The Sage 300 Software Development Kit (Under Construction)

One of the greatest strengths of Sage 300 has always been it's software development kit (SDK) and the community of 3rd-party developers that produce the many add-on modules and customisations that make Sage 300 suitable for just about everyone.

Sage 300 is comprised of multiple modules, like General Ledger, Accounts Payable etc. and the System Manager which is the platform that the modules run on. The modules are all developed with the same SDK - regardless of who the developer is. That means that an independent software vendor (ISV) can develop fully integrated Sage 300 modules - just like the modules developed by Sage - giving users a complete end-to-end solution on a single unified platform.

SDK Modules by Developer

Prefix Module Name Developer Description
MFAutoSimply ManufacturingAutoSimplyManufacturing orders, planning, shop floor etc.
DMFRSDingosoftFinancial Reporter for Sage 300/C. Similar to FRx. Patented technology uses Crystal Reports to print financial statements.
LMLedger ManagerDingosoftSubledger for any G/L Account. Loans / investments / pooled investments / pension funds / trusts...
DAContact ManagerDingosoftContact management for A/R, A/P and Dingosoft modules. Similar to MS Outlook. Free
DIQuick EFTDingosoftDirect deposit EFT (ACH) processing for Dingosoft modules. User-configuable file layouts.
TATrust AccountingDingosoftTrust (escrow) accounting for law firms, real estate, business brokers etc.
GDGreytrix Document AttachmentGreytrixEnables users to attach, refer, and view documents related to transactions
GNGreytrix Document NumberingGreytrixCustom Document Numbering to Suit Your Needs
GXGreytrix MatrixGreytrixApparel Integration for Sage 300 ERP
AJMaterial Supply Chain ManagementMIMSYS TechnologiesHealthcare and related modules
AKMIMSYS LaboratoryMIMSYS TechnologiesHealthcare and related modules
ANMIMSYS RadiologyMIMSYS TechnologiesHealthcare and related modules
AQMIMSYS Auto ArchiveMIMSYS TechnologiesHealthcare and related modules
IJMIMSYS Asset ManagementMIMSYS TechnologiesHealthcare and related modules
IOMIMSYS OphthalmologyMIMSYS TechnologiesHealthcare and related modules
IPMIMSYS HR - PayrollMIMSYS TechnologiesHealthcare and related modules
IWMIMSYS HR - ManagementMIMSYS TechnologiesHealthcare and related modules
IZMIMSYS HR - System ManagerMIMSYS TechnologiesHealthcare and related modules
HBMIMSys HRMS AdministrationMIMSYS TechnologiesHealthcare and related modules
HCMIMSys Payroll PlusMIMSYS TechnologiesHealthcare and related modules
HDMIMSys HR ManagementMIMSYS TechnologiesHealthcare and related modules
HEMIMSys UtilitiesMIMSYS TechnologiesHealthcare and related modules
HLMIMSys Asset ManagementMIMSYS TechnologiesHealthcare and related modules
HMMIMSys Maintenance ManagementMIMSYS TechnologiesHealthcare and related modules
JLMIMSYS LIMS ERPMIMSYS TechnologiesHealthcare and related modules
NEEftpacModulo SoftwareAutomatic EFT processing for Sage suppliers and customers.
NMMailpacModulo SoftwareElectronic Document Delivery for Invoices, Remittance Advices and P/Os - Email, Fax or Post
NZeImagePacModulo SoftwareElectronic Transaction Document Storage for Sage 300
AMAsset ManagementNormingAsset Accounting, Asset Maintenance and Asset Leasing.
NPNorming Chinese PayrollNormingAn integrated payroll module for the market outside North America.
BSBank SecurityNormingEnables organizations to control user access to banks based on user permission setting
ENNorming Resource Manager NormingTool for tracking employee expense, time usage, leave and overtime
ESPurchase SecurityNormingEnables organizations to control user access to Vendors, Purchase Orders, Purchase Invoices and Purchase History
ISInventory SecurityNormingEnables organizations to control user access to the I/C items and locations
SSSales SecurityNormingEnables organizations to control user access to Customers, Price Lists, Order Entries, Sales Invoices, Sales History
ELEFT ProcessingOrchid SystemsElectronic Funds Transfer (EFT) streamlines payment and collection processes.
FFIFS SmartFreight LinkOrchid SystemsStreamlines Sage 300 integration with IFS SmartFreight
IYInter Entity TransactionsOrchid SystemsFacilitates doing business and transferring funds between entities.
ONOrchid NotesOrchid SystemsNotes, from Orchid Systems, lets you attach an electronic note to Sage 300 (Accpac) fields
OYBin TrackingOrchid SystemsTrack inventory items stored in multiple bins within a warehouse
RAReturn Material AuthorizationOrchid SystemsAutomates and simplifies the management of product returns and repair tracking.
YRReport RunnerOrchid SystemsPlaces all your reports into central repositories for Crystal Reports and Financial Reports
AUAudit LoggerPacific Technology SolutionsKeep track of staff compliance and governance, to the minute.
