O Hai!

The lolcat says "Oh hai!"

No, I wasn't about to do anything...why do you ask?

Oh, hai!  I’m Jadelyn, a 24-year-old bisexual white ciswoman.  My collection of identities includes feminist, Witch, polyamorous, progressive, queer activist, trans ally, fat-positive/HAES advocate, anti-racism ally, anti-ableism ally, and probably a few others I’m forgetting.  Oh, and also gamer, of course.

These days I’m unemployed, living with my (male) fiance Ozzmodious, trying to finish my degree in Linguistics at UC Santa Cruz.  The rest of the time I’m reading fantasy, blogging over at my home blog, WitchWords, writing fiction, making jewelry, Tweeting, and gaming.

A female Mesmer character from Guild Wars

No, I DON'T play MMOs. Guild Wars is the one exception.

As far as gaming goes, I’m a semi-casual gamer, mostly into console gaming.  I started out with Red Faction 2 for the PS2, playing against my brother every day after school when I was a teenager, then migrating over to the Xbox when I moved out and had to get my own console.  These days, I’m a fan of the 360, although I also play Warhammer 40K, Shadowrun, D&D, and Warlord, and I have some friends trying to pull me into Magic.  I don’t like MMOs much, and refuse to play WoW as a matter of principle.  I’m currently replaying Mirror’s Edge for the nth time, since we got a used copy for Ozz’s PS3 while we wait for me to find work so I can buy a 360 – say what you will about the thinness of the plot, the gameplay is unspeakably fun – and I’m about to start on Prototype, now that Ozz has finished with it.  If I can ever get my shit together enough to start, I’ll be running a Shadowrun campaign long-distance with my family and friends out in Tennessee, and like I mentioned, Ozz and his friends are trying to teach me Magic.  Any suggestions on what kind of deck I should build, please feel free to offer!

Around these parts, I’ll be focusing mainly on the intersection of feminism and gaming, perhaps with some emphasis on queer issues in gaming, simply because that’s what affects me most.  Once I have a job and can afford Gamefly again, I will start posting semi-regular game reviews from a feminist progressive perspective.  Because gods know your average game reviewers don’t think to let you know things like, “There is not one single woman character in this game that is anything more than a one-dimensional sex object with ginormous breasts that the designers spent way too much time on the physics of.”  And for as often as that’s a problem in gaming, you’d think someone would say so once in awhile.

About Jadelyn

I'm a 24-yr-old bisexual white ciswoman, a pagan, a writer/blogger, a feminist, a progressive, and a gamer. My gaming runs to the console with occasional forays into tabletop, and my blogging runs to the feminist/queer activist/religious rights type. My blogging here will focus on the intersection of feminism, queer rights, and gaming culture.
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15 Responses to O Hai!

  1. Alex says:

    Welcome to the blog, Jadelyn! Nice to see another Mirror’s Edge fan =D

  2. Jadelyn says:

    Thank you, Alex! M’sE is my guilty pleasure. But what a pleasure it is!

  3. Brinstar says:

    Hi Jadelyn! Welcome to the blog! And yay for Mirror’s Edge and Guild Wars! I see your character is a Mesmer, the best Profession in the game! :-P

  4. Some dude says:

    You know, I actually do hear about how women in games are all huge-boobed bimbos, and not always from women. I think some of the smarter men are coming around to more realistic female types in games. Just saying.

    • Jadelyn says:

      Indeed – I have seen that, as well, at least among some of my male gamer friends. The tide is changing; the louder we make our voices, the faster that change will go.

    • Alex says:

      When commenting here, please keep in mind that if it’s not about you, then it’s not about you. We are well aware that not ALL men are a certain way, so there is no need to point out that obvious fact.

  5. Gōsuto says:

    I should mention that Guild Wars is not an exception to your “I don’t play MMOs,” statement, as ArenaNet doesn’t classify it as one.

    WoW is like Ravenholm for me, we just don’t go there. Ever.

    Mirror’s Edge is the stuff, despite how under-the-radar and uncared about of a launch and life it’s had.

    40K *thumbs-up* What army/armies do you play?

    • Jadelyn says:

      Re: GW, They can call it what they want, it’s their game, but frankly, if it’s not an MMO I don’t know what else to call it. *shrug* Lol at the WoW comment though. I’ve had friends try to get me into it, but dammit all, if I paid for the game, I’m not going to continue playing in order to continue playing!

      I think M’sE deserves better than it got. It was a whole different style of gameplay than had been seen before, and while it’s got some issues – and a plot thinner than a sheet of tissue paper, lets be honest – it’s really fun.

      I play Sisters of Battle – yes, the “girlfriend army”. But my ex and I took 2 of 3 games at our last tournament where we ran his Grey Knights and my Sisters side-by-side, thankyouverymuch. Yeah, I’m a bit defensive about that whole “girlfriend army” thing… If I had a pic on this computer, I would have proudly displayed my gorgeous crimson-and-gold-schemed Sisters, or my custom-built Saint Celestine. What do you play?

