Today in terrible video game advertising: Call of Roma

Presented without commentary as this ad completely speaks for itself.

A women dressed in very minimal clothing bearing most of her breasts, her midriff, and her underwear. The game's logo, Call of Roma, is on the top of the skyscraper ad. Below that, text saying "One Click for a Roman Orgy!"


(Okay, a little commentary needed.  It’s hard to find out anything about this game, but it looks like it’s just another browser-based strategy game similar to Evony.  I’m not doing them the favor of linking the game, so Google it if you’re really interested in a Roman orgy.  Though my guess is that there is no orgy in this game at all….)

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25 Responses to Today in terrible video game advertising: Call of Roma

  1. Hardcore Casual Gamer says:

    Just an Evony wannabe.

  2. Deviija says:

    Okay… I actually laughed out loud at how absurd and forced that picture/marketing comes across. I’m more surprised ads like these even work.

  3. Skipjack says:

    A ROMAN ORGY…… (of violence)

  4. feministgamer says:

    Like Civony?

  5. Sunflower says:

    I just laughed at how awful this is. >.<

  6. There’s a quote which applies here: “If your product was any good you wouldn’t need sexism to sell it.”

  7. Imagine the disappointed people looking for an *actual* orgy-based game and all these ads keep getting in the way! :)

    (since I assume that it is just a stupid clone and involves no wild parties)

    • … and as a game developer I find it hard not to be distracted by trying to think of ways to make an orgy-based game work. Run around Rome trying to hire the best poets and musicians and get the best wine so that you can attract the most people to your villa?

      • Sunflower says:

        My question is who will clean up? >.<

      • Rakaziel says:

        It would work, basically you would only need two resouces, reputation and money. When running around Rome you could also pick up gossip to inform yourself about (randomly generated) trends and celebrities (with randomly generated interests).

        By follwing trends and attracting celebrities you attract more people in the short term, with increasing reputation you attract more people in the long term. How well these people feel entertained then has an impact on your repuation each time.

        Higher reuptation would also make it easier to hire better poets and musicians (though you can allways bribe them) and would increase the chance of settling and improving business deals (your main source of income).

        The challenge would be to estimate and then manipulate how many people will come to the party so you neither buy and hire too much nor lose repuation because you bought and hired too little.

        In addition you could upgrade your villa, either more spacious for more guests or more luxurious to attract celebrities of higher reputation.

        One thing that could be added but may be too much would be warring political factions, the ingame result of which would be that by catering to the wrong celebrity you would risk the other faction’s mob crashing your party (which can be prevented by hiring a sufficient number of guards and paying them well enough) and inviting both would risk a direct fight between the two. Trying to invite both and impress them well enough that they are in a good enough mood to talk about peace, on the other hand, could gain you much reputation if you succeed. On the other hand you can also make shady deals and use your party to lure a celebrity into the other side’s waiting knives. Bad for your rep but well paid.

        • Llamaentity says:

          I’d play your game :P

        • Kat says:

          That sounds like a blast. Not gonna lie, I’d play the hell out of a game like that.

        • Can I say how awesome it is that the people here have thought of a game that is likely more interesting then the actually game and would make the ad not be false advertising.

          Other then that i like this post because after installing the right ad blockers I no longer see these type of ads while browsing. It good to be reminded that where I see blank space other see ads, it can be seriously confusing for me to hear people talk about a site being overrun with ads till a remember I’m literally not seeing what their seeing. On that note I think I like it in ad free bubble world, no body tries to lure me anywhere with false claims of joining a Roman orgy.

          P.S. Someone likely from this community submitted the game “Mirror’s Edge” via the submission form on my site. (my first reader submission) After adding it I realized I neglected to add a name section on my form so I could credit anyone kind enough to add to my project. If it was someone from this community: a) thank you. b) If you still wish to be credited just tell me it was you and I’ll add you as the source for the submission.

      • Sunatic says:

        I would play that. :P

      • I think a modern orgy game might be more fun. There’d be more of an economy to it: safer sex implements, ticket prices, advertising strategies, run-ins with the (corrupted) law…

  8. Nathan of Perth says:

    So much for truth in advertising laws :)

    That really is an abysmal advert.

  9. Corbiu Geisha says:

    The stars are aligned. My crystal ball now glows from the light of the future. The fate of ‘Today in Terrible Video Game Advertising’ is now so clear. I see…


    I see an orgy going on. An orgy of one-upping Evony.

  10. Rakaziel says:

    It is not only a bad idea but not even well done.

  11. Maverynthia says:

    I wonder if they stole that 3D model from Tera.

    • Rakaziel says:

      Looks like a model for Poser or DAZ Studio to me, the clothes would be typical (a scaled-up copy of the underlying model, with another texture, in this case painted on clothes and a transparency map to hide the skin. There is even a tool for making them on Renderosity)

  12. Doug S. says:

    I wonder if that’s FTC actionable? (Promising something they’re clearly not offering?)

  13. Savoto says:

    The best part if this for me is the anatomy or cropping of the picture. My brain just can’t fill in the blanks of what the rest of her must look like.

  14. glamgeekgirl says:

    I didn’t look what the game is about, but I stumbled upon a similar image in an ad. Here is a link to a wallpaper with the same image. It is almost the same thing, except the boobs are even bigger and there is no text. Oh and she got horns, which don’t seem any more anatomically correct than anything else on her.

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