Friday Fun: Open Thread!

A cartoon of Pac-Man looking at a laptop screen. On it is a depiction of a "social network" showing Pac-Man's latest 'followers': Blue Ghost, Yellow Ghost, Red Ghost. Pac-Man says "Oh, #@*!"

It’s Friday yet again, and it’s time to talk amongst yourselves.  What’s going on this weekend?  Playing anything new and fun?  Doing anything interesting?

For me, I’m going to get some quality Mass Effect 1 time in before it’s off to San Francisco next week.

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34 Responses to Friday Fun: Open Thread!

  1. Lucas says:

    Has anyone played Grotesque Tactics: Evil Heroes? It bills itself has a tribute/parody to JRPGs and fantasy tropes in general. A lot of the dialogue is hilarious, but some not so much. The “not so much” is when it comes to (can you guess?) the female characters. They make the joke that females in such games are minimally dressed, air-headed, jealous weaklings, which does happen a lot in JRPGs and is worthy of derision. Then they make the joke again, and again, and again. And the female characters I’ve seen so far are all wearing rags, TEE-HEEing, and their dialogue comprises nothing but jealousy and adoration for the hunk. I want to yell at the game “we get it!” It’s gotten to the point where it’s not satirizing depictions of women, but repeating and perpetuating the stereotypes. And I’m not that far into the game. Can anyone tell me if this gets any better? Any worthwhile female characters? Should I keep playing?

    • Maverynthia says:

      They make the joke that [b]females[/b] in such games

      It really irks me when people use ‘females’ as a noun when referring to humans.

      But as got Grotesque Tactics, I had looked into getting it during the Steam sale however it seemed to be the typical woefully underdressed JRPG game so I passed it up. Looks like it was good I did.

      • Lucas says:

        What irks you about it? I’d like to know so I can better consider my word choice in the future.

        • EmmyG says:

          It’s sometimes said in a dehumanising way – not people or women but just “females”, like they’re some sort of separate species. The classic example in my mind is from one of the old Star Trek animated series episodes, the one with the Kzinti crossover, where the Kzinti telepath is all “Noooo! Do not make me read the mind of a female!”

          Obviously not everyone who says it means it like that, but it can sound grating.

          • Ohma says:

            The knowledge that that episode exists blew my mind just now. There didn’t even seem to be an excuse for Kzin showing up like quantum bullshit or anyfin’ they just were there!

            i was actually going to mention ferringhi but a mind kerploding cross over from the seventies is way better

  2. KA101 says:

    Ha! good pic.

    I finished getting Sims 2, expansions, mods, and hood cleanup up and operational over the past few days. Now I’m actually going to have to play the game. For some reason, this seems almost as daunting as the mod work.

    At least I’m safe from the game engine bypassing my input, breaking its own rules, or simply going behind my back–all things that take an ordinary plotline in an ordinary game and transform it into The Plot.

    That, and moving some clothes dryers around; perhaps getting a board/card game session in. Fun!

  3. I’ll be continuing with my new Persona 4 file. I hadn’t touched the game since 2009 before I picked it up again a couple of days ago.

    This may or may not be relevant to TBH’s interests: I recently started a little submissions-based blog of my own for collecting technofail anecdotes. The idea is something like Rinkworks’ Computer Stupidities, but without the noob-shaming and use of ableist terms that such blogs/sites tend to have. I couldn’t find a blog like that, so I made one. It’s bare at the moment but submissions are welcome.

  4. EmmyG says:

    Interesting random thing to share: I was just looking at the hit tracker for my blog and noticed that someone had come in on a search for bioware hates women (not putting quotes around it because it wasn’t searched for in-quotes). But the interesting part is that according to the tracker, the search came from a Biwoare IP.

    Someone working there is wandering the internet looking for people saying negative things about their treatment of women. Why, I know not.

    (Not that it matters, but the result on my blog turned up on the search is NOT, in fact, about bioware hating women, it’s just that all three of those terms appear on my blog with enough force for a no-quotes search to grab it.)

  5. Kimiko says:

    I’m still playing Etrian Odyssey III, getting deeper into the third stratum.

    Minor gripe is the game calling my Princess a Prince because the portrait I picked for her is an odd-numbered one. All the other classes have gender-neutral names so it doesn’t matter which portrait you choose (‘Beastking’ was even translated as ‘Wildling’, making it neutral too). It wouldn’t be much of a problem if the portraits were clearly gendered, but the noble bishounen in shining armor matched my image of a warrior princess much better than the wide-eyed girls in dresses.

    The rest of the game is as awesome as ever though :)

  6. I spent like, six hours playing one of the games mentioned in the casual game thread. And as a result completely forget to get the stuff I needed to do today done. The former part is kind of nice, the latter though is ehhhhh >.>

  7. Jayle Enn says:

    I’ve got a pizza that I should cook, and I’ll probably spend the weekend trying to grind the rest of the way up to Rear Admiral in Star Trek: Online. I would like to make two observations:

    1) I have been eating pizza all my life. Even when it is bad, pizza is good.

    2) I have been playing ST:O for a month. Even when it is good, ST:O is pretty goddamn abysmal.

    • muttonchoppe says:

      Yeah, I enjoyed ST:O for about a month and a half, but then I was done with nearly all the content. Like you said, the content also wasn’t all that great.

      I’m most let down by the endgame being all raid-groups and pvp, which is completely different from the rest of the game.

  8. Alex H says:

    The same thing we do every weekend pinky, try to catch up on sleep, wait that’s not right, try to take over the world

  9. I’ve been sucked into playing a “roguelike” game called Desktop Dungeons (which is not truly roguelike but more of a resource management game). It’s quite challenging and really isn’t scratching the itch I have for roguelike gaming, but the developers did release a tile set that makes it look like a roguelike game.

