FemShep Will Be on CE Box Art, Get Her Own Trailer Thanks to Fans

Shepard, a light-skinned woman with short red hair standing with one arm forward, aiming a heavy pistol, and Thane, a green amphibious-looking humanoid alien standing slightly behind her and to the left.

Shepard and Thane.

Fans of the female version of Mass Effect‘s Commander Shepard rejoice: BioWare Marketing Director David Silverman has confirmed on Twitter that not only is the company working on a trailer featuring FemShep, but she will be included on the box art of the Collector’s Edition of Mass Effect 3. Silverman also took an informal Twitter survey for input on what the trailer-FemShep will look like.

What’s remarkable about this story is how this is possible because of the persistance of passionate fans of FemShep. Before the release of Mass Effect 2, fan pressure convinced BioWare to release screenshots of a couple of different versions of FemShep in action, despite all of the marketing and screenshots released to that point had only contained the default version of BroShep. Fans have also taken it upon themselves to create trailers celebrating FemShep to fill the void left by official marketing, including this version of the ME2 launch trailer, and this awesome fanvid called “The Many Faces of FemShep.” One trailer and appearing on the box art for just the CE are small things, but it’s still great to see BioWare recognizing Jennifer Hale’s great work as well as how meaningful the character is to so many Mass Effect fans.

For more, check out this post at Your Critic is in Another Castle.

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25 Responses to FemShep Will Be on CE Box Art, Get Her Own Trailer Thanks to Fans

  1. TheLaquidara says:

    I’m baffled by the fact that they don’t just use the N7 logo for their box art, or put a helmet on the character. Bethesda does this with their games; they’ll either put the game logo on the cover, or a heavily armored character. I suppose I’m just baffled by how attached BioWare are to certain aspects of their games, but are willing to drop others with questionable intentions (Dragon Age 2 customization.)

    Still, it’s nice to see some responses from the company itself along with some positive changes to go along with them.

    • Kate Cox says:

      For all that I’m glad they’re making these strides, I’d have preferred more gender-neutral marketing, too. Or even Shepard-absent: that way we don’t have the problem of a white Shep being the only face of the Alliance, for example.

      That said, I understand that the ME series is really very character-centric and I understand why they’d want to put the main character in their ads and on the box. Bethesda’s recent Fallout titles both feature a generally first-person, voiceless protagonist and with as much effort as BioWare’s put into making Shepard the opposite of those things, I can see where they’d want to show it off.

      So I’ll settle for glad that they’re giving Jennifer Hale a chance to show off. ;)

  2. Lucas says:

    This is happy-making. It’s FemShep all the way for me–or as I refer to her, “Shepard” (as opposed to the male version, who I refer to as “who?”).

    I hope they find room to emphasize her more in the marketing. She’s one of the most remarkable characters in a game and it’s a shame she’s mostly been treated as an afterthought.

  3. Maverynthia says:

    Good to know that women are considered “special” and are NOT going to be on the boxes most people buy. (Standard NON-Collector’s edition.) Hey what are they saying anyways, that women are collectable now? Been playing too much Witcher I see.

    • Laurentius says:

      Well trying to milk fans of their money while questionable isn’t outright sexist imo…

  4. Rakaziel says:

    it is still not equality but it is a start at least. Let’s celebrate and hope and the development continues for the better in the future.

    Given that all those who’s voice got Bioware that far now see tangible results, it is also a very good motivator for the community.

    Other than that I have little to say as I don’t play Mass Effect.

  5. Ruxandra V says:

    Glad she finally gets some recognition :)

  6. Zaewen says:

    This is great news! Maybe with Bioware taking this first, small step, we’ll be close to getting an RPG that has a woman as the canonical character.

    • Deviija says:

      A woman as the iconic character for BioWare’s marketing, yes, as there is no canonical Shepard. The company’s been adamant about that point. But perhaps the first step will be taken toward more trailers featuring women as the PCs in media and demos for customizable RPGs, or as the iconic face of games.

