Last 24 hours on The Humble Indie Bundle!

We don’t normally give endorsements at The Border House, but this deal is super cool. And, we probably should have mentioned it at the start of the deal, but there’s still some time left. Machninarium is one of my games of the year, Braid is an old classic and if you donate enough, you get last year’s bundle too, including World of Goo.

Machinarium promo picture of two robots holding hands.

The Humble Indie Bundle is a ton of great, DLC-free indie games for as much as you want to pay (really!) and they donate some of the money to the EFF and Child’s Play – you can even give it all to charity if you like. What’s not to like?

About kimadactyl

Kim has been involved in genderqueer activism since 2003 or so when they finally found there were other weirdos like them. In the last few years they have been thinking a lot about race, disability and gender from the perspective of privilege (being themselves white, middle class and well educated). As a gamer it didn't take long to start getting really upset about the blatant and unapologetic homophobia, sexism, transphobia and racism in gaming. Kim is studying for a PhD in acoustic aspects of gender identity, and runs various Queer events in Manchester, England. Kim is also a website developer, working with Drupal; you can see their slightly out of date portfolio at, or follow them on twitter as @kimadactl.
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14 Responses to Last 24 hours on The Humble Indie Bundle!

  1. Cinnabar says:

    Woohoo! I’ve already played World of Goo and Machinarium (bummed off a friend) and they ROCK!

    I’m glad I can give a little to charity and support these great games, but converting from my currency turns a small $ value into a big amount for me so I feel kinda bad that I can’t give as much as I would like.

  2. Alex says:

    Thanks for the heads-up on this! I picked up the last bundle and haven’t gotten around to playing any of the games yet, so I was going to pass on this one. But when you pointed out it contains Machinarium, I changed my mind. So pretty~

  3. Maverynthia says:

    @Alex I was surprised that they gave away the first bundle too. I really wanted Aquaria and was bummed when I couldn’t get the bundle as I loved World of Goo too. :3

    Aquaria is a very nice Metroidvania style game, and this time with a strong woman as the lead rather than some whiny whip slingers.

  4. I got this and started playing some of them; though I became quickly frustrated at how many of them were “rescue your girlfriend” type plots.

    I’ll have to try Aquaria next.

  5. Cinnabar says:

    @Emily(x3): The one thing that left a slightly sour taste for me was that Machinarium turned into something like that. I thought the little robot was non-gendered at first and I loved that. Then it turns out there’s a hugely pinkified lady robot trapped in a tower – *cooking* for the villains – that you have to rescue at some point. =\

  6. Yup, that’s about what I was thinking. ._.

    Though it did look like the “cooking” was more that she was locked in the kitchen with a chefs hat, but that hardly addresses the main problem.

    …I have resolved that the next time I try to make an adventure game, the plot will be that _you_ are the princess in the tower, and you will _rescue yourself_.

  7. Laurentius says:

    Aquaria is lovley and so is World of Goo.

  8. Kimadactyl says:

    It’s funny you say that @EmilyEmilyEmily. When I played it I didn’t even notice the gender of the robots – probably helped by the fact I’m colour blind and didn’t even pick up on the fact the robot to be rescued is pink! I quite liked the way it dealt with the jailbreak thing. I think I always thought of the main robot as a girl actually, probably something to do with it’s nature.

    But yeah. Hmm. The pinkness trope especially is really, really, boring.

  9. I didn’t notice the pink either, actually; I’m also colorblind. I did notice the gendering though, obviously. …I’m not entirely sure what made me notice it, though. Body shape or something?

    Anyway, it frustrated me; especially because if I’m forced to play a male character I get the same sort of angst as if I’m forced to be male in real life. >.> Or it breaks my ability to identify with the character, or both.

  10. Cinnabar says:

    Now that I think back to it, even I’m not sure exactly what tipped me off that it was a girl robot but I remember that it struck me SO DAMN HARD when I first saw her, it broke my immersion. I even forced myself not to think about it and go back to believing they were all genderless, but it just kept hitting me over and over. Maybe if I get time, I’ll play it again and try to deconstruct it further, see if it happens again or if I was mistaken about it.

  11. Kimadactyl says:

    Huh. I think as a genderqueer person I have an amazing ability to make a large range of charactors trans/genderless, without even thinking about it. I can feel an article brewing here – can either or you think of similar examples of gendered/not gendered anthropomorphism? I’m struggling a bit. VVVVVV maybe?

  12. Cuppycake says:

    I got this as a gift from a reader/friend, and I’m greatly enjoying it. World of Goo hits my goofy puzzley spot in my brain, while Machinarium is a work of art. I’m going to have to play more of it tonight. :)

  13. Maverynthia says:

    Well looking at the graphic that The Border House used for the bundle, I’d say it’s pretty gendered for the quota.

    The male is in the lead, dragging the female along by her hand, because you know…. female anything can’t seem to walk by themselves. Can even be sea creatures that SWIM along. I’ve seen this for robots, cats, dragons and a few other animals that the male thing is always the one leading while the female thing is the one being dragged. Ico is one of the games that came to mind where man drags woman.

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