    I also got a build of Angband I haven’t played much yet, and I started MUDding again. I think this is me being a reactionary in the face of gaming going more and more towards consoles that I’ll never be able to afford. On the other hand, I really have been missing text based gaming.

  10. Maverynthia says:

    Trying to decide if I want to use my FFXIV character as the poster Elezen for my Dungeon of Blue blog, or to just fix what CSS I have there. I really need to give the site an art overhaul. I really wanted to go for “old school 3D dungeon crawler” but I might have to modernize it to the Etrian/Class of Heroes style.

  11. Litda says:

    I was also going to hit up some Mass Effect 1 quality time after I finished my business proposal. *stares at paper and sighs*

    • I’m trying to decide whether I should get Mass Effect. Because like, it’s not a game you can play just one installment of, really. And the completely lack of gay in the second is going to be frustrating…

      I’m sort of stuck at the moment.

      (Or I guess, I would be, except I just spent half the money I’d’ve used on getting Mass Effect on some music so either way I’ll have to wait until I get more money probably…)

      • Litda says:

        This comment makes me really miss Star Ocean 2, where you could go on dates with Ashton and Dias Flac.

        Maybe just wait for another Steam sale. I got Mass Effect on steam as a birthday present.

  12. Nezumi says:

    Have any of you seen the “Five out of Five Moms hate Dead Space 2″ advertising campaign? That’s just wonderfully charming on multiple levels. First, there’s the characterization of all mothers as dowdy, disapproving matrons who hate anything violent or scary. Then there’s the fact that it’s an ad for an M-rated series. Anyone to whom “It’ll freak out your Mom” is a selling point shouldn’t be playing it!

  13. Kimadactyl says:

    I just found the Eyemaze games

    these are all amazing!

  14. Nezumi says:

    Trying to think up a proper origin for my Necromancy/Dark Miasma Mastermind for City of Villains (created specifically to go Hero with). I know her powers come from being able to see into and interact with a dark mirror world devoid of life or light, where all the buildings are decaying and the only inhabitants are the dead and undead. My original thought is that she gained the powers in a magical incident that destroyed her eyes, but rather than robbing her of her sight, enhanced it. But: a) Not sure what sort of incident. b) Worried it falls too close to the “Super-Cripple” ableist meme. She is not bind, never was blind, and is not intended to represent blind people… but that seems like it might be a pretty fine distinction to make when she’s lost her eyes either way.

    Not sure what to do… I should probably come up with a somewhat different origin (it still needs to be centered on sight, somehow, though), but I’m drawing a blank as to a good one.

    • If you were worried about sounding too much like a disability superpower, you could have it not destroy her eyes, just change them.

    • Rakaziel says:

      She could also have gained access to this world by prophetic dreams.

      Or maybe she went exploing in the woods as a child and found an old graveyard and cimbed into a crypt and did not get out till she was near death an started to see ghosts, and then one of them told her where the key for those buried alife was and she got out.

  15. Ohma says:

    I’ve gone crazy and migrated my boyfriend and my documents onto separate limited user accounts on our desktop for…security? I guess? @_@

    point is OH GOD WHY is it so hard to grant admin privileges to specific programs in windows

    you’d think that setting up specific programs to run as an admin would be the standard but noooo it’s all some weirdass kludge where you go through the start menu and enter a password every time you want to run a program as though that weren’t defeating the whole purpose of the limited account even more so than just letting me tell the computer that nothing running in DOSBox will ever be a threat to it EVER O_o

    • Matt says:

      I had to read the first paragraph twice before I stopped thinking you were somehow clicking on your boyfriend and dragging/right-click-properties-ing him along with your document files.

      …unless that is somehow the case…

    • First, um, could you possibly find a way to word that first sentence without ableist slurs? Those make some people uncomfortable.

      Secondly typically you need admin privileges to write to the harddrive anywhere outside the personal files of the user; which DOSBox may be doing. I’m not really an expert on this, unfortunately; I’ve been trying to make my new windows computer do what i want it to and it’s being extremely frustrating. ._.

      (And yeah, it does sound like your boyfriend is a file on your computer xD)

      • Ohma says:

        Sorry, didn’t even notice that I’d typed that there. Arg it’s always either misspelled gibberish, part of a sentence I didn’t completely erase, or a whole sentence I didn’t even realize I’d written in because my writing process is bad. D8

        As for the permissions bit, I totally understand why programs on a limited account aren’t allowed to do stuff by default, I just think it’s super frustrating that I can’t allow specific programs to always be allowed to run with admin permissions, regardless of account, in XP (the “solution” I’ve found basically results in us having to log into the admin account to run most games which seems to me like it is way less secure than just letting me tell the computer that certain programs are allowed to run unrestricted period). Even Vista and 7 do this (just with slight variations) and it’s just so…ugh, I mean, if a firewall can be okay with me permanently allowing stuff through it, then why can’t Windows?

        also haa grammar yeah I totally did mean both our docs and stuff, though I would not be surprised if future me contacted me to say that in less than a year I decided to switch back to just using the admin account (err, well, I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that I made that decision, I would be pretty surprised to be contacted by me future self)

        • Well you can tell a program to run as administrator (and you might be able to make a specific shortcut default to running the program as administrator), but that would still require the user having elevation permissions, and I don’t know how you can restrict those to specific apps.

          One significantly more complicated option might be to dual boot, say, linux on the computer, and set it up to run dosbox there. (Because I’m fairly certain you can do that… but I mean, dual booting is confusing, when I tried setting up my genderfriend’s computer to do that it died and we had to reinstall everything.)

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