What a Twyst.

EJ Robyn

Electrons are Jumping, baby.

I have been very neglectful of writing an intro.  Mostly because I am not a huge blogger and because I am very overwhelmed by the awesome that fills this site. So many wonderful people, all in the same place!

I am honoured and humbled to be included here.  I mostly go for the ranty comedy, which is probably what you will see from me here.
To the point, about me.  I am a Canadian, straight, white, TAB woman.  I’m a game producer for Electron Jump Games. I started gaming when I was very small.  My grandmother was an elementary school teacher, who loved card games, puzzles, crafts and board games.  From there, I played games on the family’s Tandy 1000 until the triumph that was my 7th birthday, when I was given a seemingly difficult choice — a party and many presents, or one big present — the Nintendo Entertainment System.  Of course, the choice was easy, the NES won, and the rest, as they say, is history.

I went to school in hopes of becoming a lawyer, but by second year university, i had decided that that life wasn’t for me.  I completed an interdisciplinary degree – an honours double major in Psychology and Communication and decided I wanted to work in games.

Robyn and Spider-Woman

I have always been a fan of comic characters, but my first love (games) introduced me to my second love (comics).  Playing Marvel Ultimate Alliance (1), I was reminded of Jessica Drew (Spider-Woman) who had been a favourite of mine as a child.  Right around that time, Brian Michael Bendis was bringing her back, and I ate it up.  Thus, I am also a fan of comics.  Mostly the heroines and foremost amongst them is Spider-Woman, as per my avatar.  I have gone to a few conventions with Marvel, and done their liveblogs for/with them. I collect heroclix. I’m trying to take up sewing.  I’m a feminist.  I go by Twyst on the internets (like Twitter). That’s me.

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