Women in Games to Follow on Twitter

There are so many amazing women doing great things in the video game industry, and we’re not quiet about it!  Here is a roundup of just a FEW of the awesome women game developers that you should be following on Twitter.

Note: I didn’t include anyone who has their tweets protected, and this list is by no means exhaustive.   Please comment with anyone I missed, and I will certainly add them to the official Twitter list (but probably not this post, since it’s hard to edit and easier to add them to the list!)

*The easiest way to follow these women is to follow this list on Twitter*

@Brinstar (Regina Buenaobra) 

Not only is she a co-founder and editor here at The Border House, she’s also a Community Manager for ArenaNet (Guild Wars 2)!

@cuppy (Tami Baribeau) 

This is me! Co-founder/Lead Editor of The Border House, Senior Community Manager for ZipZapPlay, writer for Inside Social Games.

@Domino_EQ2 (Emily Taylor) 

Game Designer at Sony Online Entertainment on Everquest II

@missdoomcookie (Lindsay Morgan Lockhart) 

Game Designer at Trion Worlds on RIFT

@DeirdraKiai (DeirdraKiai) 

Indie Game Developer, Feminist Extraordinaire

@avantgame (Jane McGonigal) 

Game Designer, Author, Humanitarian

@manojalpa (Chelsea Howe) 

Director of Design at Social Chocolate, former designer at Zynga


@bbrathwaite (Brenda Brathwaite) 

COO and Game Designer, Loot Drop (social games)

@laralyn (Laralyn McWilliams) 

Designer, Producer, Creative Director

@PurrfectStorm (Maggie Krohn) 

Game Designer on Sony Online Entertainment’s Planetside NEXT

@PoniesPonies (Kristina Drzaic) 

Narrative designer for Bioshock Infinite

@truffle (Christina Norman) 

Gameplay Designer for Mass Effect games at BioWare

@clarkkaren (Karen Clark) 

Program Manager for Playdom


Community Manager for Massively.com

@mlvalentine (Monica Valentinelli) 

Author, game designer, feminist.

@groby (Rachel Blum) 

Game developer and programmer

@sandechen (Sande Chen) 

Game designer, author, blogger

@mistressmousey (Michelle Larson) 

Game industry recruiter

@annlemay (Ann Lemay) 

Writer at Ubisoft Montreal

@sunpath (Solveig Zarubin) 

Senior Producer at Mindjolt Games

@moarinternets (Jacque Urick) 

Co-founder and CEO of SieEnt. Managing Director of Girls in Tech Minneapolis

@etupper (Liz Tupper) 

Co-founder & COO @SieEnt creating video games for women.

@morriquende (Athena Anderson) 

Community Manager for NYCgameindustry.com

@LivelyIvy (Erin Robinson) 

Indie game developer

@auntiepixelante (Anna Anthropy) 

Indie game developer

@ranarama (Margaret Robinson) 

Development Director at Hide&Seek, game designer

@blademaiden (Tess Treadwell) 

Producer at Obsidian Entertainment

@kathyfung (Kathy Fung) 

Indie game developer

@EntropyInk (Angie Canary) 

Game designer/writer

@EnameledKoi (Kim McAuliffe) 

Game designer at Zipper

@cgouskos (Carrie Gouskos) 

Producer at BioWare Mythic

@NicoleLazzaro (Nicole Lazzaro) 

President of XEODesign, Inc

@gryphoness (Erin Hoffman) 

Game designer, author

@_Danicia_ (Donna Prior) 

Community Manager for Heatwave Interactive, working on Gods & Heroes: Rome Rising

@shellethkin (Shelley M) 

Video game artist

@ghost_girl13 (Megan Sawyer) 

Environment artist at Bethesda Softworks

@rikkusarah (Sarah Wellock) 

Community Manager at Rocksteady Studios

@sera_brennan (Seraphina Brennan) 

Community Specialist at Turbine

@ashelia (Rhea) 

Community Manager at Wowhead

@Ing3nu (Kimberly Unger) 

CEO at Bushi-go, Inc. (mobile gaming startup)

@emshort (Em Short) 

IF guru & gamesmaker, games industry consultant

@christinelove (Christine Love) 

Indie games maker, most notably, created Digital: A Love Story.

@clarafv (Clara Fernandez-Vara) 

Creates games and teaches at GAMBIT Game Lab at MIT

@ChristinaCoffin (Christina Ann Coffin) 

Platform Specialist – Frostbite Engine Coder @ DICE

@bsangel (Jessica Shea) 

Community Manager for 343i

@danacowley (Dana Cowley) 

PR for Epic Games

@mituk (Mitu Khandaker) 

Games PhD researcher, indie developer

@tashascomic (Tasha Harris) 

Lead Animator at Double Fine

@amely (Anne Toole) 

Video game writer

@devilherdue (Nicole Leffel) 

Game designer

@nadiaoxford (Nadia Oxford) 

Video game writer

*The easiest way to follow these women is to follow this list on Twitter*

Who did I miss?  Tell me in the comments!

22 thoughts on “Women in Games to Follow on Twitter”

  1. You can list me too :)

    Kimberly Unger
    CEO at Bushi-go, Inc. (Mobile gaming startup in San Mateo)
    @Agiliste is where I tweet for the startup
    @Ing3nu is where I tweet for my own fell purposes ;)

  2. You can add me: Theresa Wollenstein @theresa_who .. mainly a producer for kid’s virtual worlds :)

    And Crystin Cox @crystincox – Producer of Maple Story

  3. Khris Brown
    Creative & Voice Director/ KBA Voice
    20 years of casting, directing & editing voice for games!
    Monkey Island to Brutal Legend

  4. Feel free to add me one and all:

    Holly Green, freelancers, culture editor TheTanooki.com, creator of GamerGrrlz.net and contributor to SpriteStitch.com.

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