Women in Games to Follow on Twitter

There are so many amazing women doing great things in the video game industry, and we’re not quiet about it!  Here is a roundup of just a FEW of the awesome women game developers that you should be following on Twitter.

Note: I didn’t include anyone who has their tweets protected, and this list is by no means exhaustive.   Please comment with anyone I missed, and I will certainly add them to the official Twitter list (but probably not this post, since it’s hard to edit and easier to add them to the list!)

*The easiest way to follow these women is to follow this list on Twitter*

@Brinstar (Regina Buenaobra) 

Not only is she a co-founder and editor here at The Border House, she’s also a Community Manager for ArenaNet (Guild Wars 2)!

@cuppy (Tami Baribeau) 

This is me! Co-founder/Lead Editor of The Border House, Senior Community Manager for ZipZapPlay, writer for Inside Social Games.

@Domino_EQ2 (Emily Taylor) 

Game Designer at Sony Online Entertainment on Everquest II

@missdoomcookie (Lindsay Morgan Lockhart) 

Game Designer at Trion Worlds on RIFT

@DeirdraKiai (DeirdraKiai) 

Indie Game Developer, Feminist Extraordinaire

@avantgame (Jane McGonigal) 

Game Designer, Author, Humanitarian

@manojalpa (Chelsea Howe) 

Director of Design at Social Chocolate, former designer at Zynga


@bbrathwaite (Brenda Brathwaite) 

COO and Game Designer, Loot Drop (social games)

@laralyn (Laralyn McWilliams) 

Designer, Producer, Creative Director

@PurrfectStorm (Maggie Krohn) 

Game Designer on Sony Online Entertainment’s Planetside NEXT

@PoniesPonies (Kristina Drzaic) 

Narrative designer for Bioshock Infinite

@truffle (Christina Norman) 

Gameplay Designer for Mass Effect games at BioWare

@clarkkaren (Karen Clark) 

Program Manager for Playdom


Community Manager for Massively.com

@mlvalentine (Monica Valentinelli) 

Author, game designer, feminist.

@groby (Rachel Blum) 

Game developer and programmer

@sandechen (Sande Chen) 

Game designer, author, blogger

@mistressmousey (Michelle Larson) 

Game industry recruiter

@annlemay (Ann Lemay) 

Writer at Ubisoft Montreal

@sunpath (Solveig Zarubin) 

Senior Producer at Mindjolt Games

@moarinternets (Jacque Urick) 

Co-founder and CEO of SieEnt. Managing Director of Girls in Tech Minneapolis

@etupper (Liz Tupper) 

Co-founder & COO @SieEnt creating video games for women.

@morriquende (Athena Anderson) 

Community Manager for NYCgameindustry.com

@LivelyIvy (Erin Robinson) 

Indie game developer

@auntiepixelante (Anna Anthropy) 

Indie game developer

@ranarama (Margaret Robinson) 

Development Director at Hide&Seek, game designer

@blademaiden (Tess Treadwell) 

Producer at Obsidian Entertainment

@kathyfung (Kathy Fung) 

Indie game developer

@EntropyInk (Angie Canary) 

Game designer/writer

@EnameledKoi (Kim McAuliffe) 

Game designer at Zipper

@cgouskos (Carrie Gouskos) 

Producer at BioWare Mythic

@NicoleLazzaro (Nicole Lazzaro) 

President of XEODesign, Inc

@gryphoness (Erin Hoffman) 

Game designer, author

@_Danicia_ (Donna Prior) 

Community Manager for Heatwave Interactive, working on Gods & Heroes: Rome Rising

@shellethkin (Shelley M) 

Video game artist

@ghost_girl13 (Megan Sawyer) 

Environment artist at Bethesda Softworks

@rikkusarah (Sarah Wellock) 

Community Manager at Rocksteady Studios

@sera_brennan (Seraphina Brennan) 

Community Specialist at Turbine

@ashelia (Rhea) 

Community Manager at Wowhead

@Ing3nu (Kimberly Unger) 

CEO at Bushi-go, Inc. (mobile gaming startup)

@emshort (Em Short) 

IF guru & gamesmaker, games industry consultant

@christinelove (Christine Love) 

Indie games maker, most notably, created Digital: A Love Story.

