, one of those adorable WoW mini-pets that Blizzard are selling, a new mousepad with more wrist support, and perhaps a few more PC games.  There’s nothing wrong with wanting plushies and cute accessories, but it’s obvious that this article picked out items that their models would look good posing with.

All of the commentary in this article is written with a male audience in mind.  There is no mention that perhaps a woman would want to be buying a ‘gamer girl’ a present.  It’s not inclusive to other relationship options, it’s completely heterocentric.  Once again, a guide written by a man for men and about women – and it’s missed the mark as usual.

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10 Responses to IGN’s 2010 Gamer Girl Gift Guide recommends gifts to please men

  1. Bel says:

    IDEK what to say to this one other than “Motherfuckers.”

  2. rho says:

    So much that is wrong with that, I don’t even know where to start. I think that if I were any of the models in the photos, what I’d really be wanting as a gift the most would be a nice warm sweater.

  3. Chris says:

    I hate IGN. Past that, I have nothing constructive to say at all.

    If they were really going for the “hey, couples!” sort of angle, couldn’t they have just listed 5 games with solid multiplayer so you could chill together during the holidays or whatever?

  4. Lake Desire says:

    My boyfriend got me a pink Xbox controller for Christmas last year. I was impressed he even knew what system I had.

  5. Christa says:

    Personally, when I game in scantily clothing it’s probably laundry day and my hair is in a bun, granny panties are in full force and in an old triathlon race shirt. maybe with some last night makeup crusties on my face.

    -Loyal ps girl

  6. Some of the product suggestions aren’t too bad, the Alienware laptop, those headphones (drool!!!), and if I still had a safe place for them, the plushies. But the pictures. I go to a lot of online adult toy stores (tmi, sorry) and the pictures aren’t nearly as exploitative. The one you feature here gave me entirely the wrong idea about what was in her hand. Some of this is downright infantilizing, I mean good on you if a transforming backpack is your deal, but recommending it for any woman is kind of out there.

    All of the clothing related suggestions assume that the recipient would fit into straight sizes, and probably small straight sizes at that. Most of the retailers for geek shirts don’t do plus sizes beyond a small 1X for women, and no petites at all. I hate that assumption that all gamer women are hot and thin, and the rest of us don’t exist or don’t count.

    The saddest thing about the article is that it assumes we female gamers don’t have wishlists. I had to prune my Steam wishlist back to six items this year, I tell everyone I know how much I lust after a DS (blue!) and the Rune Factory games, and if my SO doesn’t know I want a USB controller for my computer, he’s not paying attention. I guess that’s really the problem, these lists are for people who don’t pay attention.

  7. JenJenRobot says:

    I look forward to IGN’s Gamer Boy Gift Guide, which I assume will be using the cast of 300 as models grinding their leather pants against blue joypads.

  8. foxy says:

    This doesn’t surprise me. I’ve worked with IGN as an advertising partner before, and their entire shtick is “we have the largest audience of 18-24 males on the Internet.” That’s the only demographic they’re interested in.

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  10. Schala says:

    “I hate that assumption that all gamer women are hot and thin, and the rest of us don’t exist or don’t count.”

    The assumption is usually the reverse: That thin and hot women don’t play games (at least seriously), that women who play games (seriously) are “losers” like the guys are apparently thought to be (it’s unlikely to be all losers as well, but it’s a stereotype).

    I usually ignore those assumptions whenever they’re made.

    The ads seem to be aimed at young men, telling them that some non-gamer girl could be attracted to play with them, if only she had a pink controller. It’s hardly aimed at gamer girls who already play a lot.

    In other words: fail.

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