Across the Divide – 12/29/2010

Here are the latest interesting links from the web, pruned for your reading enjoyment.

Diversity is Not the Problem, YOU ARE!! (Ars Marginal) – “When cis straight white fans demand certain storylines or better characters or what have you, they’re lauded and praised as being outspoken, passionate and devoted fans. Yet when LGBTQs and fans of color simply ask for better representation (or any representation for that matter) and to have our stories explored, suddenly we’re being entitled, uppity, unreasonable, too sensitive.”

Peach and Zelda Are Just “8-Bit Hoes” in New Music Video (VGChartz) – “While it’s very wrong to call a real woman a “ho,” there’s no reason it can’t be funny in a geeky context when referring to fictional video game characters, right?  Digital sexism isn’t real sexism!  I guess.” (Editor’s Note: Actually, yes it is.)

Project LovePlus On 3DS Has A “Boyfriend Lock” (Siliconera) – “The Nintendo 3DS has a camera. Two of them, in fact. One on the inner face and one facing outward. Project LovePlus for Nintendo 3DS uses the inner-facing camera to recognize your face and make sure your virtual girlfriend stays loyal to you.”

Resetting Accessibility in Games (Gamasutra) – “Most of us take these everyday technologies for granted as advances meant for the general public, but they’re sterling examples of the phenomena that when we improve circumstances for the disabled, everyone benefits.”

Dragon Age 2 Updates & Same-Sex Romances ( – “Advocating that nobody should be able to have content you don’t intend to personally use is largely pointless– outside of a vague notion that such efforts should go towards other things, instead. Personally, it’s not a lot of effort to include them. The resources we can devote to a minority of players isn’t great, but I imagine to those players it’s quite worth it… and I would hope that some folks could be sensitive enough to be happy for those players, at the very least out of the selfish notion that they may one day end up in the minority of some content issue and receive the same consideration if nothing else.”

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  1. Maverynthia says:

    The Siliconera link seems to be pointing back to the Borderhouse.

    That said.. where’s my Boyfriend simulator with Girlfriend lock :|

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