      • Gōsuto says:

        I believe ArenaNet terms it as a Multiplayer Online Cooperative Roleplaying Game (MOCRPG anyone?), or something along those lines. I could have that out of order or something but… *shrugs* I believe Brinstar could confirm that for us. >.>

        I’ve been through the whole, “OMGZ You should play WoWz!” deal more times than I’d care to tell, so I’ve been around that block before as well, unfortunately. Eve Online is the only MMO that’s suckered me into paying monthly to play.

        Thin plot and short content are easy to fix, problematic gameplay is not. DICE nailed the gameplay on the head and has it down for the count, now let’s hope they can flesh out a plot and more content for round two, which is in the works mind you. Mirror’s Edge was originally announced as a trilogy, and DICE has announced Mirror’s Edge 2, saying there will be at least one more game. Hopefully the make it to number three.

        Sisters of Battle: Sometimes more armor is also pretty good (where is that bloody picture?). The inquisition knows how to hold it’s own on the field, even if they are a little too point-heavy. As for armies, I play Tyranids (HIVEMIND! NEEEEEUURRRGGHH!!), Marines and have some Grey Knights stocked (10 terminators and 10 knights) as a supplement. My marines usually suffer unless paired up with an ally, as they desperately need fleshed out in the infantry sector; I have more tanks and heavy weapons than you can shake a very large stick at, however. With Nids, it’s always fun to drown-out and kill a ten-man terminator squad in one round under a flurry of 100+ hormagaunt attacks. I haven’t played against a Sisters army myself, but my bugs run in fear from the Inquisition. We know all too well what Nemesis Force-Weapons and bolters can do.

        • Brinstar says:

          *cough* Ooh, I’ve been called out… While it’s true that ArenaNet identifies Guild Wars as a “Co-operative Online RPG” (CORPG), and Guild Wars lacks many characteristics that most MMOGs have, the majority of people do group it in with MMORPGs.

        • Jadelyn says:

          A second M’sE? A trilogy? W00t! Excuse me while I go shamelessly fangirl about this.

          Back. Ahem. Yeah, Inquisition armies are all kinds of insanely points-heavy. My Celestine alone is 201, without additional wargear. But a 2+/4+ save? The 4+ being Invulnerable? And she zombifies when she dies. Well worth it, imo. But at the tournament, with 1000 points each, my ex and I had about 40 models on the field between us. I’ve never played against ‘nids, but sounds like a hormagaunt swarm would be much similar to an Orc swarm. At a certain point the to-hit doesn’t matter, since you’re throwing bucketfuls of dice anyway. ;-) But that’s what flamers are for, and I’ve got one in every squad plus two Immolator tanks, so I think I’d manage.

          • Gōsuto says:

            Thanks Brinstar. I work more by dictionary/creator’s definitions than the ones general society provides, hence my asking.

            Yup, we are getting at least one more Mirror’s Edge. I was ecstatic when I read the announcement. Such an amazingly fun game deserves a good follow-up or two. It’s a beautiful game to boot, it’s not exactly Crysis, but some of that is for the better. The artistic edge they gave it suits it more than the ultra-realism of Crysis.

            2+/4+ is a load of fun as well. Send 10 Grey Knight terminators rampaging down the field while they shrug off lots of heavy bolter fire and a couple lascannon shots. 1000 point bouts are rough for my marines, and they usually only come out for the 2000+ and Apocalypse matches. When you’re throwing down 500+ points in one terminator squad… While gaunt-swarm is pretty similar to ork-swarm, I’m going to own up to my bias and say gaunt-swarm is better. :) Hacking down over 800 points in terminators with ~500 points in hormagaunts without a single loss in close combat is a lot of fun. You should try rolling 96 dice in one throw some time. X) I’ve never had a successful match against the Inquisition though. I’ve made plenty of mince-meat out of Marines, Eldar and Wraith Guard swarms, but when I face inquisition, it’s usually me being made into the mince-meat, except this time it’s barbecued. We know all too well what flamers can do, and cower in fear until the venom cannons and barbed stranglers do the dirty work. Incinerators are NOT nice to the flesh, and their wielders are too sturdy. Armor is also a big problem as well. :P

  6. oliemoon says:

    I’m looking forward to your reviews! I detest how most reviewers lavish uncritical praise on games that contain seriously problematic elements, as though relentless misogyny (for example) does not or should detract from the quality of the game. The presence of overt homophobia, sexism, racism, fatphobia etc. can make or break a game for me and those are some of the most important factors in my purchasing decisions.

    • Jadelyn says:

      Thanks, Oliemoon! I’ve always wished for reviewers – not only of games, but movies in particular as well – that were reviewing from a perspective closer to my own than that of mainstream culture. I can’t really enjoy things that trade on tired, offensive stereotypes of marginalized groups, and it sucks to buy a game only to realize hey, there’s all KINDS of shit in here that’s going to bother me if I keep playing it. There’s a wasted $40. Yet most reviewers don’t even notice the kinds of things that are deal-breakers for me. So as I said, as soon as I find a job and can afford Gamefly, I’ll be all over that.

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