We interrupt your scheduled video game commentary for …

A photo of an opened door with light streaming out from inside. In the top right corner is the word "Geasa".

Hey folks,

I just thought I throw out a plug for my new tabletop RPG called Geasa.

Geasa is a game where you play people trying to achieve their dreams, and the Faeries that get in the way.  It’s a fun, co-operative and competitive storytelling game where you build your world as you build your characters.  It’s GMless, which means that each player has an opportunity to play a part in everyone else’s scenes.

The game is also released under a BY-SA Creative Commons License, which means that people can modify the rules and even publish them as long as the rule changes stay available for everyone to use.

I’m rather proud of the response it’s been getting and so I’ll toss up some links here if people want to find it.

The Free PDF can be found Drivethrurpg and Indie Press Revolution and if you feel like picking up the full version Drivethru and IPR both sell the full PDF.  If you’re interested in the book itself you can pre-order it from IPR as well.

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Jonathan is straight cis-white male parent who does his best to make sure the laundry's done every day, but usually fails miserably at it. He does the Border House's Casual Fridays, as well as any other review stuff that he gets his hand on. He also writes, and blogs about table top games as Firestorm Ink and The Gamish Designer.
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  1. Ooooo this looks interesting; I’ll have to check it out.

  2. Jayle Enn says:

    Ooh. This looks right up my (dark) alley (that leads to London Below).

  3. Alex says:

    Congrats, koipond! And thanks for letting us know about this!

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