COCommitment AccountingPacific Technology SolutionsAllows you to report your exact budgetary position, including any pending or outstanding P/O's.
FMFunds AvailabilityPacific Technology SolutionsEnsures that budgetary restrictions are adhered to whatever the time of day.
IFInternal IssuesPacific Technology SolutionsA streamlined facility that issues inventory from a central store to a cost centre within your organisation.
PCProduction PerformancePacific Technology SolutionsProduction Performance
PTPurchasing WorkflowPacific Technology SolutionsEnable you to tightly control and manage your procurement processes.
WDWorkflow DocumentsPacific Technology SolutionsWorkflow Documents will help streamline the Purchasing Workflow approval process even further.
WNWorkflow & NotificationsPacific Technology SolutionsEnsuring that your workflow and schedule is organised and managed each day
?Key CommunicationsPacific Technology SolutionsReliable correspondence records that work in harmony with your accounting system.
CBPeresoft CashbookPeresoftThe streamlined business tool that maintains your bank account and organises your cashflow.
CXRecXpressPeresoftGet up to a 99% match when importing your bank statement using RecXpress.
RXRecXpress for CashbookPeresoftGet up to a 99% match when importing your bank statement using RecXpress.
?EFTXpress PeresoftEFTXpress is an add on product which enables Cashbook users to select EFT as a Cashbook batch type.
APAccounts PayableSageAllows you to automate your vendor and supplier payments.
ARAccounts ReceivableSageAllows you to automate your customer billing and collection process
ASSystem Manager/Admin. ServicesSageUsers, security, customisation and data management tools.
BKBank ServicesSageBank account management and reconciliation.
CPCanadian PayrollSageA comprehensive and flexible payroll solution that allows midsized organizations to manage payroll processing in-house.
CSCommon ServicesSageCompany profile, fiscal calendar, currencies and rates, optional fields, scheduling etc.
GLGeneral LedgerSageMulti-segment, multi-currency, multi-lingual G/L for financial management, budgeting and reporting.
ICInventory ControlSageMultilocation inventory management system that tracks stock levels and processes receipts, shipments, returns, and adjustments
NANational AccountsSageProcess a single payment from a customer's head office and apply it to invoices from multiple subsidiary accounts.
OEOrder EntrySageProcessing of sales orders and shipments.
POPurchase OrderSageProcessing of purchase orders and receipts.
SIItem Number ChangeSageItem Number Changer
SPVendor Number ChangeSageVendor Number Changer
SRCustomer Number ChangeSageCustomer Number Changer
TXTax ServicesSageTax common service
UPUS PayrollSageA comprehensive and flexible payroll solution that allows midsized organizations to manage payroll processing in-house.
LTLot TrackingSageManagment of lot numbers from receipt in PO through to OE shipment.
SNSerialized InventorySageTracks serial numbers from Purchase Orders to Inventory Control and Order Entry.
GIGrid Inventory Management SystemSoftkey MicrosystemsFacilitates the operations common to the apparel, footwear and similar industries.
BUBACCPACSystronicsFacilitates and automates periodic backup operations that are defined according to user preferences.
AOAR-AP Settlements SystronicsStreamlines the settlement of open Receivable documents with open Payable documents.
CWCashWorksSystronicsReplaces A/R Receipt and A/P Payment transactions to provide additional functionality, including support for post date checks.
FEField ExtenderSystronicsAllows users to define additional optional fields for transactions in Sage 300
GGGulf Utilities for PayrollSystronicsProvides Sage 300 users in Gulf Cooperative Countries a comprehensive, flexible and fully integrated HR solution.
JXPJC SecuritySystronicsAllows restricting user access to permitted Contracts only
KFCashflow ForecastingSystronicsPrepare cash flow forecasts inside Sage 300
KSSYSTRONICS Stock Aging ReportSystronicsAn addon for the Sage 300 Inventory Control module, designed for viewing and printing stock aging.
RDRevenue & Expense DeferralsSystronicsAmortization of maintenance and service related contract revenue and expense amounts over the life of the contract.
VMService ManagerTechnisoftIn-depth control of job costing, scheduling of resources, preventative maintenance, service agreements, and field staff + lots more.

There are actually hundreds of registered prefixes for Sage 300 modules, however the above list contains just the comomnly used and sold modules from active Sage 300 developers (those that are currently exhibiting at trade shows like TPAC). If you are looking for a product not on this list then contact your Sage 300 Business Partner who can help you find what you are looking for.