Across the Divide – 1/27/2011

Forza 3 logo

2010 Accessible Mainstream Game of the Year (AbleGamers): “Forza 3 gives disabled gamers the tools to tailor the game to their particular disability but does so in a way that if you don’t need the accessibility you might never know it’s there.”

MLB 11 includes one-button ‘Association for Disabled Virtual Athletes’ mode (Joystiq): “In the “Association for Disabled Virtual Athletes” mode, AI handles the fielding, and players only have to press one button in order to swing the bat or pitch, allowing gamers who might not be able to throw a baseball to wield a baseball-style Dual Shock with ease.”

DoD gives PTSD help ‘second life’ in virtual reality (U.S. Army): “The Department of Defense launched a computer-based virtual world last week where Soldiers can anonymously learn about the symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and where to get help…..Inside the computer-based program, servicemembers can create an avatar, a cartoon-version of themselves, to navigate through realistic scenarios in Second Life, a virtual-reality video game.”

Video games may not boost teenage obesity after all (NewScientist): “The team found that while video games were used more than the internet and cellphones, none of these activities predicted a child’s weight or BMI.”

A Teenager Tackles Respect For Girl Gamers (Kotaku): “Jessica’s piece, part of a Radio Rookies program at NPR member station WNYC in New York, covers some of the common problems the increasingly large percentage of female gamers face as they delve into the ‘men’s club’ of online gaming and suffer through games featuring over-sexualized female characters.”

Gevlon looks at female bosses in WoW, and Keeva responds: “Mobs are often male by default, unless they have glaringly obvious physical qualities, or are named or announced as female. Basically, to be a male in this game, you just have to exist, and you’ll probably be classed as a “he”, even if you’re a glob of ooze with an impossible-to-pronounce name full of vowels, and no voice or lore to shed any light on the issue. On the other hand, to be recognised as female, you have to be labelled – either with a title, or with curves, or with a feminine voice.”

A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall (Game+Girl=Advance): “Unless some other attractive-but-dim-witted photographer also happened to encounter the fellow on the same night and somehow left Madison’s fingerprints all over the crime scene, because it wasn’t meMy Madison left before it got crazy. Basically the game ignored my actions and forced Madison to go through with something I thought she should never have done. So, I guess player actions matter as little as Madison’s motives.”

Now that’s what I’m talking about: the women of Cataclysm (Alliance edition) (Grimmtooth): “We also were annoyed that women were typically portrayed as victims at worse, or at best, peripheral to the manly men that apparently rule the roost (I won’t judge). It’s telling that most powerful women in the game thus far were either villains, or emotional land mines waiting to explode.”

Feeding Trolls or Feminism and Threats (Squidy Girl): “I would never advocate that people do things that make them feel unsafe. But I would like to say: it’s okay to stand up for yourself and it’s okay to tell the bullies to fuck off. Especially if you can do it with grace and style.”

Why We Need More Women Developers (Elder Game): “Piling up enough lived experience from women gamers is especially important if you want to tap into the woman gamer market because gamer culture sits in a matrix of subtle sexism that can – and does – tend to alienate women. (Yes, even women gamers.)”

Which Console Is Best For First-Person Shooting Racists? (Kotaku): “In order to determine which video game console you should play, you must ask yourself a few questions. Are you a gamer? Do you prefer first-person shooters? Racist or non-racist?”

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7 Responses to Across the Divide – 1/27/2011

  1. Chris says:

    Forza 3 is one of my favorite all time games, so that first article makes me quite happy. It is such an incredibly flexible game, which is surprising considering the genre.

  2. Keely says:

    Don’t read the source comments on “A Teenager Tackles Respect for Girl Gamers” if you value your sanity. Thanks, Kotaku, I now feel ill.

  3. wayne says:

    That isn’t the Forza 3 logo, it’s the Forza 1 logo with the 3 from the Halo 3 logo photoshopped behind it…

  4. Maverynthia says:

    Ugh that Kotaku Teenager article. They chose to use the “Bayonetta’s ass” photo for the top image. It’s like.. THIS.. THIS IS WHAT DOES IT! Maybe that person could do a follow-up and also add it’s the comments AS BELOW, that also alienate gamers… Not that any of the ones commenting care.

  5. Chris says:

    Don’t read Kotaku comments about -anything- for -any- reason.

    It just isn’t worth it.

    • Higanbana says:

      it’s really mind boggling how dense a community can be, some people own their privilege without too much fuss and a bit of decent education, others need to be dragged kicking and screaming away from their ignorance, pitiful. They seem to have the token “one of the guys” women posters too lol. *goes to play taiko no tatsujin*

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