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*Editor’s Note: Two of us were at PAX East and the other was camping in the wilderness, so this one is published a bit late!  Enjoy!*
Welcome to Casual Fridays!  This is your fun Friday post where you get reviews of flash games, mobiles games and anything else that’s quick, and fun around the net.  We’re moving to a bi-weekly format so that I can make sure to get them out in time, but that might mean there’s going to be a few more games on the review table rather than the standard two or three per post.  There are a sea of games out there, we’re hoping to provide you with a life raft to find the games you want to play.

Nothing so far really caught my fancy in new releases in flash games.  However, that just meant it was time for me to clean out my 227 favourites folder.  The games this week are games that have already been out for a while that you might have missed.  They’re also games that I can play for hours on end and not really notice the time slipping away.  With that our games this week are Amorphous +, Elona Shooter and Solipskier.

Amorphous +

Nothing says fun like destroying small blobs of colour as they run about the screen.  Nothing adds to that fun when the blobs fight back.  In Amorphous + you play someone who is cleaning out these blobs, called glooples, and that’s really all the story there is to it.  You, with your trusty Splatmaster 3000, against a hoard of these little creatures that come in a variety of shapes, colours and effects. Casual Fridays - Amorphous + 1

That’s one of the things that really draws me to this game. There are such a wide variety of glooples, and they all do so different things, that I’m never really bored with just watching it.  You’ve got the glooples that will turn into go, into acid.  The ones that jump at you, the cute furry ones with all the teeth.  You’ve got the ones that roll with giant spikes.  The big rock ones.  Even the standard green ones that don’t really do all that much can combine and transform into something that’s far more deadly.  It’s fun, and challenging as you try to navigate all these various glooples.

There are some glooples that while they have negative consequences for you, you need them in order to defeat other glooples.  My favourite examples are the sticky, which turns into goo on the ground which slows you and other glooples down, is needed to make sure you can take out a firey by dousing the flames.  However, if a firey hits an ink spot left by an inky it blows up and destroying anything that’s around it.

There are various challenge levels.  You can have nests of glooples that you have to destroy.  You can choose to just go on a bounty run and fight as many glooples as you can until you die and decide how fast the harder glooples will come at you.  Casual Friday - Armophous +2

Even the deaths are pretty remarkable, if cartoonily violent and when you bite the slime you’re more than interested to see how you’re going to go this time.

Finally the achievement system is full of 110 different awards you can get, and as far as I can remember there isn’t a bad joke in the lot.  They’re fun, amusing and in some cases really hard to do.  Get enough of them and you get keys to unlock rewards for doing so well against the glooples.  I recommend the suits, they help you survive longer.

Totally Arbitrary Number Value: {} {} {} {} {} – Five Glooples knocking you over.


Elona Shooter

Elona shooter is one of those games where you have to fight through hoards of enemies attacking your base.  Unlike a lot of other ones, the creatures that attack you in Elona range from the bezerker rager who runs up when they are almost dead, to some sheep who calmly walk towards you.  It gets ridiculous too with small flies and birds and tanks and armored knights and all sorts of other silliness.  What is less silly is that the creatures that spawn all have different weak points.  That means you can’t just do a standard target to the head thing and hope for the best.  There’s a little bit of puzzle solving there which you don’t really find in a lot of other games like this.

Casual Friday - Elona Shooter 1

You, you defend the castle with your gun and your cast of motley characters.  It’s this interesting combination of the shooter type game mentioned above and an RPG where between days, and waves of enemies, you get to decide how you’re going to improve your character what kind of stuff you want to start shooting.  You can also do other kinda of RPG things like walk about town, have a giant feast, taunt your enemies, gather eggs to raise money.  Really, it’s just  a rather entertaining time.

The difficulty of the game ramps up pretty quickly too, which means that you’re going to have to find strategies that will help you handle the waves faster. You will probably restart this game frequently, I do, just because you’re going to want to try different things.

Totally Arbitrary Number Value: ## ## ## ## ## Five Sheep like creatures coming for your base.


I’m sorry.  I’d have screen captures for this game but it goes too fast for me to do it with the technology that I have! That’s because this game is too fast for my fingers to both play it and get an image of it.  Here you play a skier who is trying to get through various gates to pick up speed. If you make it through a gate, you go faster as long as the rainbow trail behind you keeps going.

I kid you not.  It’s a fun side scrolling game where your goal is to keep your giant rainbow cape behind you going for as long as you can without falling off the bottom of the screen.  The controls are all just click and drag to create the trail that the skier follows.

It’s got a great system of telling you when the gates are coming up.  You never really feel like there are surprise gates that you are going to miss, which will make you slow down something fierce.  Even the places where you need to jump, or the gates you have to avoid don’t come at you so fast that you can’t adjust to them.

It’s just a very well planned out game.  I even love the fact that when you go too fast, you lose your headphones and instead of the game music you get a constant sound of the wind rushing past the character.

Totally Arbitrary Number Value: ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Five Rainbow Capes flowing in the wind behind my skiier’s back.

So that’s this week’s blast from the not too distant past.  With that in mind the question for the weekend is what game do you go back to again and again and again.  It doesn’t matter that you’ve defeated it a million times, you still like playing the game.  It’s like comfort food.  Let us know in the comments below.

Also, if you’ve got a game you’d like to get reviewed for Casual Fridays, or if you’ve got any comments, questions or anything about these reviews just leave a comment below, or email koipond at borderhouseblog dot com

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6 Responses to Casual Fridays – Ahead by a Century

  1. Played Amorphous for a while; was pretty good other than the sound, which started setting of my misophonia.

    Also it turns out playing games is still making me sick. Glahrg.

  2. Matt says:

    Amorphous really needs a “Lost Weekend” warning. D:

  3. Doug S. says:

    I got hooked on Elona Shooter some time back and played it to death. It’s a lot of fun.

  4. Rakaziel says:

    Sounds very interesting, will try them out.

    Two games that I found very enjoyable are Necronator and Infectionator: World Dominator, both from

    • koipond says:

      Urg. Infectionator: World Dominator was one of the first reviews I did. I couldn’t stand the game. If it wasn’t busy being racist, and sexist it was repetitive and boring.

      Necronator is only slightly better in that you have to control some units, but the art doesn’t improve much with the buxom crystal seer thingy between levels. Not very impressed by toge at all.

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