@clarafv (Clara Fernandez-Vara) 

Creates games and teaches at GAMBIT Game Lab at MIT

@ChristinaCoffin (Christina Ann Coffin) 

Platform Specialist – Frostbite Engine Coder @ DICE

@bsangel (Jessica Shea) 

Community Manager for 343i

@danacowley (Dana Cowley) 

PR for Epic Games

@mituk (Mitu Khandaker) 

Games PhD researcher, indie developer

@tashascomic (Tasha Harris) 

Lead Animator at Double Fine

@amely (Anne Toole) 

Video game writer

@devilherdue (Nicole Leffel) 

Game designer

@nadiaoxford (Nadia Oxford) 

Video game writer

*The easiest way to follow these women is to follow this list on Twitter*

Who did I miss?  Tell me in the comments!

About Tami Baribeau

Lead Editor and co-founder of The Border House, feminist, gamer, lover of social media, technology, and virtual worlds. Pansexual, equestrian, dog lover, social game studio director and producer. Email me here and follow me on Twitter!
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22 Responses to Women in Games to Follow on Twitter

  1. Hi!

    Feel free to add me :)

    Community Manager at Rocksteady Studios!

  2. moe says:

    Mary Flanagan tiltfactor.org
    Tracy Fullerton traceyfullerton.com
    Katie Salen gamersmob.com

  3. You forgot:

    Jessica Shea @bsangel
    Krystalle Voecks @Krystalle
    Dana Cowley @danacowley
    Shannon Loftis @shannonloftis

    …to name a few!

    Check out my Ladies of Gaming list here for the rest:

  4. DICE’s Christina Coffin (@ChristinaCoffin) is tragically absent. She even won this year’s Women in Games award for Engineering! =)

  5. Well, looks like Twitter just pulled a fast one on me and renamed my list after I made one slight change to the description.

    The new URL is “twitter.com/#!/CrazyKinux/theladies-9″. Use this short URL to quickly get to it: http://bit.ly/evfn5Z

  6. MistressMousey says:

    @kirbybits – Courtney Stanton. :)

  7. kateri says:

    Tragically Missed:

    @emshort – Emily Short, IF guru & gamesmaker, games industry consultant. http://emshort.wordpress.com/

    @christinelove – Christine Love, Indie games maker, most notably, created Digital: A Love Story. http://www.scoutshonour.com/

    @clarafv – Clara Fernandez Vara, creates games and teaches at GAMBIT Game Lab at MIT. http://gambit.mit.edu/credits/index.php#cfernandezvara

  8. You can list me too :)

    Kimberly Unger
    CEO at Bushi-go, Inc. (Mobile gaming startup in San Mateo)
    @Agiliste is where I tweet for the startup
    @Ing3nu is where I tweet for my own fell purposes ;)

  9. Darlene says:

    Calthine and I!

  10. Theresa says:

    You can add me: Theresa Wollenstein @theresa_who .. mainly a producer for kid’s virtual worlds :)

    And Crystin Cox @crystincox – Producer of Maple Story

  11. Belinda Van Sickle
    President/CEO Women in Games International
    14+ year industry vet and founder of GameDocs

  12. Brittany Aubert says:

    Add me, please :)
    I’m a producer at 5TH Cell and I also program indie games

  13. Christy says:

    You can add me! :)

    Christy Sawyer – @aniline
    Lead Artist at Powerhead Games

  14. stephanie says:

    u can add me too!
    GD at Ubisoft Montreal

  15. Lisa Brown says:

    Feel free to throw me on there

    Lisa Brown – @wertle
    Designer at Insomniac Games

  16. Mink says:

    You’ve missed @wonderlandblog & @zoewi out. (Oh and me, I guess @mink_ette)

  17. Khris Brown says:

    Khris Brown
    Creative & Voice Director/ KBA Voice
    20 years of casting, directing & editing voice for games!
    Monkey Island to Brutal Legend

  18. Beth says:

    You can add me as well!

    Elisabeth (Beth) Beinke
    Level Designer currently working with Demiurge Studios

  19. Holly Green says:

    Feel free to add me one and all:

    Holly Green, freelancers, culture editor TheTanooki.com, creator of GamerGrrlz.net and contributor to SpriteStitch.com.

  20. Holly Green says:

    Sorry, forgot: twitter.com/winnersusedrugs

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