      I think out of BioWare games, only Jade Empire came close to having a lady PC face for marketing. Wu the Lotus Blossom, one of the preset avatars you can choose from, was featured in a lot of promotional stuff and is on the box cover of the game (with a dude PC in the background).

      The last canonical woman for a choice-driven RPG that I recall is Knights of the Republic II. The Exile (the PC) is canonically a lady.

      • Sannom says:

        Not that the Exile being a woman has a lot of influence though. Notably, the ‘canon’ has it that the Handmaiden followed the Exile, you know <hat the problem is if you've played the game. Also Revan was made a man. Funny considering how 'he' is first mentioned in the sequel.

        Not really choice-heavy, but the Dungeon Siege series now has the first game's protagonist being canonically a woman, based on the art for the cover of the first game (a lady warrior).

        Did Obsidian feel bad for not putting any female protagonist in Alpha Protocol or what?

        As for the news itself, it's good to hear. I just hope the look they will choose for her won't polarize the fans. Funny how constant exposure has made me see the 'shaved marine' as the default male protagonist, yet I can't picture a 'default' for a woman.

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  10. Twyst says:

    I am so pleased about this. It is fascinating to me that a company actually listened to their fans and took strides to listen to them and actually put their ideas into action.
    Mass Effect has its issues, but it is my favourite series, hands down.
    FemShep is such a fantastic character, and I am pleased to see that the series will end with some acknowledgement of her importance, despite the fact that BioWare paid the face of BroShep for his likeness.
    It is an important step for PR and Marketing to take.

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  12. Bex says:

    I know that when I first played ME (less than a year ago), I did so after hearing about how great the game was. And it was on sale. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that I could play a female. I had NO idea from the game art and blurbs that this was possible. I’ve since become a massive Bioware fan, and hopefully this will attract more female gamers.

  13. Doug S. says:

    There seems to be a problem with the way trackbacks are being displayed… they’re appearing in the column to the left of the comments, and the link is being superimposed over the comments themselves.

  14. Aaron says:

    Great, another white person on the cover.

  15. Orianna says:

    I’m so happy about this. As was said above, it’s not equality yet, but it’s a good first step. Hopefully, we’ll get even more for Dragon Age 3.

    By the way, is BorderHouse going to do an article on The Witcher 2?

    • Alex says:

      As far as I know, none of our authors are playing or planning on playing The Witcher 2. But, we are always looking for guest posts, so if you or someone you know is interested in writing about it for TBH, send us an email!

      • SleekitSicarian says:

        On the one hand, that’s a shame, since I think you folks could manage quite the analysis of just how awful the game is – and how it’s emblematic of, or rather an icon for, a larger, juvenile backlash against RPGs getting “too PC” (and there’s a laugh). Most sites discuss the nice graphics and the 90s’ Grimdark cant to everything and little else.

        …But then, on the other hand, I can’t really suggest anyone on the staff play the game.
        A conundrum. :(

        • Deviija says:

          I definitely agree and support that. I think Witcher 2 is emblematic and the poster child for many of the social issues and discussion topics we share here. It has a list of go-to examples within its story, characters, and so forth. It would be great to see a piece done on it.

          But like Sleekit said, I can’t suggest anyone to play the game since it is… eurg to sit through (and heaven forbid shelling out money for social awfulness).

      • Laurentius says:

        Not entirely related but fortunately these days critical analysis of games gets easier, especially these elements that aren’t related to gameplay, such as social aspects of game’s world etc. There are a lot of videos walkthroughs and Let’s play on the Internet. For example I had and still have absolutely no desire to play DNF let alone to buy but seeing how game was trashed for its misogyny even on sites like Kotaku or Destructoid got me curious of how atrocious must it be, to check this out, fortunately one is only required to find bearable let’s player ( which in fact isn’t easy task..).

  16. PlusSizedGamerWoman says:

    So we’re going to have the “default” femShep on the game cover/trailer. Which will be the WHITE BLOND female Shephard.

    Yeah. REAL progressive….. /snark

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