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Welcome to Casual Fridays!  This is your fun Friday post where you get reviews of flash games, mobiles games and anything else that’s quick, and fun around the net.  We’re moving to a bi-weekly format so that I can make sure to get them out in time, but that might mean there’s going to be a few more games on the review table rather than the standard two or three per post.  There are a sea of games out there, we’re hoping to provide you with a life raft to find the games you want to play.

I decided it was time to move away from Flash games this week and to focus more on the mobile platform when it comes to games.  I’ve been screening them intensely, scouring the internet to find mobile games that are entertaining, affordable, inclusive and fun.  This weeks games are, Dweller, Pinball Deluxe and Cyber Defender!

As a technology note, all the games were played on an HTC Legend using Android 2.2 (Froyo).


There is something to be said for a dungeon crawl.  It’s a genre that’s been around since Nethack really when you had an ASCII map of what was going on.  Dweller fits right into that mould.  You get your choice of Warrior, Ranger or Mage, each with their own cute little 8-bit like character sprite and you go down into the dungeons trying to destroy the Goblin King.  Along the way you’ll find monsters to fight, traps to avoid, gear to acquire, door to smash down and treasure chests to open. Casual Fridays - Dweller

Everything is very 8-bit in its look, with the cutest sprite still being the wizard whose face is the old Final Fantasy wizard-like where it’s a hood and a pair of eyes.  It’s got some nice features too.  Since it depends upon you pressing the screen where you want to go, and on the tile you’re standing on to pick up any object, you can increase the size of the tiles.  I know I played the whole game that way, but I was the warrior and wasn’t too interested in seeing far away.  I wanted to smash the monsters with my melee weapon!

The monsters are interesting too.  The AI is set up so that once they’ve taken enough damage they aren’t interested in taking you on anymore.  Instead, like any actual creature, they run away to save themselves from your dungeon crawling wrath.  It makes it a bit more challenging, you have to corner them sometimes in order to get the experience but it was a nice little touch.  The same thing with the status bar on your phone being visible.  There’s something to be said for developers who understand that while you are playing a game, you’re still on your phone and having the phone features is important, especially in a game like this where that extra bit of space doesn’t really do anything for the game play.

Game Cost: Free, no ads but willing to take donations from the menu screen.

Save to SD: No, but it’s an itty bitty game so it doesn’t take up much space.

Completely Arbitrary Number Value Judgement: [_] [_] [_] [_] [_] – 5 Treasure Chests to be opened.  Now which one is trapped.


Pinball Deluxe

I love pinball games.  Ever since I was a kid and they were still fifty cents a play.  I would go up, watch the flashing lights, and the sounds, drop my money in and play for all of two minutes.  I was horrifically bad at the game.  Apparently physics and I don’t really get along that well, at least when it’s applied physics.Casual Fridays - Pinball Deluxe

At any rate the people at GreenCod have come up with a free pinball game that comes with three different tables that actually do something that a lot of other free pinball apps don’t, which is play differently.  They aren’t just reskins of the one field that they made and the hope that you don’t notice that you have to hit the same spots to have the board change.

My personal favourite out of all three maps is the space one.  I like it because I have a really easy time activating the screen minigame, but try them out and see what you like.  The flippers are very responsive and you can add elements like being able to tilt the machine.

Game Cost: Free, but with ads.

Save to SD: Bing.  100000000! Score!

Completely Arbitrary Number Value Judgement: –* –* –* –* –* – 5 Pinball Wizards with very supple wrists.



Tower defense games have been around now for a while, and when I went looking for one on the phone I wasn’t looking at something that would do something different just yet.  I wanted to find one that provided a really good experience, and was a really solid game.  I believe I found that one with Cyber Casual Fridays - Cyber DefenseDefense.  The premise is that there are virii on your phone and they are attacking your CPU and you must use the anti-virus programs to stop them from destroying your precious communication device.  My precious, precious, precious communication device.

I’m sorry, where was I?

Right, the game.

There are a wide variety of levels.  You’ve got the standard three levels of difficulty as well as the various extra challenge type levels.  There’s the constant stream of a certain type of unit one.  Levels that change where the CPU chip is.  There’s even a last for as long as you can level.

The controls are really smooth as well.  When you drag your finger it very clearly shows where you are placing the tower you’ve chosen, as well as if units can get past them.  It’s something I’ve actually found lacking in the few other TD games I’ve found in the Market. There’s nothing more frustrating than putting a tower where you don’t want it to be because you pressed a slightly different spot on the touch screen.

Game Cost: Free, but with ads.

Save to SD: Nope.  Sad face on that one.

Completely Arbitrary Number Value Judgement: {/} {/} {/} {/} {/}- 5 Towers Defending you phone!  Protect the phone!

Sorry this was late.  I’ve had a hard time finding games in the android market that I think people might want to play.  I’ve downloaded a pile of them, and there are many more to go through.  Now comes the question of the weekend, do you play games on your phone other than solitaire?  I know it’s popular, I see a sea of cards on screens whenever I take a trip on the street car.

If you’ve got a game you’d like to get reviewed for Casual Fridays, or if you’ve got any comments, questions or anything about these reviews just leave a comment below, or email koipond at borderhouseblog dot com

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  1. boxfish says:

    Er, don’t want to be a party pooper here but isn’t the title of this (Mobile Madness) ablist?

    (Can’t comment on the actual content of the post as I have an ancient phone.)

    • this is how i responded to it too. society’s concept of ‘madness’ in such naming or titling mechanics are derived from the preconceived notion of mental illness and its effects causing people to do things ‘out of the ordinary’ and ‘extreme’. i hope this helps further explain why the title is a problem, especially in a blog open to those with disabilities such as mental illness.

    • Jonathan says:

      I am very sorry. That was horribly insensitive of me. I have amended the title of the post.

      I saw the responses and I did the changes from my phone rather than wait to get on a computer. It needed to get done immediately.

  2. Maverynthia says:

    Yaaay free android games! I need more of these. I don’t have enough of them :3

  3. Ike says:

    Okay, this is like nerdy^2, but does anyone know of some math game mobile apps?

    • Jonathan says:

      I’m starting to look for some, I’m not too thrilled with my cursory glance. I hope I can find a couple of nifty ones for next Friday.

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