NHL12 … Wait, a sports title?

This may seem a little different considering the types of games that are usually posted here, but bear with me this is really cool.

After a single letter sent by 14 year old Lexi Peters to the president of EA sports, you can now choose to create a woman hockey player.

A white woman with long black hair is located on the far right of the screen. The options for how you can change her appearance are on the left.

Originally she got a standard response from the company, they didn’t have control over the license and that any changes like that would have to be approved by the NHL.  Then the president of EA passed it on to the lead producer for the game, David Littman.  His response was kind of refreshing and something I know I’d like to see from a lot of other people.  He said, “My first thought was that we want to make people happy with our game. And here’s one girl who wasn’t happy playing our game.”

Now, by the look of things there could probably be a lot more customization to the figure, but the fact that this is now an option in a sports title is a pretty big leap and it can only lead to bigger and better things.

For more information you can check out the Yahoo Sports Blog I originally found this article at, or at the Globe and Mail article.

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9 Responses to NHL12 … Wait, a sports title?

  1. Sunflower says:

    Nice! Good for them! Lots of women play hockey and this is a good step forward.

  2. Kathy says:

    Awesome, I might have to get this now. If they would make a baseball game and do the same I would drop MLB The Show in a heartbeat, even if it was a Japanese league instead of the MLB. Well, as long as they included a submarine pitching style.

  3. KA101 says:

    Nice. This could give me a reason to get back into sports games if it comes out for the PC.

  4. Corbiu Geisha says:

    I must say I am surprised.

  5. idvo says:

    “My first thought was that we want to make people happy with our game. And here’s one girl who wasn’t happy playing our game.” It’s so refreshing to see compared to the “B-but, resources~!” response that devs usually give when asked why they don’t include women avatars. I’m very proud of Lexi Peters, and my respect for EA and the developers for this game has greatly increased.

  6. Overmind says:

    I’m curious how this will exactly work. Will we have the option to play in a women’s league or will the player character be the only woman in a team? Or maybe the ability to play as a woman will be limited only to certain game modes?

  7. On the same front, Football Manager (from SI Games) finally allowed use of female managers in the game as of a couple of years ago. This has made me very happy, as I used to wince every time there’d be a press item saying “Cait $Lastname has his team running on all cylinders this season!”

    There’s still no provision for female players, but I’m hopeful that’ll be added someday. I’d totally LOVE to be able to manage a professional women’s team against other teams, or take a national side to the Women’s World Cup.

    Bravo to EA for this bold and effective step forward! :)

  8. Nathan says:

    In the release there’s only two heads available, and no figure-customising, and I’m not overly surprised given how late in the show this change must have been made, but I’d be very interested in how NHL13 will address it.

    You can add custom female players to existing teams or you can create a female player in the Be A Pro mode. Curious as well if more updates to the software will be forthcoming that might expand the option set there.

    • Jonathan says:

      Yeah, I knew when it was coming out and with that information being released I’m sure it was a rush job.

      I’m looking forward to see what future patches, or what NHL13 does too. I hope the positive feedback they’ve received even from this last minute change is something that encourages them to make more options available.

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